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Follow our busy (?) schedule on Twitter!

We had a release planned for this weekend folks, but the tracker has gone bonkers, hopefully we will clear that up and get it out there.  Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter!

posted by Godai on 17 May


comment #1

I humbly accept and am eagerly anticipating it.

comment posted by Andros on 17 May

comment #2

I'll become a Twitter-er JUST to follow you!

comment posted by Mirza on 17 May

comment #3

Shouldn't you put this in the sidebar or something?

comment posted by TSPhoenix on 17 May

comment #4

TSPhoenix, Patience my dear.

comment posted by Godai on 17 May

comment #5

Done, sir.

comment posted by cacovsky on 17 May

comment #6

Hey hey; I'd happily follow your updates. Sharing good for everyone = win.

-Josh Kemp

comment posted by Kelwynshade on 17 May

comment #7

Baby doesn't wanna wait! Baby wants his bottle NOW!!!!!! However, I will settle for a breast or two. The baby in this case represents the child in all of us. The bottle, on the other hand, represents the desire to bludgeon that child for being a little wiener about baseball practice. Seriously, how hard is it to catch a pop fly?!

It's times like this I'm glad that damn kid's not really mine. She thinks I don't know, but I got eyes an' ears. I just stopped caring a looong time ago. Frankly, I stopped caring about a lot of things. The truth is, I don't even care about pushing Tyler into baseball; it just seems like the thing to do. The guys at work talk about their kids, and it feels like an obligation, y'know? I have to do it cuz they do it.

I guess it all comes down to my dad. He was always telling me to be number 1 in everything, no matter how menial or insignificant. I could never meet his expectations. He'd laugh his ass off now. Look at me: middle manager of a box factory with a straight-C son and a wife whose ass gets bigger by 5 cm every year. For God's sake, the only thing that keeps me going is the cross - burning the cross on the homes of "unwelcome neighbours."

This has been crap, brought to you by an obscene amount of smack. Got intense emotional pain? Kill it with a recreational drug. :D

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 17 May

comment #8

Could Devil Summoner 2 be in the near future...? *Gets giddy*

comment posted by Thanatos on 17 May

comment #9

i saw that twitter site, wtf
it's like the poorest design i've ever seen in years

comment posted by coe on 18 May

comment #10

About time the site got on Twitter, checked a few times in the past to no avail.

comment posted by EphemeralDream on 18 May

comment #11

> Shouldn't you put this in the sidebar or something?


comment posted by Brant on 18 May

comment #12

I'm liking what I'm listening to on the radio stream, good job!

comment posted by Sera on 19 May

comment #13

Count me as another one who logged onto Twitter for the first time just to see your updates. Also digging the radio stream, well done!

comment posted by Stejfen on 19 May

comment #14

Godai, Thx for Keeping us UptoDate :)

comment posted by Sanuku on 19 May

comment #15

I will die before I do anything twitter related.

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 19 May

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