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Switchover complete!

We've finished moving to a new host. Some things may be slightly broken, so please bear with us.

posted by Brant on 01 February


comment #1

I see that previous posts has two download links, what does that mean? :)

comment posted by clarious on 02 February

comment #2

Yes, broken like... no DNS resolution for a while? in some places? XD ...
(Apparently, propagation have been slow, I hope... and not you being blocked by my ISP provider <.<;; )

comment posted by Kadai on 02 February

comment #3

That we've had one too many at nearest pub.

comment posted by Amp on 02 February

comment #4

Aw. Just as I was gonna download some of the Archive Torrents, but they seem to be b0rk'd. Needs me some Soul Caliber stuff =o I'll check back later then.

comment posted by Gech on 02 February

comment #5

Download links don't seem to be working.

comment posted by Jir on 03 February

comment #6

For a moment you had me worried.

comment posted by Bombur on 03 February

comment #7

actually, i cant download some of the torrents, is that an efecto of the switchover? which is the new host?

comment posted by kazemizuho on 03 February

comment #8

Yeah, the download links are well, down.

comment posted by frontMfan on 03 February

comment #9


comment posted by frontMfan on 03 February

comment #10

The torrent download problem is fixed now. The double download links happened when I imported the old posts to the new WordPress installation....I'll get around to fixing those when I get bored one day. :)

comment posted by Brant on 04 February

comment #11

So it seems like the 7-25 torrent doesn't work. (Persona 4 and ToS Wii)

Or its going SUPER slow. I'm on 99.3% T_T

comment posted by Sailorcancer on 04 February

comment #12

Why I can't download torrent anymore?
I desperately need Inuyasha and Saint Seiya OST T_T.
Tracker lists all torents are dead.

comment posted by Mercury on 04 February

comment #13

My torrent client tells me "Error: torrent no registered with this tracker", I even re-downloaded the .torrent but still doesn't work.

Seems like there are still issues then :)

comment posted by OSO on 04 February

comment #14

There are dead trackers for the Ar Tonelico soundtracks. Both links leading to trackers that are dead for Ar Tonelico Melodies and the original soundtrack, as well as the Soundrack for R-Type.

comment posted by Jir on 04 February

comment #15

for clarification, the torrents I'm trying to get is Archive #-A and 2008-04-07 for the Armored Core albums

comment posted by OSO on 04 February

comment #16

Dammit, my torrent of the SSBB soundtrack was at 93%!! and now it says "torrent is not registered with this tracker." BALLSACK.

comment posted by Abe Lincoln on 04 February

comment #17

this 3 are the ones that i cant download it.




Could some one can tell me why does this happen? (im newbie with torrents, i really prefer DD)

I also started to download recap Copilation Archive - Wild Arms the Vth Vanguard.

Well i'll be checking for an answer, thanks for all amigos, XD (yes i'm mexican XP)

comment posted by kazemizuho on 04 February

comment #18

This may sound silly, but are these downloads free? and if so, can you download it via a BitTorrent client i.e. Vuze, Bitcomet or UTorrent?

comment posted by Dylan on 05 February

comment #19

The 12-31-08 and 1-01-09 torrents are not working for me.

comment posted by Ragitsu on 05 February

comment #20

Links are working, but the tracker tells me that all the torrents are dead. Is this still part of the moving process or is it a new problem?... or is it just me?

comment posted by Sir Kero on 06 February

comment #21

my heart :(

comment posted by kisfr on 07 February

comment #22

All of the torrents I was in the painful process of downloading are now not finding any hosts. Any trackers that can be posted? Restart them all all over again? -.-

comment posted by Rathamus on 07 February

comment #23

Looks like tracker is dead? I tried seeding my old folders to get some of these people moving and I'm getting torrent not registered errors.

comment posted by jt4703 on 08 February

comment #24

You should be able to announce torrents to the tracker now.

comment posted by Brant on 09 February

comment #25

Tracker's up for me, everything's working. Thanks and good job!

comment posted by OSO on 10 February

comment #26

any new releases?

comment posted by DDSFan8 on 14 February

comment #27

A lot of thanks. All done, now i can download more ├▒aka ^_^

comment posted by kazemizuho on 17 February

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