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The Moment the Universe Was Created For

Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack

Hi folks, it's Godai here this time. I was asked to handle this little release here and I'm sure it needs no introduction. Please enjoy and look out for more new albums tomorrow (hopefully)!

P.S. - A quick note on this one, we used the official English tracklist which is provided in the actual soundtrack ala Final Fantasy IV or VI, with the exception of two tracks which I just couldn't leave alone. There were two tracks both named "The Pulse L'Cie", so I renamed the second one "The Gran Pulse L'Cie" as it mentions in katakana (and in the game). The other was "Pulse de Chocobo" which was "Chocobos of Pulse" in the official English tracklist. With this one I didn't want to spoil the franchise-honored "X de Chocobo" naming structure. Hope that's cool with everyone!

P.S.S. - The torrent is back up, a track was changed and the NFO, SFV, and M3U were remade, hopefully you guys are able to resume, but it if not, the person who is seeding now has a much better connection than mine, so grab it again.

P.S.S.S. - I changed that one too, coe.

posted by Godai on 28 January


comment #1

Awesome! Thank you!

comment posted by Attila on 28 January

comment #2

omg.. very nice.. but I AM NOT going to listen to this.. piece of art. In less then two months the game will be out, i can wait. But damn... so much temptation!!!

comment posted by Amano on 28 January

comment #3

I feel exactly the same way Amano, but I know I'll cave.

comment posted by Phatcorns on 28 January

comment #4

Finally...Godai,you rock dude!

comment posted by Uematsu on 28 January

comment #5

pretty neat, thanks.

Now go out there and hunt that No More Heroes 2 soundtrack!

comment posted by Mash on 28 January

comment #6

nice! i got this pre-ordered, cant wait to hear it!

comment posted by Jen on 28 January

comment #7

Godai your my fucking hero. I knew gamemp3s would never let us down :D!!!

comment posted by jubei on 28 January

comment #8

Pretty sure this is the first time I have ever been excited about a Final Fantasy soundtrack.

Hamauzu'll do that to you.

Thanks Godai.

comment posted by Antignition on 28 January

comment #9

♪♪♪ d(`Д´)b♪♪♪サンキュー thanks alot for this release !!

comment posted by 昌広翼 on 28 January

comment #10

Thank you... Godai.

comment posted by Gmastershief on 28 January

comment #11

Masny thanks guys, was looking forward to this release :)

comment posted by kentarre on 28 January

comment #12

Was just thinking about this and there it is - thanks Godai.

comment posted by jkage on 28 January

comment #13

honestly i understand for the pulse thing
but for the chocobo thing, it was good as it was
why no coccon de chocobo?

comment posted by coe on 28 January

comment #14

I can see only 1 seed, with a lot of us crawling around 76%. What happened to the seeds?...

comment posted by dantelectro on 28 January

comment #15

I already got this from another source, but I will download and seed ten times as much back. Thanks so much for going out of your way to release this.

For those of you wondering, this soundtrack won't disappoint. I might be biased because I absolutely love the composer, but I'm sure all of you will at least find a handful of tracks you enjoy.

comment posted by Alexander on 28 January

comment #16

Needs more seeds

comment posted by Mido on 28 January

comment #17

Been listening to this soundtrack and I just freakin' love it. I was more excited about Hamauzu being behind the music than I was about the actual game xD. Of course now that I've got the OST I REALLY want the game.

comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 28 January

comment #18

Does ANYBODY know where to find the LOVE SQ album? I was hoping it would show up here, but nothing so far...

comment posted by Joe Cam on 28 January

comment #19

Thanks Godai, you guys absolutely rule.

comment posted by Adam on 28 January

comment #20

Soundtrack of the year!

Thanks for the release!

comment posted by Mieu on 28 January

comment #21

Worth the wait, Thank you for sharing with us ^^

comment posted by Bluer on 28 January

comment #22

Thanks guys! My copy will be a while and the only MP3s I will grab are your awesome releases.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 28 January

comment #23

Got it, but I must say I'm kinda disappointed by this OST. Not that it's bad, but it's not even close to Uematsu's standard or even FFXII soundtrack. Thanks for sharring anyway :)

comment posted by Roivas on 28 January

comment #24

91.5% hooray. Only 2 or 3 songs are actually finished. Whats left is like 1 part from all the other songs.

comment posted by Seedplz on 28 January

comment #25

Thanks a lot! I can't wait to listen to this (even though I'll do it just once or twice before playing the game).

Now, if only people could keep this in seed until they reach a decent dl/ul ratio (even 0.5 would be fine -__-)...

comment posted by Fei on 28 January

comment #26

Thx for the release =)

*sheesh* 91.5% and no progress in sight...please seed T_T

comment posted by Zetsubo_EX on 28 January

comment #27

Thanx for the release but I am stuck at %91.4 and so it seems for a lot of peers.

comment posted by Cherubie on 28 January

comment #28

Many thanks Godai!!!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 28 January

comment #29

I love you guys!!! Been eagerly waiting this release! Hamauzu is the best!

comment posted by Dallie on 28 January

comment #30

I've already got it, but there's no better than gamemp3s rip. So I'm taking it:D. Thanks Godai!

comment posted by herbaciak on 28 January

comment #31

Thanks for the soundtrack! It has halted right now, but I can listen to a few of the songs that are done downloading. There's more coming tomorrow too? I'm hoping for Ar Tonelico III, but anything is nice as well.

comment posted by b on 28 January

comment #32

Is it just me or are there no seeds? I've been stuck at 91.5% for quite some time now. I'm more than willing to seed once it completes. Thanks Godai, I've been anticipating this release for some time.

comment posted by pitchblacksgirl on 28 January

comment #33

Great upload, but it's trapped at 91.5% and no seeds :-(

comment posted by DamianFoxx on 28 January

comment #34

Great Release Godai.. Was waiting for this ''little title'' :P

comment posted by KD-0085 on 28 January

comment #35

Great Release, thank you!!
But there's no seeders, it stucked at 91,5%
please someone!!! I need to hear this

comment posted by Elsyn on 28 January

comment #36

Sorry you've guys been stuck at 91.5%, my ISP is bullcrap. I'm getting it to someone else who can seed better and faster, should be an hour or so.

comment posted by Godai on 28 January

comment #37

Where did this cover pic come from? Looks shopped. The real one is usually just the FF logo and composed by... on the cover with just a plain white background.

comment posted by Harken_X on 28 January

comment #38


comment posted by Highmoo on 28 January

comment #39

Thanks much. Appreciate the quick and great release!

comment posted by mustafoo on 28 January

comment #40

Thanks for sharing. I am downloading now although I have ordered the limited edition. :)

comment posted by LsL on 28 January

comment #41

Never mind. I see you got the cover pic from the main cover of the box set. Thanks Godai!!! I've been waiting many months for this OST.

comment posted by Harken_X on 28 January

comment #42

It are sutcked! Stucked at 91,5%! Pleeas hlep to me! :( sob sob

comment posted by Elsyn2 on 28 January

comment #43

Had to kill the torrent guys, check the main post.

comment posted by Godai on 28 January

comment #44

Thanks to post it Godai, but... when we can download the soundtrack? Please let me know (and all of us, of course) as soon as possible. Thanks for your excelent and awesome job here.

comment posted by Lord_Kefka on 28 January

comment #45

"The Moment the Universe Was Created For"

Hyperbole, much?

It's just another fucking overrated Square release.

comment posted by cowl on 28 January

comment #46

The torrent-link is broken. :(

comment posted by Hans on 28 January

comment #47

Godai, your awesome for getting us this!

comment posted by Soapdishbandit on 28 January

comment #48

cowl, No shit it's a hyperbole, I was quoting Mega64's FFXIII Unveiling video spoof.

comment posted by Godai on 28 January

comment #49

I pity the thousand somethign people who are still downloading the one stuck at 91.5%..... I guess they'll find out eventually to use the new torrent

comment posted by Seedplz on 28 January

comment #50

Is it just me or did you guys forget to update the sfv for the new torrent?

comment posted by Mika on 28 January

comment #51

I love you so much right now. More than words can say.

comment posted by Lania on 28 January

comment #52

Amazing release. Definetly parts that sound like FFX, but better and more refined. Amazing group of composers. I only wish more music was like this. I bet this will sound amazing on the PS3 with uncompressed sound :)

comment posted by Soapdishbandit on 28 January

comment #53

I didn't listen yet but I definitely hope for a better score than that's of FF12 which I think is the worst so far!

comment posted by Cherubie on 28 January

comment #54

Oh nevermind about the sfv comment, it's all good. Something else was causing the bogus checks.

comment posted by Mika on 28 January

comment #55

Godai my friend you sure live up to the "god" part in your name!

Thank you! you are totally EPIC!

comment posted by Midget on 28 January

comment #56

hey! thanks a lot.

comment posted by badeneoaldo on 28 January

comment #57

Oh boy. I don't know what to expect from this one.

On the one hand, Hamauzu's pretty much impressed me more than any other RPG composer (Kenji Ito and Shoji Meguro are gaining). On the other hand, if he's trying to be like Nobuo Uematsu, then this is pretty much an automatic fail. Junya Nakano and Kenichiro Fukui tried that with FF4 DS, and it had me longing for the SNES version. Only Nobuo can be Nobuo, for better or worse.

Masashi hasn't produced anything as good as SaGa Frontier II, so I can't think that this OST will be the one to top it. Still, it might be better than some of his later releases. Only one way to find out.

As always, thanks for sharing.

BTW, cowl?

"It's just another fucking overrated Square release."

If you had applied that comment to Square's games and not the OSTs, I'd be tongue-in' your tits right now.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 28 January

comment #58

I really wish people would stop comparing other Square (or former) game music composers to Nobuo Uematsu. Each one of them has their own respected talents and styles. Besides, I don't know why people still continue to "worship" Uematsu. IMO, his best days are behind him. Let's face it: Blue Dragon OST...sucked ass, Lost Odyssey OST...decent. His ONE contribution to FFXII: "Kiss Me Goodbye"...weak. Whenever there is a concert dedicated to Uematsu, it's always the same shit from the FF series (One-Winged Angel, FFVII Main Theme, To Zanarkand, Aeris' Theme, etc.) Don't get me wrong, Uematsu really got me into VGM but it's time to let some real stars shine...LIKE MASASHI HAMAUZU! A good FF OST doesn't always have to include Uematsu.

comment posted by Harken_X on 28 January

comment #59

Yay!! I was totally waiting for this! Thanks so much! :D

comment posted by Win on 28 January

comment #60

Something about this soundtrack doesn't quite grab me. There's a few tracks that I like the sound of, but overall I'm not that moved by it. It sounds too... normal to me. One thing I really like about a lot of game music is that it sounds so strange and unconventional.

I'd put this soundtrack on about the same level of Motoi Sakuraba's better work. Some good tracks here and there, but overall nothing to write home about (personally).

I'm not trying to compare Hamauzu's work to Uematsu's, either. IMO Uematsu's work on the FF series kind of went downhill after Final Fantasy VIII.

I myself would love to see more soundtracks with stuff from Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito. Especially Sekito. I think people underestimate him.

And do we really need to bring in the accusations of "overrated Square game" here? Geez, we're talking about a soundtrack for goodness sakes! Go back to Kotaku. Seriously.

comment posted by Ozuma on 28 January

comment #61

I agree with you Harken_X.

comment posted by Gmastershief on 28 January

comment #62

Godai, thanks A LOT, I hope that the soundtrack rocks ; )

comment posted by Reit Zephyrox on 28 January

comment #63

I pre-ordered the Limited Edition Final Fantasy XIII OST a few months ago and I hope it will be in the mail by the end of next week! I will wait for the soundtrack instead of downloading this but awesome on uploading it though! I hope there are tracks like "Wandering Flame" from Final Fantasy X, because to this day, it remains the most relaxed, yet depressing song I've ever heard in my life but I love it so much:)

comment posted by Matt on 28 January

comment #64

thanks again bro. and i second wandering flame, best track from a FF game evar.

comment posted by jubei on 28 January

comment #65

Great, 91.5% and i have to dump and start over downloading again

comment posted by dantelectro on 29 January

comment #66

Imo this is one of the best, if not the best FF score ever. Much more complexed, much more sophisticated than Uematsu works. Don't get me wrong, I love FF scores from IV to VIII - and themes from earlier games are awesome too, but IXth was kina "meh" with great orchestral moments, and few non-orchestral that worked nice, Xth without Hamauzu would be total crap... Back to XIIIth. Hamauzu work doesn't have catchy themes that U can hum, but instead of it, it has incredible melodies (just listen the music without any distractions), it's full of creativity, use of vocals is so surprisingly lovely, orchestrations are great... and Pulse De Chocobo is best Chocobo Theme since first one;). Only one but - I was expecting more of crazy piano work, which is Hamauzu's trademark. But overall I really love it. Great music.

comment posted by herbaciak on 29 January

comment #67

This shall indeed be interesting to listen to. I thank you from the bottom of my heart yet again guys!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 29 January

comment #68

Amazing. Thank you for existing, guys!

comment posted by Eric Mill on 29 January

comment #69

"Great, 91.5% and i have to dump and start over downloading again
comment posted by dantelectro on 29 January"

Nope.. just remove and download the new torrent and it would resume at 80.4% or so. :)

comment posted by Elrinth on 29 January

comment #70

Thanks Elrinth. But since there have been some changes to the torrent, i didn't want any corrupted files so i considered better to redown from scratch. It didn't take long though.
Listening to it now.

comment posted by dantelectro on 29 January

comment #71

Damn, posted this in the wrong spot, my apologies.

"Hey there Godai, thanks so much for providing yet another incredible quality release. I was curious, does anyone know the track that was used in the E3 2008: Japanese Trailer, it was orchestral and absolutely epic. Thanks again Godai for your years of service and to everyone else for any and all help."

P.S - The trailer is here if anyone has forgotten it:

comment posted by Gamelogic/Musashinden on 29 January

comment #72

Godai! Thanks so much! Love love love love love this! Infinite hearts to you!

comment posted by Bear on 29 January

comment #73

@ Harken_X and Ozuma
Not comparing Square composers to Uematsu is reasonable for ANY Square series except FF. It's only natural to refer back to the main composer for 10 games in a row when making comparisons to current FF OSTs, especially if you consider the fact that only 3 additions have been made to the series to date.

When FF20 is released (ugh), then it's probably time to stop talking about Nobuo.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 29 January

comment #74

Oh, I loved that one too! Sadly it's only on the OST in melody. That particular track in full wasn't included in the final game. Kinda sucks. Just like how track 4 is extended in the game but it wasn't extended on the OST.

Anyways, that you so much for the release. Coming from someone who is not a fan of Hamauzu at all I have to honestly say he's finally crossed over for me on this one. I just love it!

comment posted by DarkRavenX/Bryan on 29 January

comment #75

Masashi Hamauzu never ceases to amaze me. My favorite composer since SaGa Frontier 2 days.

To say that his latest compositions weren't that good and that he is trying to be like Uematsu is pushing it way too far. The styles are so distinct that I was able to tell Hamauzu was one of the composers for FFX OST before I even read about it, that was just by listening to two tracks of the game (one of them was Traveling Agency, the other I don't recall right now). And they have remained this distinct even now. FF13's OST is nothing like Uematsu's composition.

Sure Dirge of Cerberus' OST wasn't that good, but I think that's the only one I would say that wasn't up to Hamauzu's usual standards, and even then.. it still had its moments. Unlimited SaGa though was pretty good. FF13 is VERY good. But yes, SaGa Frontier 2 was and still is his prime work.

And to be honest, I can't help but say "Uematsu is overrated". Out of all those FF (and Lost Odyssey - never listened to Blue Dragon) OSTs I can pick like two discs worth tracks that I would actually want to listen to when not playing the games they belong to. Alas, very few...

comment posted by Vincent on 29 January

comment #76

Being overrated does not equal incompetence.

comment posted by Adam on 30 January

comment #77

@ DarkRavenX/Bryan
Omg lol...somehow I KNEW that would be the case. I swear I would love someone forever if they find the track in the future. It is truly an epic piece, as is the album as a whole. Thanks for the response Bryan, here's to finding it someday lol.

comment posted by Gamelogic/Musashinden on 30 January

comment #78

@ Ozuma
"It sounds too... normal to me. One thing I really like about a lot of game music is that it sounds so strange and unconventional.

I'd put this soundtrack on about the same level of Motoi Sakuraba's better work. Some good tracks here and there, but overall nothing to write home about (personally)."

I had a really tough time parsing the meaning of this comment. I thought Sakuraba was love or hate for most people, precisely due to sounding different from the norm. (Just because he's overexposed doesn't change this.) Then again, if you generally like game music and think it sounds strange and unconventional, I guess we're on opposite sides of the fence, since I can count on one hand the number of game composers I don't find boring and conventional. We must have different frames of reference because I think Hamauzu is relatively unconventional as well, as far as video game composers go.

Off-topic: I'm asking this because Senko no Ronde Duo was the one OST I enjoyed from 2009, but does anyone else think Watanabe would easily make the best RPG soundtracks of anyone? For what it's worth, I think many RPG composers are miscast and have done better on action games. Or maybe that's just the action game bias speaking.

comment posted by JAG on 31 January

comment #79

Hi Godai... i am also stuck on 91.5% is there anyone willingly to seed the soundtrack??

comment posted by Jazy on 01 February

comment #80

Can't thank you enough guyz for this gorgeous piece of art, it's been beyond my (already high) expectations !

comment posted by Bishooni on 01 February

comment #81

well, stuck at 91.5%. no seeds?

comment posted by VinorGouki on 02 February

comment #82

Still no seeds VinorGouki or Jazy? Let me know and I'll check. I could have sworn I've been seeding for a few days now.

comment posted by Gamelogic/Musashinden on 03 February

comment #83

Gamelogic/Musashinden, u r kindness. but theres still no 100% seeds n peers. i had checked, all peers im downloading are 91.5%.

comment posted by VinorGouki on 06 February

comment #84

Well, I have to say that I'm totally impressed with Hamauzu. While I'll always be a Uematsu fan through and through, I have to say I have really enjoyed this soundtrack.

I didn't enjoy 12s soundtrack as much because although it fits in the game extremely well, listening to it without the game element really left me wanting more.

This is more of the good parts of 12 combined with the best of Uematsu, in my opinion. It's pays homage to the past but moves forward. And there's some awesome melodies in here.

As for Uematsu's current works, truly everything I've enjoyed about Uematsu is still there. The catchy themes and melodies are there and with arrangement help, I believe he's still a viable game music composer. Oh and Guin Saga is awesome!

Thanks for reading!

comment posted by Jeremy J. on 06 February

comment #85

For people stuck at 91.5%: Redownload the torrent.

Haven't enjoyed a soundtrack this much in a long time. Thanks again.

comment posted by Antignition on 07 February

comment #86

Finally i complete dl.
for ppl who stuck at 91.5% jz delete the torrent task only, no nd delete downloaded files. then readd torrents n dl again. after hash check u r about 80% complete, continue dl u get 100%.

comment posted by VinorGouki on 07 February

comment #87

No problem Gouki. I am still praying to the chocobo's to bring me that theme from the E3 2008 lol.....it has to be out there somewhere....

comment posted by Gamelogic/Musashinden on 09 February

comment #88

Thanks... finally got it and great soundtrack... Hamauzu sensei is really making something different... (out of his comfort zone??) and it's really impactful and futuristic....

comment posted by Jazy on 12 February

comment #89

Pretty disappointing. Found only a couple of tracks worth listening to again.

comment posted by Mazinger on 22 February

comment #90

Thank you, obrigada! :3

comment posted by Jubileu on 24 March

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