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Treadmills Not Included

Back again with two albums for Korea, and a nice surprise for Snatcher fans, enjoy.

Aion - The Tower of Eternity Original Sound Track
Lineage II Original Sound Track - Oath of Blood
The Syber Punk Adventure Snatcher -Zoom Tracks-

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posted by Msia on 25 May


comment #1

Funny, a friend just recently sent me a Snatcher song which I liked :D. Thank you much, Msia!

comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 25 May

comment #2

Thank you very much, friends.

comment posted by Andros on 25 May

comment #3

What system is that Snatcher soundtrack for? Sega CD?

comment posted by Grawl on 25 May

comment #4

Snatcher Zoom Tracks is a classic. Supposedly the reprint fixed the "Syber" to "Cyber". Additionally, there's still no credits for the sax player on "One Night" and Motoaki Furukawa's guitar on "Tears stained eyes".

comment posted by ultrastar_7 on 25 May

comment #5

According to the liner notes (http://junkerhq.net/Snatcher/SZT/linernotes.html), Hidefumi Toki does the Alto Sax on "One Night In Neo Kobe City", Nobou Yagi does the harmonica (or pianica) on "Tears stained Eyes".

comment posted by ultrastar_7 on 25 May

comment #6

Thnx Msia! Let's show the world our love for the music from back in the day XD

comment posted by KD-0085 on 25 May

comment #7

Whoa! Thanks #gamemp3s crew! You make hungry ears happy. ;)

What a nice surprise; I LOOOVE the music from Lineage, at least the stuff I heard from various gamerips and OSTs. I am curious if the music is still done by Bill Brown, one of my FAVE game musicians.

Wow, this makes me so excited I could... don a curly lovelock wig, equip some frilly breeches, a wide-brimmed hat and top it off with some plumed pantaloons. And then, chuckwagon myself to an isolated downtrodden hamlet village at the zenith of their after-harvest festivities and impress the local peasantry with my High Dancing: beginning with a pleasant bourrée and gavotte, I'll segue into a convivial sarabande. Peasant girls are hawwt! <3<3srsly<3

#GAMEMP3s!! you've had me cavorting and carousing, frisking and frolicking, ever since I figured out what an mp3 was! Surely, the those peasant girls will behold my ramshackle majestics? O', the raggedy, dingy beauty!

comment posted by papa_haydn on 25 May

comment #8

You are awesome, papa_haydn.

comment posted by Godai on 26 May

comment #9

WOW! Amazing release guys! Three great albums at once! I love the Lineage music, and I hope this one's as good as the other Lineage soundtracks.

Thank you very much!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 26 May

comment #10


comment posted by Soul of Grave on 26 May

comment #11

Syber Punks are my favorite kind of punks.

comment posted by maxchain on 26 May

comment #12

What a nice release! Thank you! :-)

comment posted by D!zzy on 26 May

comment #13

Holy shizzle. This shiznit is the shizzie. My shizzot for the shizzers who keep shizzidee-dizzidee-doo.

Translation: Oh my stars. What a fine selection of albums you have offered us on this fine day. I will record the joyous feeling I have in my dream journal and share it with my prayer circle. Right after I snort coke out of a hooker's fribblefrabbledefrop.

Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 26 May

comment #14

Snatcher!! Awesome! I fucking love you Msia!!

comment posted by Jaboon on 26 May

comment #15

Hey thanks for those !!

I can't but ask if you'll be able to upload Sacred 2 OST on here ? I would really appreciate this fine tracks and so others here too !

Thanks in advance !

comment posted by FOO_G on 26 May

comment #16

Awesome guys, many thanks! I especially have been waiting for Aion.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 26 May

comment #17

@ FOO_G we released the Sacred 2 soundtrack in 2008.
Check here for the torrent :

comment posted by Kibbas on 27 May

comment #18

i think the s of Syber is related to the s of Snatcher

comment posted by coe on 27 May

comment #19

OMG thanks guys !!! even if I say 10 000 times thank you it wouldn't be enough !

Keep rockin !

comment posted by FOO_G on 29 May

comment #20

"Faded Memories" = teh sex

comment posted by Bill_R on 31 May

comment #21

Wow, Aion isn't even ready to play yet (well, for us in Europe anyhoo). But this soundtrack is beautiful... I think I'm going to have to try and get on the beta now, thanks GMP3s :)

comment posted by voxie on 31 May

comment #22

Whoa, thanks for the Snatcher album!

comment posted by Random on 20 August

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