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True Homecoming

Silent Hill Homecoming Soundtrack

Look was just popped into our laps, a special US 21-track promo release of the soundtrack to "Silent Hill Homecoming" for 360/PS3/PC, music by Akira Yamaoka (and 4 more vocal songs by the wonderful Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)! If anyone knows me, I'm a huge SH fan, so this is a big deal for me...get it!!! Stay tuned for a couple more later tonight.

Silent Hill Homecoming Soundtrack

posted by Godai on 24 November


comment #1


comment posted by Andros on 24 November

comment #2

booya! waited so long for this.

comment posted by bernie on 24 November

comment #3

This, and a couple more later tonight? Thanksgiving came early, it seems ^_^

Excuse me, I must make an offering to the shrine of Godai.

comment posted by Ashriel on 24 November

comment #4

OH MY GOD! Thanks a lot Godai!! I've been waiting for this!!! : ) thx!

comment posted by Reit Zephyrox on 24 November

comment #5

WOW! Thank you so much! :)

comment posted by D!zzy on 24 November

comment #6

THANK YOU!!! I've waited for this for sooo long!

comment posted by Andrew on 24 November

comment #7

I'm looking forward to these "couple more" soundtracks.

comment posted by TWIN on 24 November

comment #8

Nice !!
Thanks so much guys !! ;)

comment posted by P4KO on 24 November

comment #9

OMGGGGG YES! YES! UH--OH! MAN! Favorite person of the month award, it's all yours.

comment posted by bradford on 24 November

comment #10

Thank you Godai!

Please, we need Echoes of War!

comment posted by Juanjo on 24 November

comment #11

Whatever happened to Joe Romersa? I know Yamaoka likes McGlynn for the "pop" Silent Hill sound, but I think Romersa's haunting vocals were a perfect touch on the vocal front.

comment posted by XISMZERO on 24 November

comment #12

Akira Yamaoka... I heard a rip of the music for this one quite recently. Unfortunately, I didn't care for much of it; too many industrial sounds, not enough ambiance. But that seems to be the trend to which he's sticking. I think at least three of the songs were good, so it's downloading time.

Thanks as always.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 24 November

comment #13

Lol, I'm not that into horror and stuff, But thnx 4 the CD though :P

comment posted by Ghost of the Heeg on 25 November

comment #14

The music was awesome too bad the game sucked (for a Silent Hill game at least).

comment posted by Wonka-Bar on 25 November

comment #15

Im looking for "Aquanaut's Holiday" OST... some one of you have it ?

comment posted by killer7_rebirth on 25 November

comment #16

Unfortunately Romersa continues only making lyrics with Yamaoka, but I still hope they come out with another song like 'Cradel Of Forest'. It's AWESOME!

Thanks so much for this. I downloaded so many gamerips T_T

comment posted by 氷 Kitsune on 25 November

comment #17

"Lol, I'm not that into horror and stuff, But thnx 4 the CD though :P"

SH music is beyond horror:). It's not only great horror soundtrack, but it's also very enjoyable listen. And Mary Elizabeth McGlynns voice is just fantastic. Thanks Godai!

comment posted by herbaciak on 25 November

comment #18

Wonderful indeed. Thanks you so much gamemp3s. I really appreciate this!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 25 November

comment #19

Thank you so much Godai! It´s been a long time waiting for this soundtrack, because like you I´m a huge fan of Silent Hill (and especially his music).

Thanks again, gamemp3s forever!

comment posted by Lord Kefka on 25 November

comment #20

Thank you Godai! Another great release!

comment posted by Azimuth on 25 November

comment #21

Many thanks Godai. "crosses fingers" hope we get the new Valkyrie Profile Album.

comment posted by MasterZophar on 25 November

comment #22

Thank you for the fine fear #gamemp3 crew!

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 25 November

comment #23

w00t, the score is freaking awesome!!

Definitely buying this one, once the official release is out. :)

comment posted by LiquidAcid on 25 November

comment #24

HOORAY! Thank you soooooooooo much! Much love to you and Monsieur Yamaoka!

comment posted by Bear on 25 November

comment #25

Pretty nice ost!

comment posted by Ngai on 26 November

comment #26

Oh wow, I love you guys even more (if that was even possible) for this release. Thank you so much!

comment posted by SZK on 26 November

comment #27

no one is seeding sniff....

i got excited when i saw this... waaa..

anyway ill just wait for the utorrent to dl something.. thanks anyway!

comment posted by ch1n1t0 on 26 November

comment #28

There are 95 seeds, my friend.

comment posted by Godai on 27 November

comment #29

Hi! Thank you so much!! I was waiting for it!!
Is it correct "This Sacred Line" or "The Sacred Line"?

comment posted by Habashira on 01 December

comment #30

Habashira, It's "This Sacred Line" according to the tracklist on the CD.

comment posted by Godai on 01 December

comment #31

wo Vocal songs!

comment posted by zerojad on 03 December

comment #32


comment posted by The Pie on 04 December

comment #33


comment posted by Maru on 30 March

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