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Akumajo Dracula The Stolen Seal Original Soundtrack
Siren 2 Original Soundtrack
Siren New Translation Original Soundtrack
Siren Original Soundtrack

Just made it! So here is your halloween release, the soundtrack to the recently released "Castlevania Order of Ecclesia" for Nintendo DS, music by Michiru Yamane and Yasuhiro Ichihashi. As well as soundtracks for the PS2 horror titles, "Siren" and "Siren 2", as well as the remake of the first game, "Siren New Translation", or "Siren Blood Curse" for the PS3...with 99% more white people.

Akumajo Dracula The Stolen Seal Original Soundtrack Siren 2 Original Soundtrack
Siren New Translation Original Soundtrack Siren Original Soundtrack

posted by Godai on 31 October


comment #1

Thank you, friends. Will seed.

comment posted by jewberry on 01 November

comment #2

I had tried to rip and perfect a Siren soundtrack and have been unsuccessful for so long...I saw this today, and damn.

Just damn.

Thank you SO much for this release!

comment posted by Johnny No More on 01 November

comment #3

This is mighty terror and adventure.

Thank you for the Hallow's Eve goodness #gamemp3 crew!

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 01 November

comment #4

I'm hoping for a phantasmic and spectral Halloween! With lots of fog!

Very cool looking releases, I look forward to trying out the horror soundtracks, never heard of any of these games. I think this may provide a nice ghastly background to one of my favorite nights of the year.

Thanks again gamemp3s crew, always a pleasure coming here.

comment posted by papa_haydn on 01 November

comment #5

Most excellent. Thanks Godai!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 01 November

comment #6

Aw, I'll check it out. Thx for great releases!

comment posted by D!zzy on 01 November

comment #7

Yess some nice horror soundtracks.. gotta love the horror :D Thnx Godai

comment posted by southrencross on 01 November

comment #8

Castlevania's music is always amazing! Thanks!

comment posted by D10 on 01 November

comment #9

Thank you.

comment posted by john on 01 November

comment #10

Thanks for releasing them. I hope the next one is Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper Original Soundtrack.

comment posted by keikeik on 01 November

comment #11

More Castlevania = Win.

Thank you!

comment posted by Emil on 01 November

comment #12

Wow!!! This is absolutely awesome, thanks guys!!

comment posted by trion on 01 November

comment #13


comment posted by borre on 01 November

comment #14

long time no see updates
thanks anyway

comment posted by Zell on 01 November

comment #15

Creepy! Thanks!

comment posted by Vikutoru on 01 November

comment #16

everyone likes more white people

comment posted by Kilu on 01 November

comment #17

Absolutely perfect release for the holiday! Thank you so much guys, I'm going to have a nice evening listening to these pearls :)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 01 November

comment #18

Thanks, Castlevania OST is great.

comment posted by Xenogear on 01 November

comment #19

Hoooo castlevania ost is great, i am also waiting for the ost of Silent hill 5 homecoming someone know when will release??????

comment posted by kuro-jhon on 01 November

comment #20

The Castlevania OST doesn't disappoint - I hope the game is just as good. I also took a closer look at the Siren OSTs, good stuff.

Thank you very much and enjoy the weekend!

comment posted by Emil on 01 November

comment #21

I needed this. My Halloween was ruined because a big, three-hour midterm was scheduled from 7 to 10. Who the hell does that?
In any case, I heard a rip of CV: OoE earlier in the week. The music isn't as strong as Portrait, and I can't believe they bothered to remix Beginning again. Nevertheless, it's good enough to make me wish I had the game itself. Thanks for the release.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 01 November

comment #22

Thanks so much for the Order of Ecclesia OST, I was checking the site 5-10 times a day hoping you guys would post it!

comment posted by Zuldane on 01 November

comment #23

That's a lot of white people!

comment posted by VolkaV on 01 November

comment #24

nice, it's only been 3 weeks :(. we need our crack gmp3s crew.

comment posted by sickfcuk on 01 November

comment #25

How come these titles haven't been added to the release data base yet?

comment posted by ALLEN on 01 November

comment #26

Damn this is one hell of a release. Thanks!

comment posted by geebee on 01 November

comment #27

thanks a ton for the castlevania soundtrack

comment posted by tennislord94 on 01 November

comment #28

Thanks so much for this !!

castlevania + Yamane = WOW

comment posted by Francisco on 02 November

comment #29

ALLEN: They've been added now, thanks.

comment posted by Msia on 02 November

comment #30

Nothing gets me feeling seasonal quite like some Castlevania! Excellent upload Godai, as always. Really made my day! Helps me stop being depressed Halloween's over :P

comment posted by Ashriel on 02 November

comment #31

Great! Thanks for the Ecclesia tunes! Loving the game and the music now!

comment posted by Xseed on 02 November

comment #32

"The Castlevania OST doesn't disappoint - I hope the game is just as good."

Some hail it to be the best Castlevania in years.

comment posted by sfried on 02 November

comment #33

It's nice that this CV OST uses the English naming conventions from the game's sound test.

comment posted by sfried on 02 November

comment #34

sfried, Yeah that's what we were going for.

comment posted by Godai on 02 November

comment #35

Gotta love the Castlevania soundtrack [L] Thankss you guys :)

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 03 November

comment #36

Hi guys thanks so much for this release!!!

One comment though. Is it just me or is there an annoying popping sound on the track "An Empty Tome ~ Arrange Version"? I had a lower quality 192k copy and it did on there as well. Was there a mistake mastering this track? Its very hard to unhear it once you notice it :(

comment posted by Vlad on 03 November

comment #37

Ecclesia??? ALL OVER MY TITS.

comment posted by JiJi on 03 November

comment #38

Thanks I was really hoping for the Castlevania OST

comment posted by Gryphon on 04 November

comment #39

Thanks for Order of Ecclesia OST. I've been tempted to rip it, since there are some nice tunes in there, primarily 'Riddle' (which is a remake of 'Aquarius' from Castlevania III).

comment posted by Sir VG on 04 November

comment #40

Aaah, Castlevania!! Thank you guys!
Will you release the 2 new Valkyrie Profile DS albums?

comment posted by Poephoofdfiets on 05 November

comment #41

Great update.

Do you guys plan on releasing the Cross Edge Soundtrack.

comment posted by Davidd on 05 November

comment #42

Sorry my Castlevania nerdage is tingling. ^_^

Riddle is actually "Riddle" from the CVIII OST. "Aquarius" is a seperate track altogether from the same OST. Both very good I might add, but very much different. Aquarius was re-used in CV Circle of the moon and this would be the first time Riddle was re-used. Both outstanding tracks I must say. Someone on the gamefaqs forums had said track 8 on disk 1 "A Prologue" was the Aquarius remix. I've played the tracks side by side and don't hear it. :/

comment posted by MasterZophar on 06 November

comment #43

Thank you for the Castlevania OST, will end up buying it but good to have an early listen.

comment posted by SJ on 07 November

comment #44

Does anyone know where I can buy the new Castlevania Soundtrack from, I'm in the U.K. Thank you. PS: I cannot find it anywhere??

comment posted by SJ on 07 November

comment #45

"SJ" I purchased mine at Playasia.com for $122 + shipping. However I had to buy the Japanese collectors edition of OOE. This includes a poster, leatherbound notebook, the game and a soundtrack. The soundtrack actually looks like something they would sell as a stand-alone release in the near future, ie Lament, Curse of Darkness or DX Chronicles. As a collector of CV stuff its very nice but no idea if or when it will be released plus it's in limited quantity.

Someone mentioned the soundtrack is being sold on the Konami of Japan website store. Not sure how true this is but you would have to navigate some Japanese text to get to it. Hope this help. ^_^ ~ Shaaaanoargh!!!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 07 November

comment #46

Thanks MasterZophar. Will check out playasia.com. Tempted with the Collectors one. I know Konami Europe don't have it. :) Will try Konami Japan. It is me, or are these Castlevania soundtracks getting harder to find..

comment posted by SJ on 08 November

comment #47

Finally some fresh material from Noriyuki Asakura! Hard to believe he's come back and made another release seeing how he also did the new tenchu soundtrack which just came out. Well I can only hope that the next release will contain the Tenchu 4 soundtrack.

comment posted by Azimuth on 08 November

comment #48

Not a problem SJ. If you opt to buy the collectors but only want the soundtrack just Ebay off the rest. Everything is placed seperately in a bubblewrapped bag sans poster. "pretty big I might add" I'm sure you would make some of the money back.

You will get a kick out of this. The CV Judgement OST is being released Jan 15th 2009 from my release site but nothing for the OOE OST. Very odd... This games release reminds me of Laments, Aria and Dawn's soundtrack. All released around the same time but so far away from the games JP/US releases. I wouldn't say rare but frugal on Konami's part.

comment posted by MasterZophar on 08 November

comment #49

Good thinking, Cheers MZ. I got the POR collectors one, but I might opt for the OOE OST this time only. Like the new soundtrack, its' good. I'll be interested in CV Judgement, more for the soundtrack than the game though. OOE OST better get release, otherwise judgement day will come :) CDJapan use to stock the Castlevania soundtracks... guess they stopped.. Always put a smile on my face when I saw on the CDJapan website.. Castlevania... Category.. Good Titles :)

comment posted by SJ on 10 November

comment #50

Any hope for the scans for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia?

comment posted by HoTsHoT on 19 November

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