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Vous n'avez pas à surmonter votre roid rage seul: The Alex Rodriguez Story

Biohazard 5 Original Soundtrack

Here is the soundtrack to the recently released "Resident Evil 5" for the Xbox 360 and PS3. I'm going to go back to playing the game.


posted by Godai on 14 March


comment #1


comment posted by punkmaggit on 14 March

comment #2

maybe a big capped BIOHAZARD 5 would be cuter
enfin moi ce que j'en dis, ok ta gueule coe

comment posted by coe on 14 March

comment #3

soo, is gamemp3s finally breaking over ZE FRENCH REVOLUTION?

comment posted by Razakin on 14 March

comment #4


Now where's our House of the Dead: Overkill and MadWorld soundtracks? (Especially the latter?)

comment posted by sfried on 14 March

comment #5

where is fallout 3 ost bitches? :p

comment posted by coe on 14 March

comment #6

Coool .

Bio hazard 5 really best action game 2009 Wonderful game .

Thank you very much for Original Soundtrack . I’m really waiting that time BH5 OST.

Thanks again , Do your best in game good luck friend .

Fan BH5 or RE5

comment posted by Jameel on 14 March

comment #7

Nice, thanks a lot for this!

I hope you guys have time for the Yakuza 3 OST as well.

(Yes Madworld will be a nice gift as well)

comment posted by boggardy on 14 March

comment #8

RE5 looks awesome !

comment posted by Francisco on 15 March

comment #9

Thank You!! godai been waiting for this one

comment posted by Shienkyaku on 15 March

comment #10

Thank you for this excellent action horror #gamemp3 crew!

Give those prehistoric parasites and medical mutants the business end of a shotgun for us.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 15 March

comment #11

You guys are fantastic, I'd totally let you love me tenderly when the need arrives

comment posted by Mash on 15 March

comment #12

Nice. A BioHazard I will listen to. Now, a release of Phantasy Star Zero wouldn't hurt. Just askin'.

comment posted by R-GrayZero on 15 March

comment #13

People, what is the Save Theme? Which track number is it? I'm only interested in that track, as the save themes always have been the best tracks IMO.

comment posted by Recluse on 15 March

comment #14

I'm not really sure what to expect of this. Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 15 March

comment #15

Much obliged for yet another superb update, as you have thoroughly gotten us used to.
Here's hoping you have the time (and find it worthy) to add the Castlevania Judgment and King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match OSTs.

Again, my sincerest gratitude.

comment posted by Guildenstern on 15 March

comment #16

Wow, thanks for release! :D
This sound track is excellent. Remember musics of Akira Yamaoka.

comment posted by Seyfertt on 15 March

comment #17

Having played the game a lot of the tracks really caught my attention. I was hoping this would get released by you guys in the near future. Thanks!

comment posted by Eleo on 15 March

comment #18

Thanks for sharing . i hope you add suikoden tierkreis ost to gamemp3s database .

comment posted by Yuber on 16 March

comment #19

Thanks Godai for this release. This is an awesome soundtrack.

comment posted by Aluc on 16 March

comment #20

Guildenstern: KOF 2002 UM OST has some good tracks indeed, I like Nameless' and "Destiny" a lot.

comment posted by Sera on 16 March

comment #21

What does the French title actually translate to?

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 16 March

comment #22

Many thanks! This should keep me happy 'till my CDs arrives in the mail! :)

comment posted by Pedro on 16 March

comment #23

You don't have to overcome your roid rage alone.
Thanks for the release!

comment posted by Zan on 16 March

comment #24

@ Recluse: I assume it's number 3 on disc 1 "Item Box"? Unfortunately due to Uni work I haven't had the time to play the game yet, so I'm just making an educated guess...

comment posted by Pedro on 16 March

comment #25

Eh bien, il s'en passe de belles ici. 'suffit de rester le dos tourné quelques temps... Et on se met A PARLER FRANCAIS. Hein môssieur. C'est du propre, ça.

tom >> pretty much : "You won't have to overcome your 'roid rage' alone."
Yeah, 'good mood tonight. Happy new year.

Hmm, since i'm around : what is so special with this "limited release" ? Are the original soundtracks in a special case or with extra stuff or something, or is it just a limited printing ?

comment posted by Dr Wond on 16 March

comment #26

Tom Kenney > The translation :

In loneliness you don't have to overcome your steroid rage.

I just don't see the meaning behind the title, the fact is written in French, and RE5.

comment posted by Zefrançais on 16 March

comment #27

Thanks guys, I've been wanting to listen to the Resident Evil 5 OST for some time now. Much obliged!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 17 March

comment #28

Tom: "You don't have to face your roid rage alone".

comment posted by MJ on 17 March

comment #29

NO FRENCH!! grrrr

comment posted by Alcahest on 18 March

comment #30

But pourquoi NO FRENCH ? ( ; _ ; )
Don't worry, things written in French aren't necessarily insulting. :)

comment posted by Pezito on 19 March

comment #31

Sweet. Thansk for the pload,. been waiting for it

comment posted by Dannie on 19 March

comment #32

I'm french but I've never seen the word "roid", did you make this one up ?
Anyway, I agree with Recluse : RE save tracks are often gold (esp. RE1 and RE2) so I'm eager to listen to this one too.

comment posted by Fil Razorback on 20 March

comment #33

@ pedro: Thank you. I hope this is the one.

comment posted by Recluse on 21 March

comment #34

Thankyou again for the releases. Always downloading, and always appreciating =]

comment posted by Volkov on 24 March

comment #35

"Roid rage" doesn't means nothing in French

You are something against French Alcahest ? ^^

comment posted by Jehuty on 28 March

comment #36

I know you guys probably don't do requests, but I would absolutely love to see you guys release the Fate/Unlimited Codes OST if at all possible.

Thanks for the RE5 OST as well, I loved this game. <3

comment posted by Shell on 31 March

comment #37

alca n'assume pas sa frenchitude

comment posted by coe on 31 March

comment #38

@ Recluse: "People, what is the Save Theme? Which track number is it? I'm only interested in that track, as the save themes always have been the best tracks IMO."

There is no Save Theme in this game, believe or not. The game proceeds through checkpoints now. I was slightly saddened by this, was always nice knowing the Save Room was also a Safe Room. However, it's all about breaking into houses and finding a safe haven of herbs and ammo there now - however, it is never safe!

comment posted by voxie on 03 April

comment #39

I remember a time when we got constant updates at gamemp3s...

comment posted by Vincent on 03 April

comment #40

"Roid rage", en tout cas autant que je sache, n'a pas de traduction française. C'est la furie dans laquelle on peut entrer si on consomme trop de stéroïdes anabolisants.

And here you go, more French. Ha ha ha!

comment posted by Zan on 04 April

comment #41

Why so much slack gamemp3s? It's been ages since the last update ._.

comment posted by Vincent on 08 April

comment #42

Too bad we don't hear anything from you anymore, I agree with Vincen.. X

comment posted by ghost_of_the_heeg on 10 April

comment #43

People whining about releases, I suggest you guys try do stuff like this yourself, on your own time, using your own money.

comment posted by Razakin on 10 April

comment #44

Star Ocean 4 Arrange Soundtrack, please?

comment posted by roerbakeimetspek on 10 April

comment #45

I agree, Razakin, but I do miss the guys at gamemp3s. It was years ago that I discovered this place, though it feels like just yesterday, and now it seems like a ghost.

comment posted by Andros on 10 April

comment #46

Bitching about other people bitching isn't any better. I'm not pissed simply at the fact they aren't releasing the goodies. It's that they USED to, and for apparent no reason, declined on the quality and timing. That's disappointing for any old timer here who used to rely on this site.

comment posted by Vincent on 11 April

comment #47

Oh STFU Vincent!

You have no right to demand ANYTHING from the #gamemp3s team. They don't owe you a damn thing.
If you really want new VGM so badly then go buy it yourself.

Ripping, translating, tagging and releasing isn't just done in 5 minutes, it's a lot of hard work and people actually have something called "real life" ;)

comment posted by LiquidAcid on 12 April

comment #48

Do you mean they had no life from 2001 until now ?

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 12 April

comment #49

Seriously, I don't hold it against the maintainers of this website, in fact I love them very much, but it's just a little disapointing to see the very same update every time I check this website.

It doesn't change the fact that I (and I'm sure Vincent does as well) love this website and that it's on of my favorites.

comment posted by Foryth on 13 April

comment #50

Come back to us gamemp3s I miss your quality releases!!

comment posted by Midget on 14 April

comment #51


Of course not, but they did set a precedent with their semi-frequent release schedule, and now they are slacking.

But yeah the entire process of ripping to tagged with album art in library takes about an hour, more if the album is multidisc.

If gamemp3s ever wanted to start a gameFLACs, I'd definitely be interested in helping out.

comment posted by TG on 14 April

comment #52

I'm getting my VGM fix elsewhere, that's not the problem really, but this site was convenient and the support was wonderful. I seeded every album I got here at least 5 times more than I leeched, out of simply wanting to contribute as I could sort of an attempt to "repay" their continued support.

@Jimmy: Hahaha exactly. These guys are newbies to the site and don't understand what we're talking about. I'm not DEMANDING anything, but those of us who've been here since the early days can only say it's DISAPPOINTING to see how they basically dropped the support out of nowhere. We used to get 4~5 albums in an almost daily basis. I guess not only they had no life, but they also transcended time itself to be able to release so much content in so little time.

comment posted by Vincent on 15 April

comment #53

Just out of curiosity Vincent, where ARE you getting your VGM fix? ^^

comment posted by David Frost on 15 April

comment #54

@Jimmy: "Real life" isn't binary, I don't think I have to comment on that.

@Vincent: I started collecting VGM around 8 years ago. I started this seriously around 6 years ago (which means buying actual physical copies). I think I can say that I have a pretty good overview about #gamemp3s development. While it's true that the amount of releases per month has declined, it's nothing to bitch about. The guys are doing it for free. You're not paying them for releasing, so you can't demand anything from them. And no, seeding a torrent isn't real "support" of the group. Seeding goes without saying when releasing is P2P-based. Plus most people today have a flatrate, so seeding isn't something that costs you.

Supporting #gamemp3s would be:
- Providing rips of new score releases (preferably lossless with proper extraction, so the group can verify the integrity)
- Providing scans of new score releases
- Translating album information, tracklists, etc.

Everything from above requires either money or/and time....

So if you want the situation to improve, then SUPPORT the group, without any of these lame excuses like: "But I was always seeding till 10:1 !!!111" - COZ THAT DOESN'T FU**ING COUNT!

comment posted by LiquidAcid on 16 April

comment #55


OK, how do you propose submitting albums then? I have quite a few VG albums in FLAC that I'd love to distribute.

comment posted by Mark on 16 April

comment #56

"Do you mean they had no life from 2001 until now ?"

This statement from Jimmy is surprisingly accurate. We all have grown older, have more responsibilities and in my case, got married. I do apologize to you guys for the lack of releases lately because I know it is true we used to have a lot more to share.

I do also thank you for being commited and continuing to support us. It's the people out there who recognize that we care about quality releases who make me stay on when I feel like quitting altogether. I will try my best to keep them coming. Stay tuned.

P.S. - I encourage you to check our tracker for some new and old anime rips from coe in our down time.

comment posted by Godai on 16 April

comment #57

Truth be told, there really wasn't anything that stellar in the past few months.

comment posted by Strifer on 17 April

comment #58

@Mark: I was hoping that Godai could comment on that.

comment posted by LiquidAcid on 17 April

comment #59

@David Frost: All over the net, it takes some work to find certain albums, but it's ok. The great thing about this site is that over here I got access to several albums I wouldn't even know existed (The Outer Rim was AMAZING).

@LiquidAcid: For the last time. Don't confuse me. I mentioned the seeding because that's all I can/will do. I didn't say that as a way of saying "I DID WHAT MY PART NOW DO YOURS", of course I know that's only expected in a P2P transfer. But don't you forget many people don't give a crap about common courtesy. I usually seed 2:1 because I play online a lot and don't want to sacrifice my connection for too long.

I said that to show exactly what Foryth said: I love this site, and what's in range for me to do, I will do. I would buy OSTs sure, if I lived in US or Japan where it cost me as little as it does for you over there. But where I live I would have to import, afford extra taxes and a lot of crap, in the end a single OST would cost me nearly 70 dollars.

Godai and Msia are great for keeping up supporting this site, NOBODY IS DENYING THAT. What's happening is an overall disappointment since they set a good standard with their timely releases and now don't have that anymore. I can live with it, I'm sure they have good reasons for that, but I had to voice my opinion to show that I CARE for this site and what they have done for us rather than stay quiet and let it die or something. And I can see I'm not the only one who doesn't want this. We all love gamemp3s, we just want it to keep going.

Thanks Godai

- Vince

comment posted by Vincent on 17 April

comment #60

@Vincent: "These guys are newbies to the site and don't understand what we're talking about."

If that was partly directed to me, sorry, not a newbie, started visiting the site around when Metroid Prime/Fusion ost was released, or bit earlier. :P

Also, where do you live if importing one OST could cost almost 70 dollars? Heck, I live in the fucking woods of Finland and I pay around 30 euros per album. And if customs get a sniff, it's prolly 10-20 euro more.

And yeah, life is a bitch, taking time off from doing vgm-stuff. Really should start ripping some stuff.

comment posted by Razakin on 17 April

comment #61

You realize that 30 + 20 = 50 euros, which is like 70 dollars...

It's basically the same as here in Brazil. Except the custom taxes here are even higher (very close to 100%). So yeah.. you got my point.

And no that wasn't directed to you particularly, but at people in general who think there's nothing to be disappointed about.

comment posted by Vincent on 17 April

comment #62

Ordering soundtracks in Canada ain't much better. I get stuff from CD Japan, and on top of the cost of the CD, taxes, and shipping, there are those great import fees. Even better is the fact that if I don't have exact change for that extra charge when the delivery guy shows up, I have to wait until the next day to go to the post office to claim it. That's piss. I often check out Amazon.ca for any CDs that just happen to be there; it's how I got the Silent Hill 2 OST. Usually they have nothing.

As for the rest of this, I figure once you start a blog, a forum, a webcomic, or a game OST site, you have an obligation to maintain it in some manner. It's not a REAL obligation, but it's there. The only thing Godai and Msia were obligated to do, if they hadn't done this already, is to put up an announcement that says, "We're not releasing anything for a long time, we got stuff to do, deal with it." Godai has done that (although he was nicer) in his posted comment, but I think it should be an official announcement.

Honestly, I'm not disappointed with the lack of releases. Offering free game music is a kindness offered on their part. If they decide to reduce the releases or even stop it entirely, I just have to accept that. I would be disappointed if they started releasing mp3s at very low quality without translating the tracklist at all; such songs would be useless to me.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 17 April

comment #63

I'll have to agree at what was Vincent and Lawrence saying. We're not complaining to the lack of release here, it's the lack of news in here we're complaining. But Godai gave us a reply, and for that, I thank you. We are all happy just to know that gamemp3s are still going on, and it's just the real life that's giving us the hard time. :)

comment posted by Heavenfang on 17 April

comment #64

Also, a lot of the older releases weren't new, they were just released once somebody got a hold of a copy it seemed. With the large amount of pre-existing releases, there isn't nearly as much older stuff, so now you have to wait until something new comes out for there to be a release, and also they're trying to release good quality stuff, not just every random album that is out there.

comment posted by linuxguy on 08 May

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