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Scherzo Caprice on a Theme of Never Land

It's the first release of 2010!

Tonight we have the Grandia Online -Perfect Sound Library- with new music from Noriyuki Iwadare, including arrangements from the original. Also included is the
Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections Field & Battle, with piano arrangements of Yoko Shimomura's work, and the Magna Carta II Original Sound Track by Jang Sung Woon and Roh Hyoung Woo.

Finally, I messed up the name of the Ys Chronicles album in the last release so now I give you the corrected version of the Ys I&II Chronicles Original Sound Track.

Grandia Online -Perfect Sound Library-
Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections Field & Battle
Magna Carta II Original Sound Track
Ys I&II Chronicles Original Sound Track

Grandia Online -Perfect Sound Library- Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection Field & Battle Magna Carta II Original Soundtrack Ys I & II Chronicles Original Sound Track

posted by Msia on 13 January


comment #1

Gotta be honest about the Grandia one: I was disappointed. When I heard that there would be arrangements from the first game, I expected rock arrangements of the battle themes. I had no reason to do so, I just did. Suffice it to say, it fell short of expectations and of previous Grandia OSTs. Noriyuki's losing it.

I don't really care about Kingdom Hearts, so the only interest I have is in Magna Carta II. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the correction on the Ys album.

Ys rules.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 13 January

comment #2

Thank you!

comment posted by Jaboon on 13 January

comment #3

Thank you, Msia!

comment posted by cacovsky on 13 January

comment #4

Thank You Msia for this new release.
Gonna listen to Magna Carta for sure!

comment posted by KD-0085 on 13 January

comment #5

Thanks so much for these although I already have my CDs of Grandia Online and Magna Carta 2 :D
If you are a fan of the old melodies, Grandia Online is a great listen for sure. Magna Carta 2 is fantastic and keeps the style I loved from the first game :)
I'll be grabbing KH Piano collections 2 for sure!

comment posted by Sirusjr on 13 January

comment #6

Thank you very much for this release. The Magna Carta 2 soundtrack is great. Jang Sung Woon is an amazing composer. I loved the first soundtrack really really much. Voice of Nature reminds me very much of Ragnarok Online which is a good thing. Now one could just wish one had a XB360 so one could buy and play the game ;)
The Ys 1&2 Chronicles soundtrack is very nice aswell.

Keep them releases coming.

comment posted by Elrinth on 13 January

comment #7

I'm excited to try these out! Thanks so, so much for continuing such high quality releases.

comment posted by Eric Mill on 14 January

comment #8

Much appreciated, guys. Thanks.

comment posted by Joseph on 14 January

comment #9

I love you! I wanted KH so bad and I found it! You're all great!

comment posted by Crizz on 14 January

comment #10

omaera chanto orei ittokeyona^^

comment posted by nsoku kara on 14 January

comment #11

msia aka the king of typos :p

why not making a best of gm3 albums typos (still stunned by ffv ost and its warrirors)

ps: honestly, why there is twitter when you have comments here?

comment posted by coe on 14 January

comment #12

sweet, a great collection and love kingdom hearts. Was waiting for this second piano arrangement. Thank you.

comment posted by Amano on 14 January

comment #13

Are we getting FF13 OST on release date? I miss some quality Masashi Hamuzu :3~~

comment posted by Vincent on 14 January

comment #14

Didn't know about the second KH arrange, can't wait to hear it. Thank you, I love Yoko Shimomura ^_^

comment posted by Fei on 14 January

comment #15

Well I will be posting FFXIII ost as soon as I get it on a certain forum that shows up in google, assuming Play-Asia gets it to me quickly enough. If you see scans on vgmdb contributed by Sirusjr then you will know I posted an ost. I really wish in those instances I could contribute the ost to gamemp3s or various other release groups but the next best thing is posting it on forums people can find easily enough.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 14 January

comment #16

Sirusjr: I believe we already have that covered, however, you are more than welcome to contribute anything else we haven't released or upcoming. Stop by our IRC channel and speak to me sometime, thanks.

comment posted by Msia on 14 January

comment #17

Another year and another solid release from you guys! Thank you very much, as always, for doing this! Cheers from me :)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 14 January

comment #18

This is a minor thing but it would be appreciated. Could u already include the album covers in the soundtracks? bc i always have to dl the pic on this page but i think personally it would be easier if it was already included. THANKS!

comment posted by jsun2k on 14 January

comment #19

How can I ever thank you enough?

comment posted by Lania on 14 January

comment #20

Thank you very much~

comment posted by AJ on 14 January

comment #21

Is there a Birth by Sleep soundtrack yet?

comment posted by Daniel on 15 January

comment #22

Gunna give this a whirl, intrigued by the piano arrangements (although tbh I wasn't a huge fan of the other Kingdom hearts piano album).One thing on my mind: do you think we'll see a Mass Effect 2 OST up soon?

comment posted by nullodyssey on 15 January

comment #23

Thank you so much, i love your releases :D keep up the good work!

comment posted by Midget on 15 January

comment #24

Utterly grateful, as always.

comment posted by Adam on 15 January

comment #25

Thanks for the music mate

comment posted by Sharky on 15 January

comment #26

Snagging the Magna Carta 2 OST, been waiting for it since the game came out so thank you very much! :D

comment posted by skparasite on 17 January

comment #27

So, what's the difference of this version of the Ys soundtrack? Why should I download it if I already have the one posted earlier?

comment posted by lion on 17 January

comment #28

As Msia already told you, the album name's been corrected.

comment posted by Adam on 19 January

comment #29

Wow! The KH Piano Collection is awesome, thanks!

The Darius Burst OST should have been released yesterday i think, any chance you guys could find it somewhere soon? <3 Zuntata

comment posted by Ardjet2174 on 21 January

comment #30

Thx for the new Upload and Happy New Year :D

comment posted by Sanuku on 23 January

comment #31

jsun2k, The album art is embedded in every mp3, so it would be redundant at that point.

comment posted by Godai on 23 January

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