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It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

Hi there, three "new" albums tonight, and more to come soon.

Afrika Original Soundtrack
Akumajo Dracula Judgment Original Soundtrack
Star Ocean -The Last Hope- Arrange Soundtrack

aost jost so4-arrange

posted by Msia on 19 May


comment #1

Long live twitter.

comment posted by cacovsky on 19 May

comment #2

Awesomeness! I've been wanting to get a hold of Afrika, now I can. Me. Love. You.

comment posted by VolkaV on 19 May

comment #3

Cool. I already have the CV Judgment soundtrack, and Star Ocean can suck it. Afrika, on the other hand, is an OST I haven't heard (and a game I know nothing about). Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 19 May

comment #4

:o Just when I finally got to playing Castlevania Judgment I was wondering if the OST was out and here it is! Afrika looks like it will pique a lot of interest. Thanks so much!

comment posted by Summonmaster on 19 May

comment #5

lol @ Lawrence. Couldn't have said it better myself. :)

comment posted by punkmaggit on 19 May

comment #6

thanks so much

comment posted by twomix on 19 May

comment #7

Thank you for the hard work #gamemp3 crew and Msia!

Castlevania Judgement looks like it'll be a riot.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 20 May

comment #8

Rock on. The CV Judgment soundtrack is amazing. Always love new arrangements of classic game tracks.

comment posted by Mach2 on 20 May

comment #9

Looking at that quite exciting actually! Thnx Msia!

comment posted by ghost_of_the_heeg on 20 May

comment #10

Muchas gracias!!

comment posted by Soundomingo on 20 May

comment #11

This is awesome!! Thanks!

comment posted by bluegato on 20 May

comment #12

Very cool. Yes please and thank you. Will seed, naturally.

comment posted by Andros on 20 May

comment #13

Thank you! :)

comment posted by Hamu-Sumo on 20 May

comment #14

Much obliged for CVJ!

comment posted by Guildenstern on 20 May

comment #15

I'm a sucker for arranged soundtracks. The Star Ocean OST is actually pretty good, so i've been looking forward to the arranged album. You guys are missing out. Oh well :)

comment posted by Shin_Ein on 20 May

comment #16

Thanks a lot for yet another interesting release! You guys rock

comment posted by Stejfen on 20 May

comment #17

Thanks guys! Afrika is a fantastic symphonic album although way too short.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 20 May

comment #18

Despite the bad reviews of the game, Judgment's soundtrack is top notch, as always.

comment posted by Sir VG on 20 May

comment #19

Very nice. Thank you guys.

comment posted by Ragnatic on 20 May

comment #20

Thank you! I am quite surprised by how good the Castlevania Soundtrack actually is.

comment posted by Emil on 20 May

comment #21

Castlevania soundtrack rocks but the game sucks XD IMO
Anyway thnx 4 the stuff.. Still waiting for that perfect KOF 2002 UM soundtrack

comment posted by KD-0085 on 20 May

comment #22

Great release once again! Afrika has a unique sound - will have to look into this one more...

comment posted by Viper on 20 May

comment #23

Zebras FTW.

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 21 May

comment #24

Awesome!! My prayers have been answered. You guys actually uploaded the Castlevania Judgment OST just shortly after I asked for it like a douchebag. And to top it off you uploaded the Star Ocean Arranged Soundtrack as well! You guys won't believe how grateful I am.

comment posted by Hell Master on 21 May

comment #25

Many thanks Msia. Keep up the great work!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 21 May

comment #26

Yeah, great work guys! Another solid release. I am truly grateful yet again. Have a good day everyone. The Afrika OST is nothing short of amazing, the CV Judgment OST is good, and the Star Ocean Arrange Album has some great songs too.

comment posted by Gameguardian on 22 May

comment #27

Afrika is some nice score, thanks for the release!

comment posted by cubic2k on 22 May

comment #28


comment posted by Soul of Grave on 23 May

comment #29

That Bloody Tears version from CV Judgment OST is the best ever composed. It really rocks! Thank you bro!

comment posted by GR2 on 23 May

comment #30

Thank you so much. I love you.

comment posted by Mirza on 23 May

comment #31

Thank you again for that fine selection of OSTs. BTW, do all soundtracks from Star Ocean have that progressive rock felling?

comment posted by GR2 on 23 May

comment #32

Don't actually know, but its Motoi! So probably.

comment posted by Mirza on 24 May

comment #33

As always, you are fabulous, thank you so much.

comment posted by Lania on 24 May

comment #34

Thanks for the amazing Castlevania Judgement OST! As always, I appreciate what you guys do!

comment posted by CrimsonKnight13 on 24 May

comment #35

For all who liked the Bloody Tears version of that soundtrack:
Sixto Sounds of OCReMix (you may have heard that since you're into VGM) made one mix called "The Accursed Seal" of that song. I really like Sixto's Version much more for it has loads of power.

You should give it at try, it's available in the music section of his website.
http://www.sixtosounds.com (duh^^)

comment posted by Nero_XIII on 26 May

comment #36

Haven't given Star Ocean a go yet, but Castlevania is filled with rather nice remixes (Bloody Tears is fantastic), and Afrika was...surprising, to say the least. It sounds like something John Williams would compose. Actually, one song (can't recall the name offhand) sounded almost identical to one of his songs, but I can't remember which. Probably something from Star Wars.
Good stuff all around.

comment posted by MinionOfCthulhu on 26 May

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