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A Little Something Different

Hi folks, it's Godai. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a big Maaya Sakamoto fan, today is her birthday and her 15th Anniversary album collection has been released. I received my copy and am happy to share this with you guys, please give it a listen, especially if you enjoy Yoko Kanno, who composes a lot of her earlier works. If anyone archives our releases, this is NOT an official one.

posted by Godai on 31 March


comment #1

Awesome Godai, I can add this to my Maaya Sakamoto collection! Many thanks.

comment posted by IcySon55 on 31 March

comment #2

Thanks, always good to see something a little different once and a while.

comment posted by weep on 31 March

comment #3

Thanks Godai, something I didn't expect to see here. Yoko Kanno = mmm...

comment posted by MasterZophar on 31 March

comment #4

I would rather have more VG music...

comment posted by Mash on 31 March

comment #5

The tracker appears to be down. =(

comment posted by Cyantre on 31 March

comment #6

stop complaining, its a free service so if you dont like go elsewhere...

thanks godai!

comment posted by Nero on 31 March

comment #7

Thank you!

comment posted by Amano on 31 March

comment #8

Mash, don't whine about not having enough VG music when people provide it free, and use sometimes lots of their precious free time to make the releases happen.

Hopefully this release will bring some new Maaya-fans.

comment posted by Razakin on 31 March

comment #9

ThankYou ThankYou ThankYou

comment posted by PatrickPrine on 31 March

comment #10

Just one of the reasons I love you guys at gamemp3s. Thank you!

comment posted by Adam on 31 March

comment #11

Thank for sharing Godai, I've waited a looooooooong time for this :"3

comment posted by Duong on 31 March

comment #12

Thank you very much for this.

comment posted by Pedro on 31 March

comment #13

Sounds interesting. I'll give it a listen.

comment posted by Tom Kenney on 31 March

comment #14

@ Nero

that isn't me. what doesn't interest me gets no attention from me

comment posted by Mash on 31 March

comment #15

Much appreciated, Godai! She's got a gorgeous singing voice. Will definitely enjoy this!

comment posted by Dallie on 31 March

comment #16

Thanks for a very interesting album! Maaya is great!

comment posted by Skyhunter on 31 March

comment #17

Thanks very much!! Maya Sakamoto is awesome !!

comment posted by Link on 31 March

comment #18

I just got my album, and it is gorgeous! I mean, it exceeded my expectations, which almost never happens.

@ Mash - not that one could tell the difference... >_>

comment posted by Diff on 31 March

comment #19

Thanks for the release, hard to believe it's been fifteen years... way to feel old. ^^()

comment posted by dungeon_dweller on 01 April

comment #20

Big Big Big thank you... Maaya was one of my favorite signer of all world i love so much she's voice ^^

comment posted by Psyhodelik on 01 April

comment #21

Thanks for the recommendation. It's good! =D

comment posted by PrimeTime 84 on 02 April

comment #22

Sorry, but I have a question for you (Godai)

I am wondering if you guys are still working on the REMASTERED TRACKS ROCKMAN ZERO Physis. You said you'd were working on it ages ago (posted Nov 4 2006), but I just want to know if your are or aren't any more :)

Thank You

comment posted by FeatherFang on 03 April

comment #23

Thx Godai and Welcome Back :)

comment posted by Sanuku on 06 April

comment #24

Thanks a lot ! Maaya's so cute. And happy birthday to her, a bit late, it was mother's too (nonono they are not the same age !)

comment posted by hedgehog88 on 07 April

comment #25

I was listening to this album at work today - I really enjoyed it! Maaya Sakamoto was one of the singers I liked best who appeared around the time I started watching anime, and even now, I find her songs really nostalgic. She has a good vocal quality. Thanks for the surprise upload.

comment posted by ittoujuu on 08 April

comment #26

FeatherFang, Yeah thats a bit of a running joke, I mean I think we still have it, but who knows if it will be released on here. :P

comment posted by Godai on 09 April

comment #27

ittoujuu, Glad you enjoyed it, my pleasure.

comment posted by Godai on 09 April

comment #28

Love Maaya Sakamoto! Many thanks. :)

comment posted by Buyu on 09 April

comment #29

thanks for the album, she sounds awesome.

comment posted by mrfatso on 21 April

comment #30

track 6-7 back to back anime tracks I've seen... Record of Lodoss War and RahXephon. The well known Escaflowne on track 14...

Thanks for the nostalgic moment !! I enjoyed it and I'll sure give a good listen to this album !

comment posted by kaserdan on 13 May

comment #31

wow! I wasnt expecting this. I always loved Maaya. great surprise! =D Thank You!

comment posted by Marcus on 18 May

comment #32

I would like to repeat your words: "I am a big Maaya Sakamoto fan". You can guess my reaction to this.

comment posted by ichigo_daisuki on 13 February

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