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Delight & Enjoyment

Two new albums tonight:

First, we have the End of Eternity Original Soundtrack with six discs worth of music from Kohei Tanaka and Motoi Sakuraba. Then, it's the Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack featuring music from III, Manami Matsumae, Akari Kaida, Makoto Tomozawa, Yasuaki Bunbun Fujita, Minae Ojalin Fujii, and more!

End of Eternity Original Soundtrack
Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack

posted by Msia on 25 March


comment #1

Kohei Tanaka? I remember him from such anime albums as G Gundam and Overman King Gainer, but I don't think I've ever heard a VG album from him. He's worth giving a shot. I'm guessing the RM album is all 8-bit music again.

Oh well. Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 25 March

comment #2

They weren't that good. I'll just listen to my Mitsuda albums. Later.

comment posted by Mash on 25 March

comment #3

^ wat

comment posted by Godai on 25 March

comment #4

Damn, I've been F5'ing different sites all day while playing Resonance of Fate waiting on the OST from ANYWHERE. Even better, it's from you guys! Thanks for making my night xD.

comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 25 March

comment #5

I'm liking the game so far as well as the music. Been waiting for this. Thanks for making my night.

comment posted by THM on 26 March

comment #6

OH MY G.O.D Resonance of Fate :D Wanting this pretty bad :p Thank you Msia

comment posted by KD-0085 on 26 March

comment #7

Thanks for Resonance of Fate but... I'm glad I didn't buy it - 1,5 hour of Tanaka and 5 hours of Sakuraba?! I think I'm gonna vomit, ble ble ble xD.

comment posted by herbaciak on 26 March

comment #8

Million thanks for Megaman!!

comment posted by bluegato on 26 March

comment #9

If you have to "guess" that the Rockman album is all 8-bit then I guess you're an idiot.

comment posted by cowl on 26 March

comment #10

SIX discs? Good Lord...

Thanks for the release #gamemp3s! :)

comment posted by EGO on 26 March

comment #11

Thanks for that! Something nice to listen to while working.

comment posted by Ron on 26 March

comment #12

Lawrence_Bastard: Tanaka has done some vgm soundtracks, like Alundra and Sakura Taisen-series.

comment posted by Razakin on 26 March

comment #13

End of Eternity Original Soundtrack nice wth yet another Motoi Sakuraba work!

But where is Tales of Graces Orginal Soundtrack?

comment posted by Rulif on 26 March

comment #14

Thank you for the Rockman album Msia.

comment posted by MasterZophar on 26 March

comment #15

Rock & Roll

comment posted by HomoLuden on 26 March

comment #16

Thanks for resonance of fate! My copy is still a long ways off.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 26 March

comment #17


comment posted by Adam on 26 March

comment #18

End of Eternity is nice, although there are too many Sakuraba tracks that I found quite lacking in the game...

comment posted by Mieu on 26 March

comment #19

Rulif: We have it, but Godai is being a slacker and not looking at the translation.

comment posted by Msia on 26 March

comment #20

Sure, blame Godai, it's allllllways Godai!

comment posted by Godai on 26 March

comment #21

wheeeeee thanks for megaman. is there any chance you'll put up the new castlevania best music collection box?

comment posted by Dannie on 26 March

comment #22

End of Eternity Soundtrack was a trap..
Can't believe I actually pre-ordered 5 hours of Sakuraba. Thanks for taking away my anticipation.

comment posted by Teioh on 26 March

comment #23

my prayers have been heard hooray

comment posted by Mash on 26 March

comment #24

actually i hate this place now

comment posted by Mash on 26 March

comment #25

I really want to buy Resonance of Fate next month (I know it's out, but I had to spend my $$ in other things), the game seems really appealing to me. However, I'm not too excited about this soundtrack. Sakuraba is just... meh. Downloading it anyways, thanks Msia!

comment posted by Vincent on 26 March

comment #26

Thanks, EoE is a great game and soundtrack is top notch. I have been tiring of Sakuraba lately and looking forward to Tanaka (who kicks ass), but I'd say both were on top of their game for this one. There's like 30+ battle themes by Sakuraba and most of them are actually pretty good. Most ;)

comment posted by vkamicht on 26 March

comment #27

The March RPG that was actually a video game, eh? Still need to check that out, anything from the Silmeria train of game design is worth a peek.

comment posted by Rupert on 26 March

comment #28

Is anyone still seeding this?

comment posted by Aaron on 27 March

comment #29

I somehow got a notification from Avast that the Resonance of Fate OST contained a Trojan. I immediately deleted the torrent and everything related. Anyone know what that's about.

comment posted by Edgewood on 27 March

comment #30

Edgewood: There's no Trojan on this torrent. Download Microsoft Security Essentials and let me know if that happens again.

comment posted by Msia on 27 March

comment #31

Edgewood: You sure that's not just Avast giving a false alarm, at least in my end, I haven't gotten any trojan warnings.

comment posted by Razakin on 27 March

comment #32

lol everybody hates sakuraba!

comment posted by Adam on 27 March

comment #33

This is quite solid if you enjoy Sakuraba in prog rock mode. I'm probably going to ignore most of the A versions of tracks when I make my own custom playlist after I get the cds though. The tanaka stuff is nice too.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 27 March

comment #34

Dood, when the hell are you guys gonna upload the music from Devil Survivor and 7th Dragon here!? :(

Anyway, I'm going to check the End of Etermity soundtrack... but, Sakuraba is really "meh" at this point (I don't about Kohei Tanaka, hope is okay).

But seriously, Sakuraba guy needs a break.

comment posted by Yggdrasil_404 on 27 March

comment #35

@ cowl

I "guess" I'll also have to "guess" that you're retarded because I "guess" you're not aware that sometimes albums have both original songs and arranged songs, even if it's just one or two tracks. And since there was no easily obtainable info about the RM10 album at the time of this release (per Google search), "guessing" was all I could do, ya bitch.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 27 March

comment #36

"But seriously, Sakuraba needs a break."


Also, I have to say that the EoE Soundtrack is pretty impressive. And IMO is better that the soundtrack of FFXIII, I like both but i prefer this one.

With that said, I hope i can get the game.

comment posted by Yggdrasil_404 on 28 March

comment #37

Holy shit, I had no idea Kohei Tanaka was involved with this. Hope he has a sizable share of the tracks. Still listen to Alundra on a regular basis.

Looking forward to actually playing this game. Haven't looked forward to playing a JRPG since Persona 4. It's nice to think of Tri-Ace as just the Silmeria team and ignore the filler crap the other team(s) throw out. Apparently some of them would rather be working on erotic games anyway (true story).

Thanks for the release, Msia.

comment posted by Antignition on 28 March

comment #38

nevermind about the castlevania box i already found it . and its 1.2 gigs

comment posted by Dannie on 28 March

comment #39

There are tagging issues in Rockman 10. For most of the tracks, the artist is showing up as "III".

comment posted by RPG Advocate on 29 March

comment #40

RPG Advocate: Read the NFO file for that album.

comment posted by Msia on 29 March

comment #41

Awesome guys! I have been looking forward to the Resonance of Fate soundtrack for a long time, and I nevere say no to Motoi Sakuraba or Kohei Tanaka music. And the Mega Man 10 soundtrack will also be very interesting. Thank you very much!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 29 March

comment #42

Don't want to argue opinions, just clearing up some misconceptions:

1) Antignition: That is a "false story" that came from Kotaku. The guy quoted is only one guy, he's a producer (a high-level exec who has nothing to do with making games) and not a director or programmer, AFAIK he had zero involvement with Star Ocean 4 or even 3 for that matter, and most importantly he has always been an Enix employee, not tri-Ace. Besides, teams aren't rigid and the Valkyrie Profile team is basically the Star Ocean team anyway. (Infinite Undiscovery is the Radiata Stories side.) In any case, look for games where Norimoto has a large level of involvement, that's the "secret" if there is one.

2) Don't watch anime, but I have heard essentially all of his video game work, and AFAIK this is nothing much like anything Tanaka's done yet. So you can't really get an idea from Alundra. Similarly, people who don't like him may disagree, but Sakuraba is in a different style here too (because the game setting isn't like his other RPGs). I can't directly relate it to any of his previous work really. For those wondering how they mesh, an uninitiated player would not be able to tell there were multiple composers, similar to the Okami OST.

3) The in-game ratio is absolutely nothing like 1.5 Tanaka / 5 Sakuraba. (Trust me, they wouldn't list Tanaka first unless he was the "primary author," which he is.) Don't have the OST yet, but each battle song has multiple variations so they can amp up or down as appropriate depending on the action. Similar with towns and such, they have different variations for day and night, but there's far less of those. Don't expect 6 discs worth of music or you will be disappointed.

4) Partly due to the above, as a warning, it seems reasonable to imagine that the music in-game could be significantly better than the OST itself. This (or vice versa) happens to a lot of games, but maybe particularly here. I can't say for sure since I haven't gotten the OST for this yet, and I don't listen to OST's for games I haven't played so I can't say how someone would like it who hasn't played the game.

5) Totally an opinion, but get this game, it's mindblowingly good. Like "best game I've played in 10 years" good. For me, anyway. But it's worth a try. Also if you care, the OST is somewhat of a spoiler for the game. But it's usually like that.

comment posted by KJ on 29 March

comment #43


Fair enough on the Kotaku rumor front. Guess that's what I get for putting too much into one source.

comment posted by Antignition on 29 March

comment #44


Agreed that Sakuraba is doing something different here. For the [A] part battle tracks, it's all the kind of stuff I've never heard from him before. Usually pretty atmospheric that really fits the game well (not standalone music as much) For the [B] tracks its the kind of thing you hear in maybe ONE or TWO tracks for previous tri-Ace games, where he uses his band and does a prog-rock type song with heavy keyboards and drums. But this game got about 25 battle themes like that. :P

As far as Tanaka, I haven't heard any of his game music since the SNES days. But I still hear bits and pieces in this game's soundtrack that just reminds me of the music from Lennus (Paladin's Quest) on SNES. It's not in a bad way (like rehashing) but more of a nostalgic, "oh yeah, I forgot how much I liked his music" kind of way. Things like his use of choir (much better than anything Sakuraba's ever done with voices) and just the way notes progress in his melodies. Tanaka's work needs to be heard by more people.

comment posted by vkamicht on 30 March

comment #45

@ Lawrence_Bastard

I guess being butthurt is more than just a state of mind for you.

Also, VGMdb doesn't show up in Google search? Nevermind the fact that your gut instinct was to use Google search first instead of VGMdb.

They've had info on both the OST and arranged albums (ha!) for more than a month. Consider yourself schooled.

comment posted by cowl on 01 April

comment #46

Rockman 10, YES. Thank you so much!

comment posted by e2zippo on 03 May

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