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Let’s Start off 2009 or “Do me, Litchi”

BlazBlue -Calamity Trigger- Original Soundtrack
Dissidia -Final Fantasy- Original Soundtrack
Lord of Vermilion Original Soundtrack

Here's another three...the new 2D fighting game from Arc System Works, "BlazBlue", featuring music by "Guilty Gear" composer Daisuke Ishiwatari. No need to describe "Dissidia". "Lord of Vermilion" is Square Enix's arcade card game which features music by former employee, Nobuo Uematsu. See ya.

BlazBlue -Calamity Trigger- Original Soundtrack Dissidia -Final Fantasy- Original Soundtrack Lord of Vermilion Original Soundtrack

posted by Godai on 02 January


comment #1

This is really great !!
Daisuke and Nobuo,great releases for this 2009!!
Thanks a lot Godai !!
I'm listening Rockman 9 Arrange,its awesome

comment posted by Francisco on 02 January

comment #2


comment posted by belxephon on 02 January

comment #3

I was waiting for BlazBlue. Thanks.

comment posted by Andros on 02 January

comment #4

DISSIDIA! HOORAY! And... what do you mean... "former employee"? Did he quit!? O_____O;;;

As always, thank you very much!

comment posted by Bear on 02 January

comment #5

Yeah he went to Mistwalker back when it was first started.

comment posted by LCC on 02 January

comment #6

He doesn't actually work for Mistwalker, he has his own company, Smile Please. He's more of a freelance composer now.

comment posted by Godai on 02 January

comment #7

I could take or leave Dissidia, but MUCH

comment posted by EdgeKun on 02 January

comment #8

* Much much Heart for Blazblue.

comment posted by EdgeKun on 02 January

comment #9

wonderful as always ;)

comment posted by ali on 02 January

comment #10

Um, I just came.

comment posted by Ashriel on 02 January

comment #11

Thanks a lot!

comment posted by cf on 02 January

comment #12

Awesome selection of cd's. Much love for the Blazblue soundtrack. Thanks a ton.

comment posted by Lenn on 02 January

comment #13

THANK YOU GODAIIIIII Blazblue is excellent and the rest is also really great... best release this year XD

comment posted by southrencross on 02 January

comment #14

Wo0tz. Thanks! Been waiting for Dissidia's OST.

comment posted by Merubin on 02 January

comment #15

AWESOME, godai!!!

comment posted by Poephoofdfiets on 02 January

comment #16

Madness! This is awesome, thanks!

comment posted by bluegato on 02 January

comment #17

Thanks for this 2009 start! :D

comment posted by Manuel Mora on 02 January

comment #18

Thanks heaps for all of them ^^, really looking forward to Lord of Vermillion and Blazblu ^^ as for dissidia it's already in my collection in hard copy ^^

comment posted by Midget on 02 January

comment #19

AMAZING !!! thx for Lord

comment posted by Léandro on 02 January

comment #20

Hmmmm... ehh.. Mmmmm... I have no words to thank you... just " Mega Extra Hyper Ulta GTXXX x2 " THANKS .
For this release .

comment posted by Gmastershief (FF78X) on 02 January

comment #21

Awesome! :-)

comment posted by D!zzy on 02 January

comment #22

"Dissidia -Final Fantasy- Original Soundtrack"
"DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY Original Soundtrack"


comment posted by TJF588 on 02 January

comment #23

It... cut off the rest of my comment. I had an emoticon looking the other way, then a message that I'd run/was running off to Azureus/Vuze, my .torrent client (is that the right lingo?).

Anyway, someone convince me to download this BlazBlue thing, eh?

comment posted by TJF588 on 02 January

comment #24


comment posted by Tom Kenney on 02 January

comment #25

For anyone curious, lord of vermillion is metal guitar mixed with techno.
Thanks for sharing these.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 02 January

comment #26

omg the track of BlazBlue is from Daisuke Ishiwatari, the guy who make the music from Guilty Gear series, must have it :D

comment posted by cyberdragon86 on 02 January

comment #27

What a great way to start off the game music year of 2009 :) Thank you so much Godai and team!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 02 January

comment #28

Thanks for dissidia!

comment posted by Guilherme on 02 January

comment #29

Oh, totally awesome. I can't wait to check these out, thank you!

comment posted by Klondike on 02 January

comment #30

thanks again!

comment posted by borre on 02 January

comment #31

Okay, what's up with no remix of the FF6 main battle theme in Dissidia? That's bull crizap.

Thanks as always.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 02 January

comment #32

Daisuke Ishiwatari has lost it. Catus Carnival is great, though.

Also, Lord of Vermilion was amazing!

comment posted by Jones on 02 January

comment #33

Thank you so muuuuch!! *_* Dissidia ROX!
And BTW, the Lord of Vermilion musics are from Nobuo Uematsu so I guess its really a great stuff! ;)

comment posted by Paula C. on 02 January

comment #34

Awesome. Thanks a lot guys! I'm currently at my parent's and will drive home tomorrow (8 hour car ride). It will be a pleasure listening to the latest two releases on the way back home. Haven't had much of a chance to listen to Rockman 9 Arrange and the Blizzard OST sounds very promising as well as do the composers of this current release. I have to admit I don't really know the games.

Thanks again and happy new year!

comment posted by Emil on 02 January

comment #35

There's apparently a skip in track 12, "Battle Scene 2 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY II
on Dissidia. just FYI.

comment posted by dj_kronic on 02 January

comment #36

A little bird told me its on the disc, dj_kronic.

comment posted by Godai on 02 January

comment #37

OK! Not complaining, just something I noticed. Thanks Godai!

comment posted by dj_kronic on 02 January

comment #38

Thanks a ton, dude!

comment posted by Futsin on 03 January

comment #39

Wow, we don't see much of you guys for the past couple of months, then you pump out a few releases over the past few days. Awesome. :)

comment posted by Sir VG on 03 January

comment #40

Great update(s). I am lovin BlazeBlue and Dissidia.

Also, Happy New Year!

comment posted by Morphballer on 03 January

comment #41

Have been waiting for DISSIDIA OST torrent! Now waiting for the download to finish... A great start for 2009!
Many Thanks!!!

comment posted by FSLazurite on 03 January

comment #42

What a trifecta of releases for a new year. Thanks!

comment posted by Scarlet Havoc on 03 January

comment #43

At last Dissidia with proper tags:). Thanks Godai and very best in New Year for U and all of VGM fans:).

comment posted by herbaciak on 03 January

comment #44

"Battle Scene 2 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY II

-I thought it was a skip but it's not. I tried to sync with the "Theater" Menu in my PSP and they're the same. Tricky.

I also found a fake skip on 「DISSIDIA-opening-」from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY at the end. Sync is the same. It's a perfect soundtrack. :D

comment posted by Cassiopoeia on 03 January

comment #45

I like Lord of Vermilion. Nobuo has gone hardcore. As if this were his take on Shin Sangokumusou, Chaos Legion, or even dare I say, Guilty Gear...

BlazBlue is disappointing when compared to the excellence of the Guilty Gear albums, but after the outstading Isuka it's been kinda downhill for Ishiwatari. "Bullet Dance" is an amazing track, however.

comment posted by Kaleb.G on 04 January

comment #46

New FF and Uematsu stuff is a good way to start the new year! Thank you #gamemp3s!

comment posted by vemp on 04 January

comment #47

My pants tingle with anticipation.

comment posted by MinionOfCthulhu on 04 January

comment #48

Dissidia... ehh. I'd be more interested in that new Chocobo soundtrack.

comment posted by Sami on 05 January

comment #49

Sami, same here, although the Dissidia album wasn't that bad, I kinda liked it. But more Final Fantasy arrangements cannot be bad.

comment posted by Heavenfang on 06 January

comment #50

Dissidia... sweet.

comment posted by Joe Cam on 06 January

comment #51

This probably has not occured for anyone else, but why does the torrent stop downloading after getting to about 99.4%?...

comment posted by Bluedraken on 07 January

comment #52

I just want to thank you ALL [uploaders/seeders]. FF Dissidia really rox my sox. Some of the tracks are bleh, but most are great. Again, thank you ALL! Happy New Year! [even tho i'm late >_>]

comment posted by Rage on 07 January

comment #53

thank you very much!

comment posted by calvin.cai on 07 January

comment #54

Track 219 from the Dissidia album "Theme of the Empire"... It feels so Stars Wars!

comment posted by voxie on 08 January

comment #55

BlazBlue is God Damn Good!!!!!!!

comment posted by ANTI-JESUS on 09 January

comment #56

Dissidia @_@ GREAT

Thank you ALL

comment posted by KD on 12 January

comment #57

Thans for this, but seed please! I'm stuck at 96%

comment posted by Daniel on 17 January

comment #58

I'm extremely late on posting this, but better late than never...

The Lord of Vermillion soundtrack is, by far, one of my personal favorite soundtracks to listen to! I seriously find myself listening to the whole sound track (minus the four last songs) over and over as I'm doing my work. Thanks for the awesome upload!

comment posted by Chrosius on 31 January

comment #59

Aah, it seems like none of the torrents are actually on the tracker? I keep getting error when try to open the torrent download. :\ I guess it's probably due to the shift in host? Hope you fix it all soon! I'm really looking forward to getting the Dissidia OST. :D Thanks~

comment posted by Kai on 03 February

comment #60

Very nice with the dissidia soundtrack im in love with the Prelude track. keep up the great work.

comment posted by jeff on 09 February

comment #61

Thank you so much!

comment posted by Jarkendia on 10 March

comment #62

Thank You!

comment posted by bozobmx on 16 March

comment #63

THANK YOU GUYS! BlazBlue rocks so much, and Lord of Vermillion isn't half bad either. Dissidia sucks a little though.

comment posted by Xhorxhi on 29 March

comment #64

Thank you!

comment posted by olof on 05 May

comment #65

D/: Unfortunately i cant download it anymore :'c i did it once, but i lost all my music u-u

comment posted by Kazemizuho on 14 September

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