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Persons of Lowly Caliber

Infinite Undiscovery Original Soundtrack
Knights in the Nightmare Perfect Audio Collection

"Knights in the Nightmare" is the latest from Sting for the DS, music again by Shigeki Hayashi. Motoi Sakuraba is always working, and here's another album from the maestro, the Xbox 360 RPG "Infinite Undiscovery".

Infinite Undiscover Original Soundtrack Knights in the Nightmare Perfect Audio Collection

posted by Godai on 10 October


comment #1

Thanks a bunch!! I have been waiting for these two!! Should save me the trouble of ripping and tagging my own copy of IU when it comes in a day or two.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 10 October

comment #2

Knights in the Nightmare's cover is very cool. Thanks for the release.

comment posted by Echo on 10 October

comment #3

We'll have a better (read FIOS) seeder up in about an hour, sorry for the slow speeds until then.

comment posted by Godai on 10 October

comment #4


comment posted by borre on 10 October

comment #5

How come your torrents don't start for me anymore? I thought it was just for one but I tried your two previous releases and they didn't start either. All I get is an "Http Error 400" from the trackers tab.

comment posted by Cobra Command on 10 October

comment #6

They just. . . look so coool.

Thanks for sharing these albums, #gamemp3s. I have no clue about any of the games released in the few years, but these look pretty neat. Thanks.

comment posted by papa_haydn on 10 October

comment #7

Thank for all.
Two days ago I found this page. Now I cant stop to download all the music. Its the best videogame music page that I know.

Sorry for my bad English.


comment posted by Lazy Mim on 10 October

comment #8

YAY! I' ve been trying to find Knights in the Nightmare for some time now and #gamemp3s comes through as usual.

comment posted by RPG Advocate on 10 October

comment #9

Yeaaaaaaaaa Motoi :D Surely love him :D Thanks for posting gamemp3s crew :D

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 10 October

comment #10

Not love him more then southrencross of course XD hehe

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 10 October

comment #11

This is amazing! Finally, the Infinite Undiscovery soundtrack! Thank you so very much, and also for the other one, although I haven't heard anything about that. Thanks again!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 10 October

comment #12

lol think i heard of infinite undiscovery for x360 but the other one no clue (lol i don't follow that side of things much) but hell i'm always up for more motoi ^^ thank you

comment posted by Midget on 10 October

comment #13

YESSSSSSSSSS 2 great soundtracks gotta love Gamemp3s anyway I love both soundtracks so this is a win win for me XD!! Thanks again Godai

comment posted by southrencross on 10 October

comment #14

I'll give Sakuraba's latest soundtrack a shot. But I swear to God, if it sucks, I'm never listening to anything he puts out again. I don't care what it is: Star Ocean stuff, Valkyrie Profile stuff, whatever. Thanks as always for the release.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 10 October

comment #15

What's a FIOS seeder?

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 10 October

comment #16

@Tom Kenney:
"Verizon FiOS, sometimes simply FiOS which stands for "Fiber Optic Service" , is an Internet, telephone, and TV service that is presently offered in some areas of the United States by Verizon. "

From the great wiki sensei :P

comment posted by Clarious on 11 October

comment #17

Thanks for the release.
I wish Sakuraba would change up his sound bank once in a while. His soundtracks since the first Baten Kaitos all sound the same -- the motifs, instruments, effects... it's all similar between games.

comment posted by HeresyProgram on 11 October

comment #18

I wouldn't say that Heresy Program. This and Eternal Sonata are quite different than the others. Eternal Sonata has a lot more piano while IU has a lot more flute.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 11 October

comment #19

I've got to say just once more, thanks for the Infinite Undiscovery soundtrack! Sakuraba has once again proven his awesome skills and this OST is truly beautiful. I'm listening to it every day :)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 12 October

comment #20

I agree with HeresyProgram. I am very tired of Sakuraba lately. I'm downloading his scores with a hope, that this time it's gonna be different... Hope is a mother of fools... I'm sick of him for now, and I'm afraid, that "now" means a long time. But after all, U can't be original if U write 5 BIG scores per year... Sakuraba, go on a vacations! You need a rest! Oh, and thanks for Knights in the Nightmare:).

comment posted by herbaciak on 12 October

comment #21

Welcome back Godai! Thanks for the awesome update. As allways ;)
Great ost's will enjoy them! I kinda feel bad getting all these great soundtracks for free..

comment posted by Amano on 13 October

comment #22

OMIGAWDS. I was just thinking of requesting these two when I came to the site.

Both games are win
esp Knights in the Nightmare

Crappy Lulzy dubs FTW!

comment posted by Rauzes on 13 October

comment #23

Thanks for Knights in the Nightmare (I'm getting sick of Sakuraba), but I was wondering if you ever plan to Sekaiju no MeiQ 2 Super Arrange album. I can't seem to find it anywhere and I don't really want to import it without hearing it at all first.

comment posted by Wizard 03 on 14 October

comment #24

It's not as good as the first, Wizard, but still pretty good. I found a torrent with the FLACs but I have no idea where anymore.

I also think Sakuraba has been mostly really bland the past few years, even though VP2 was pretty good. I have high hopes for SO4 though, and if that lets me down...I think I give up.

comment posted by spineshark on 15 October

comment #25

Awesome release. Just make sure you guys add it to the "releases" page as i noticed that isn't on there yet...

Thanks again :)

comment posted by Volkov on 16 October

comment #26

I totally agree with Sakuraba sounding very samey these past few years. He needs a holiday, like herbaciak said. Go out and draw some inspiration from other places instead of spiralling down into a hole of your own work. (Artistic advice yes!)

comment posted by voxie on 16 October

comment #27

Volkov: Thanks, it's been added.

comment posted by Msia on 16 October

comment #28

Thanks for releasing the Game Soundtrack. I was wonder, if any game soundtrack of Rune Factory One.

comment posted by keikeik on 17 October

comment #29

Any news on a Gyakuten Saiban 3 soundtrack release?

comment posted by RouYuan on 19 October

comment #30

Gonna have a special 3-album Halloween release very soon guys, FYI.

comment posted by Godai on 24 October

comment #31

Thanks for the update Godai. Hmm I wonder, could one of the trio be the Rockman 9 arranged album?

comment posted by MasterZophar on 24 October

comment #32

moar soundtracks nao!

comment posted by sickfcuk on 28 October

comment #33

Hope it's some awesome gothic~esque music like Poison Pink and Castlevania music >>

comment posted by lxs on 28 October

comment #34

Contrary to so-called "public" opinion, I think Infinite Undiscovery is highly enjoyable. I found it to be a more intense version of the Trusty Bell/Eternal Sonata soundtrack which I think is somewhat too bright in sound palette.

comment posted by Ovelia on 29 October

comment #35

Now it's Halloween so where are the promised releases?

comment posted by ALLEN on 31 October

comment #36

How 'bout you shut up and wait since they're not even obliged to release anything if they don't want to?

Christ almighty.

comment posted by jewberry on 31 October

comment #37

Is it possible that someone could seed this? I guess I've missed this one.

comment posted by Ray on 03 August

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