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My Sharorona

We're back again with something for everyone, I think. Oh yeah there's a pop in track 1 on the BlazBlue CD, not my mistake (for once).

Atelier Rorona Original Sound Track
BlazBlue -Calamity Trigger- Limited Edition Soundtrack
MADWORLD Official Soundtrack

arost blu mwost

posted by Msia on 06 July


comment #1

Wow!!!! thanks very much!

Gracias, me gusta los releases de esta pagina... los colecciono todos... muchas gracias por el esfuerzo en traernos estas musicas de lujo. Saludos.

comment posted by Luis Kerf on 06 July

comment #2

Thanks so much for this,Blaz Blue looks great

comment posted by Francisco on 06 July

comment #3

Thank you Msia, BlazBlue was allready a great soundtrack and with extra tracks you just can't go wrong :D Anyway thank you for keeping gamemp3s alive

comment posted by KD-0085 on 06 July

comment #4

I love you

comment posted by Reinhardt on 06 July

comment #5

I really, really love you.

comment posted by Reinhardt on 06 July

comment #6

Thank you Msia!!! ^_^

comment posted by MasterZophar on 06 July

comment #7

I've already heard the Atelier OST; it's pretty much what I expect from the series. I wasn't expecting the other two soundtracks. Looking forward to this.

Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 06 July

comment #8

Thanks!! Msia >.</

comment posted by twomix on 06 July

comment #9

I suggest people check out the atelier rorona soundtrack although i don't see much use for the other two. Thanks!

comment posted by Sirusjr on 06 July

comment #10

MADWORLD! Now I can replace the average quality untagged copy I found on some forum.

comment posted by Wizard_03 on 06 July

comment #11


comment posted by Gmastershief on 07 July

comment #12

MA MA MA My Sharo(ro)na? Msia, how old are you, really? :D

comment posted by FMsaziri on 07 July

comment #13

^^ thanks for the great releases, was looking forward to the atelier and blaz blu LE soundtracks (already have blaz blu but the LE and quality makes the download worth it) and the Mad World album is something i'll check out :D please release stuff more often if you can ;) coz i think your releases are the best quality anyone could find.

comment posted by Midget on 07 July

comment #14

about damn time

comment posted by Mash on 07 July

comment #15

All right! Mad World, thanks!!

comment posted by bluegato on 07 July

comment #16

Could you upload BlazBlue Original Sound Track Consumer Edition too? :(

comment posted by Zappa on 07 July

comment #17

Many thanks for yet another great update. It may take some time but gamemp3s never fails to deliver and that's what it truly counts!
Incidently, is there any possibility you might post the Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes OST in the future?

comment posted by Guildenstern on 07 July

comment #18


comment posted by Jaboon on 07 July

comment #19

Thank you very much for yet another great release guys! I can't wait to hear the Atelier Rorona soundtrack; I hope it's good :) Thanks again

comment posted by Gameguardian on 07 July

comment #20

KD-0085 you and your BlazBlue xD But I still adore you (A)

Thanks Msia for the effort ;-)

comment posted by ghost_of_the_heeg on 07 July

comment #21

Thanks Msia, So you guys were on summer "staycation" and released some great tunes...*insert hand clap(s)..here*

comment posted by Melhavic on 07 July

comment #22

Also in sign of an KOF XII Soundtrack anytime soon??? Future thanks

comment posted by Melhavic on 07 July

comment #23

Yay! Glad you are still well alive.

Thanks for all your efforts ^^

comment posted by tearful on 07 July

comment #24

Thanks! I'll take another listen to the MadWorld soundtrack. The soundtrack didn't really do it for me but then again that is because I didn't enjoy the game all that much anyway.

BlazBlue is also quite welcome. Thanks again!

comment posted by Emil on 07 July

comment #25

Guys in Blazblue the file 209 SUSANOOH.mp3 is damaged around 1:30, it "jump".

Thx for the release! ;)

comment posted by Richter Belmont on 07 July

comment #26

Hey doods, all the audio glitches on the blazeblue tracks are unfortunately due to a bad master pressing.

comment posted by Xander on 07 July

comment #27

That's on the CD as well, Mr. Belmont. Looks like someone at Aksys was drinking again.

comment posted by Godai on 07 July

comment #28

To the guy wondering about KoF XII, once they announce a soundtrack, I'll be purchasing it day 1, unfortunately nothing has been announced yet. So if it is announced, look forward to our release!

comment posted by Fei on 07 July

comment #29

Wow I love the Atelier Rorona OST! Thanks guys! and also Msia's age is sexytween.

comment posted by Utopia on 08 July

comment #30

I agree with tearful, nice to see that #gamemp3s is still alive (I mean both #gamemp3s staff and regulars). I like it here.

By the way, some time ago I pointed out a problem with the scans (in particular regarding the Shin Sangokumusou Multi Raid OST) but I don't know if it has been noticed, since I didn't receive a reply from any of the staff. It says "cover scans available", but I get the "Not Found - Sorry, but the page you requested cannot be found" message. Were they supposed to be available?

comment posted by Sera on 08 July

comment #31

thx a bunch, but 2 months? rly?!

comment posted by sickfcuk on 08 July

comment #32

ok fine, 1 1/2 months ;) *pulls hair out*

comment posted by sickfcuk on 08 July

comment #33

this is great stuff! thanks a lot!

any chance anyone has the blazblue consumer edition ost? I'm looking for 2 songs which were not included in the limited edition ost namely noel vermillion's theme and bang shishigami's theme..

comment posted by himura on 08 July

comment #34

I think someone mentioned this before, but would you happen to have the the consumer's edition of BlazBlue soundtrack?

comment posted by karasu on 08 July

comment #35

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzdoiFx8P2E -- lol funny i was watching that video yesterday wondering where to go to dl the full album, friend recommended gamemp3s and you guys rock for having it

comment posted by jjbrody on 09 July

comment #36

You rock my socks, forever and ever.

comment posted by Lania on 10 July

comment #37

Tight little package? Affirmative.

comment posted by Antignition on 10 July

comment #38

Yayness!! ... thank you so much for the releases!! ... nos, just a small question...

There is any plan by you to release the Pachislot Akumajo Dracula Original Soundtrack? ... it does sound as a very interesing soundtrack, even that it does have some tracks from previous games.

comment posted by Kadai on 10 July

comment #39

btw when are you lovely guys going to release Suikoden Tierkreis' soundtrack that isn't directly ripped from the DS?

mine sounds really bad quality :<

comment posted by Mash on 10 July

comment #40

Any chance of the White Knight Chronicles soundtrack? I hear it was released on the first.

comment posted by Internet Jesus on 11 July

comment #41

Internet Jesus, Yes it's coming.

comment posted by Godai on 11 July

comment #42

Jesus blesses this day. Have a free Slurpee.

comment posted by Internet Jesus on 11 July

comment #43

Thank you for the releases!

comment posted by AzO on 13 July

comment #44

antivir alerts me 104 Let's Head out.mp3 from atelier rorona as a trojan hiddenext/crypted

comment posted by Roan on 14 July

comment #45

Here the BlazBlue Original Sound Track ~Consumer Edition~: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=24YE2AXZ

It's in .flac

Please, release it in .mp3 format... *_*

comment posted by Zappa on 15 July

comment #46

If you have the .flac, I don't see why you can't convert it to .mp3 yourself using winamp + iTunes. It's really simple.

comment posted by jjbrody on 15 July

comment #47

There are any plugin for wmp or mp classic open this format? >_<

comment posted by Zappa on 16 July

comment #48

Zappa, I use dBpoweramp Music Converter to convert .flac files to .mp3 format. You just use it to open the music files, specify the quality at which you want to convert it, and wait 'til it finishes. Think about using that.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 16 July

comment #49

Lawrence_Bastard, thanks I will test this program.

comment posted by Zappa on 16 July

comment #50

Any grab that Blazblue "Consumer Edition" OST while it was up? The MU link is bad, now. Still trying to find it somewhere.

comment posted by sauced on 19 July

comment #51

Crap, the megaupload link is dead, they removed it :(

I second using dBpoweramp. It's my fav.

comment posted by tearful on 20 July

comment #52

For all who are interested: Utada Hikaru released Sanctuary as a digital single.
Google it.

comment posted by Nero_XIII on 23 July

comment #53

Masafumi Takada has a new album out soon:

Gonna get it?

comment posted by Kaleb.G on 24 July

comment #54

Big fan of the site. Also, having a real hard time finding a quality sample of the original redbook audio Ryo Yonemitsu put together for multiple PC Engine soundtracks including Legend of Heroes: Dragon Slayer, Ys Books I - IV, etc. I love the rearranged versions, but with rare exception you just can't beat the redbook versions of these songs and they are not easy to find.

comment posted by no_luck_chuck on 25 July

comment #55

HELL YES, MadWorld :D great soundtrack, although a lot of people I know seem to dislike the musical selection.

And yeah, BlazBlue. Also great, but that's a given.

Thanks for the quality releases :]

comment posted by Renard on 25 July

comment #56

Kaleb.G, I hope so!

comment posted by Godai on 25 July

comment #57

I know it's pretty late now but Aksys is finally providing the working mp3s for the bad mastered Blazblue Limited Edition OST. Enough people complained and I guess after a couple weeks they gave into pressure.


comment posted by Limitbreak on 30 July

comment #58

Madworld is probably wonderful if you like hip-hop. Personally no matter the hip-hop I can't stand it. It doesn't deserve to be in games either, even if the game is made as urban as madworld.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 04 August

comment #59

Restrict the potential of what video game music can be and you'll only make the rest of us suffer.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 04 August

comment #60


Amen brother Lawrence

comment posted by Midget on 05 August

comment #61

Got told by the ol' Bastard

comment posted by Mirza on 05 August

comment #62

someone plz reshare blazblue ost consumer edition flac version.

comment posted by plz on 06 August

comment #63

i love the atelier Rorona ost, thank you very much for share :)

comment posted by Blood on 29 September

comment #64

Great, torrents are down...

comment posted by adadsadas on 28 April

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