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Happy New Year

Celebrate the new year by listening to stuff we should have released last year.

Chrono Trigger Orchestra Extra Soundtrack
Echoes of War
Rockman 9 Arrange Soundtrack

Edit: Sorry, download the new torrent now with 99% less caps.

posted by Msia on 31 December


comment #1

Already had echoes of war but i recommend everyone who likes big orchestral music give it a listen because it is FABULOUS!! Thanks for sharing these!

comment posted by Sirusjr on 31 December

comment #2


comment posted by Andros on 31 December

comment #3

So cool! Thank you!

comment posted by Friskyseal on 31 December

comment #4

Never heard of these, Echoes of War sounds entertaining. Thanks guys, will enjoy.

comment posted by papa_haydn on 31 December

comment #5

Have, what?, and was wonderin' when you'd get around to it.

Hm, might have to take Sirusjr's word on EOW/EoW, and from the couple/few I listened to on YooToob, R9AS might not hit me as well.

What a way to end the year (which is still 2008 where I am, and will be for hours more)!

comment posted by TJF588 on 31 December

comment #6


comment posted by tennislord94 on 01 January

comment #7

yesss!!! Rockman Arrange! love you guys!

comment posted by Shin_Ein on 01 January

comment #8

Starts the new year off right, I'd say. Great post Msia!

comment posted by Ashriel on 01 January

comment #9

Thanks a lot! I have a question though, forgive me if I'm a little ignorant here - Regarding the Chrono Trigger Orchestra Extra Soundtrack - There are only 2 tracks, is there another orchestral soundtrack already/going to be released?

comment posted by BlueRose on 01 January

comment #10

Thx for releases! Happy New Year! :-)

comment posted by D!zzy on 01 January

comment #11

Echoes of war is basically a huge arrangement of Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft songs by Emminence Symphony Orchestra, Koh Otani, and a couple others. You can read a full review of it here.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 01 January

comment #12

Thanks for releases. I hope someday in far future, you released this, Fantasy Golf PangYa Portable Original Soundtrack. Happy New Year to all #gamemp3 staff.

comment posted by keikei on 01 January

comment #13

The Chrono Trigger disc has two tracks specially arranged to tie in with the DS re-release of the game. There are no other plans for an orchestral arrange CD right now. Mitsuda didn't have direct involvement with this either, although he did write the liner note.

comment posted by Chupperson on 01 January

comment #14

Peace and serenity, everyone at #gamemp3s!
Happy New Year!

comment posted by Sera on 01 January

comment #15

Some Chrono Trigger for the new year. Great start! :3

comment posted by Hamu-Sumo on 01 January

comment #16

Happy new year. Thanks for releases.

comment posted by Vikutoru on 01 January

comment #17

great work, thanks

comment posted by ali on 01 January

comment #18

Thanks Msia Happy new year :)

comment posted by Flamigo on 01 January

comment #19

Thanks again guys ^^

comment posted by Midget on 01 January

comment #20

Time to drop the needle on that Chrono Trigger 12" single, yo! Thanks for the releases guys, good work!

comment posted by Blizzje on 01 January

comment #21

Thanks so much for this great release guys !!
Happy new year to everyone !!
Ordes Of Ecclesia OST is great,thanks for the uploading n_n

comment posted by Francisco on 01 January

comment #22

Thank you so much!

comment posted by borre on 01 January

comment #23

ha! already got that MM9 last year actual copy

comment posted by NINJET on 01 January

comment #24

CT has got to be one of the best RPGs of all time. Thanks so much for this!

comment posted by Arkain on 01 January

comment #25

Did I just read "Koh O[h]tani"? As in, guy who did "TEARS" and most all the other songs from Outlaw Star (which I haven't right properly listened through yet)? Ah-haha, this is gettin' more enticin'.

So, gamemp3s, should I both preordering Legacy of Ys Books I & II? I believe the answer is "If ya got th' cash!". From what little I've read toward the games, they're an RPG set worth spendin' time and digi-greenbacks on, eh?

comment posted by TJF588 on 01 January

comment #26

Thank you very much!

comment posted by Bear on 01 January

comment #27

That Rockman 9 Arrange is terrible. The sound quality is bad and it sounds like it was run through a SNES filter. I dug the original too, but that was supposed to have low quality. The arrangements were mostly too bland or too electronic-y.

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 02 January

comment #28

Thank you, awesome release! Happy 2009@

comment posted by Klondike on 02 January

comment #29

Thank You for Rockman 9 Arrange Soundtrack.
I wait for this a long time.
You are the Best!
Happy 2009!

comment posted by bozobmx on 02 January

comment #30

Wonderfull pickings!
Happy new year!

comment posted by deaded6336x on 02 January

comment #31

Echoes of War is surprisingly good!

Thanks for this, very appreciated!

comment posted by Hix on 03 January

comment #32

Echoes of War totally kicked me in the balls and made me submit to its greatness.

comment posted by Sinborn on 09 January

comment #33

thnx a lot

comment posted by Xhorxhi on 29 March

comment #34

Great many Thanks!!11!

comment posted by Daniel Belini on 12 February

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