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Ridge Racer 6 direct audio
Technictix Remix Vol. 3

A couple of SuperSweep releases for you today. The Xbox 360 racing game "Ridge Racer 6" finally gets an official CD release (the game came out in 2006), looks like SuperSweep stepped in where King Records usually would and put this one out. My favorite track is "Radiance". We also have "Technictix Remix Vol. 3" featuring the usual suspects, Shinji Hosoe and friends.

I will be gone for a week, so unless Msia steps up, you won't see anymore until at least then. Later!

Ridge Racer 6 direct audio Technictix Remix Vol. 3

posted by Godai on 16 January


comment #1

Thank you Godai and team, as always. Have a great week :)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 16 January

comment #2

Thnx Godaii Gotta love Ridge Racer BYEE

comment posted by Southerncross on 16 January

comment #3

Not sure what to expect from this. I've found previous RR and tech albums to be hit and miss. Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 16 January

comment #4

OMG, today's my birthday, and being the biggest fan ever of R4 / RIDGE RACER TYPE 4 / DIRECT AUDIO, I've been foaming at the mouth ever since the announcement of the [RR6] album. I admit I clicked this bookmark this morning thinking "Wouldn't it be cool if..." and 3w509ik5t0oj2wt4094t THANK YOU, GUYS! Though I'm importing this one anyway 'cause I'm a namco/SamplingMasters/NGBI/SuperSweet whore. (^ ^);

comment posted by z on 16 January

comment #5


comment posted by z on 16 January

comment #6

NBGI/SuperSweep, that is. Too much excitement today.

comment posted by z on 16 January

comment #7

Thanks Godai!
Let's hear some Ridge Racer (R4 Ost is my favorite)
See Ya

comment posted by Francisco on 16 January

comment #8

ZOMG! It's Riiiidge Raaaacer!

comment posted by Bimon on 16 January

comment #9


Thanks for the great release!

comment posted by Caerith on 16 January

comment #10

Thanks for the RR6 DA

comment posted by Black King Vegeta on 16 January

comment #11

Man, sure took them long enough.


comment posted by Antignition on 16 January

comment #12

Thank you as always! ^___^

Much love to you~

comment posted by Bear on 16 January

comment #13

I love RR osts~~ Thank you again!

comment posted by Mac on 16 January

comment #14

YES! The 2 albums i was looking forward to most. Didn't expect a release with both of them together. Thanks so much!

comment posted by crinale on 16 January

comment #15

Have a good stay Godai, wherever you are going. :)
Thank you for these!

comment posted by Lania on 17 January

comment #16

Gracias! (^_^)v

comment posted by Rage on 18 January

comment #17

Wow, this is easily the best Ridge Racer soundtrack since the original Ridge Racer, IMO. Thanks alot for providing it for us - I can't get enough of it!

comment posted by Ethan on 19 January

comment #18

Great stuff - once again, quite appreciated!

comment posted by Viper on 20 January

comment #19


comment posted by Arkz on 20 January

comment #20

Happy Happy Hoppy Happy is an excellent track in the Technictix album.

comment posted by Lodestar on 20 January

comment #21

Happy new year, i will check this page frecuently waiting for more torrent

comment posted by kazemizuho on 25 January

comment #22

Bit of a random post here, has nothing to do with the above releases. But I thought other games music lovers would like to know, that the following soundtracks have been released (for free) by the games developers themselves... World of Goo, and the entire Tomb Raider series!


Not a bad listen at all, makes me almost want to try the Goo game.

comment posted by voxie on 25 January

comment #23

Try the Goo game. It's brilliantly fantastic:D. And score is cool too:).

comment posted by herbaciak on 25 January

comment #24

Wow; thanks voxie! Really appreciated those links. :) Thanks also to #gamemp3s, of course!

comment posted by Alphaleon on 26 January

comment #25

Thanks a lot Voxie. Was hoping for a release of both of those.

comment posted by Antignition on 29 January

comment #26

I can't wait for the Professor Layton album you promise ^^.
Thanks for all the music !

comment posted by Erdnal on 31 January

comment #27

Why is the tracker busted though.

comment posted by Eleo on 06 February

comment #28

Thanks for the awesome release! I love it, but for some reason I know I
heard Yousuke Yasui's Arabesque Etoile before, where is it from! I cannot for the life of me remember my brain is stumped.

comment posted by Tria on 10 February

comment #29

I love the RR6 OST.. been waiting forever thanks! Now all I need is the Blaster Master Blasts Again OST and I'll be set!

comment posted by The Franchise on 19 February

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