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Happy Heart Day!

The Perfect Match Official Soundtrack

We haven't been around lately, and we apologize, but I figured today was a great day to put out this treat.  "The Perfect Match" is a XNA Community Game available on Xbox Live.  The composer wanted #gamemp3s to release the album, so here we are.  Check out the NFO file for detailed notes and information on the project.  Thanks to Another Soundscape!


posted by Godai on 14 February


comment #1

Download broke. :(

But, awesome!!! Very cool.

comment posted by iCame on 14 February

comment #2

Long time no commenting, but thanks for another release :) you guys always deliver High Quality work, appreciate it ^_^

comment posted by ghost_of_the_heeg on 14 February

comment #3

THNX Godai my girlfriend said new soundtrack and here I am downloading it... Good to have you back

comment posted by Shienkyaku on 14 February

comment #4

It gave me an error message when I tried to download.

comment posted by Vincent on 14 February

comment #5


"bool(false) bool(false) bool(false) string(57) "/var/www/gamemp3s.net/htdocs/tracker/torrents/506.torrent" string(36) "/var/www/gamemp3s.net/htdocs/tracker"
Not Found

Sorry pal :("

comment posted by Vincent on 14 February

comment #6

Yeah, working on it, sorry!

comment posted by Godai on 14 February

comment #7

Keep working, we're eagerly waiting. Looking forward to seed. Cheers mate!

comment posted by psyCLONE on 14 February

comment #8

Thanks! Welcome back, gamemp3s. You've always got the best soundtracks from things I've never heard of.

Could use a seeder, though, if anyone is able...

comment posted by Devin on 14 February

comment #9

The composer wanted #gamemp3s to release the album, so here we are.

...really? >
Wouldn't that mean s/he earns less money? Or is this not for sale anywhere? >

comment posted by lxs on 14 February

comment #10

oh, another soundscape did the music, neat.

comment posted by Kilu on 14 February

comment #11

Oh, I liked Another Soundscape's remixes in Voices of the Lifestream :)

comment posted by Heavenfang on 14 February

comment #12

Well it seems fixed since I'm downloading it. Thanks!

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 14 February

comment #13

Awwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeah!

I'm sorry. That was false jubilation. I have no idea whether this game or soundtrack are any good. I just wanted to be special. Y'know, little-bus kind of special.

Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 14 February

comment #14

Heee... Interesting... :-)

comment posted by D!zzy on 15 February

comment #15

To clarify for anyone who wonders: I decided to release this here because I think all VGM should be free (at the very least for the one who bought the game). The composer's already been payed once and if you want to release a high-quality album with arrangements, that's cool too but the original tracks should be avaliable for free.

It might be a bit bold for med to say this as a freelancer and without much experience but we can also look at it as a gift and that #gamemp3s is THE best distribution channel for VGM. Hopefully other indie composers will follow and release some free legal stuff too, wouldn't the world be a better place?

Short version: I love you, enjoy the music, urge others to do the same :3

comment posted by Mattias on 15 February

comment #16

I dunno, I just feel if I like it enough I should buy it..or willingly enough because of how awesome it is >

comment posted by lxs on 15 February

comment #17

This is nice and all, but I prefer lossless music over MP3s, and so I wouldn't be able to include this in my library. Any plans for a FLAC or WAV distribution?

comment posted by Mark on 15 February

comment #18

And actually, indie developers releasing free music instead of CDs would be a bad thing for audiophiles such as myself, since they typically only supply MP3s. World of Goo did this, and now because of it no one will ever have a bit-perfect archive of the music. With that in mind, I really hope that this trend doesn't continue like this. Either release a physical CD to go along with it, or also offer lossless versions.

comment posted by Mark on 15 February

comment #19

Thanks a lot, I've been looking forward to something new, and here it is. Hope it's good :) Thanks gamemp3:s

comment posted by Gameguardian on 16 February

comment #20

Mark: gotta love your positive outlook on things ;P
This might go up on other distribution platforms that are not yet avaliable and then there will be a lossless version if you're actually interested.

comment posted by Mattias on 16 February

comment #21

I'm with mark on this. I buy albums of my favorite VGM so that I can get a lossless version to get the best listen possible and so when i get even better audio setup down the line i can still have them on the cds. I really hope that itunes will eventually offer flac because of the albums that get itunes exclusive releases.

Also what sort of music is this album?

comment posted by Sirusjr on 16 February

comment #22

That's all fine and great guys, but this an MP3 site.

comment posted by Godai on 16 February

comment #23

Might be time to start a #gameflacs then, heh.

comment posted by Region Free on 16 February

comment #24

Sirusjr: I would classify it as upbeat, funky, anime-style. Very cutsie. Check it out for yourself!

comment posted by Mattias on 16 February

comment #25

I am a fan of all things cutesy, so I love this. Nice music!

comment posted by leon on 16 February

comment #26

Its a bit too cutsey for me.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 16 February

comment #27

I totally agree that an eight track album of derivative dating sim music isn't worth paying for. However, I don't feel the same about most more ambitious soundtracks out there. Besides, we'd have few releases from major titles if official companies followed the suit.

comment posted by Chris on 16 February

comment #28


comment posted by Kalan on 17 February

comment #29

I'll sure check it!
Mattias: Loved your position! Congratulations! May others do the same! :3

comment posted by Paula C. on 17 February

comment #30

And congratulations for GameMp3! You are the best always ;)

comment posted by Paula C. on 17 February

comment #31

are going to upload the star ocean sound best collection?

comment posted by dizuklosure on 18 February

comment #32

I don't know what some of you guys have...
I kinda like the tunes! Very relaxing stuff :)

Good job Mattias, I hope to see more of you compositions here or on OCRemix!

comment posted by LiquidAcid on 19 February

comment #33

I'm trying to dowloand "Lineage II The Caothic Chronicle" Soundtrack but the torrent "#gamemp3 Archive K-L" has no seeds for the full files, can anyone please seed? Thanks :)

comment posted by Juan on 21 February

comment #34

Anyone looking for old albums, my apologies of the archive torrents are dead or near-death. I will talk to our staff about starting some new archive torrents.

comment posted by Godai on 24 February

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