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That Battle Was Just ''To Keep That Future Alive''

Three new albums tonight (and a fix for the last one).

First, it's the Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles Original Soundtrack with some great orchestra music from Shusaku Uchiyama and Takeshi Miura. Special thanks to v1le for ripping this and the last Biohazard album.

Next, we have not one, but two Cave soundtracks for you. DO-DON-PACHI DAI-FUKKATSU BLACK LABEL Original Sound Track features music from the Basiscape crew of Manabu Namiki, Yoshimi Kudo, Noriyuki Kamikura, Azusa Chiba, and Kimihiro Abe. While the DO-DON-PACHI DAI-FUKKATSU Original Sound Track has even more awesome music from Manabu Namiki, Azusa Chiba, and Yoshimi Kudo. Special thanks to Ziggy for hooking us up with these.

Finally, we have the real NieR Gestalt & RepliCant Original Soundtrack now with 100% more capital C in the album title. If you're still playing along at home, this is the "official" release so ignore the last one.

Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles Original Soundtrack
NieR Gestalt & RepliCant Original Soundtrack

posted by Msia on 27 April


comment #1

It's great to finally see the Darkside Chronicles OST being released. The score deserves much greater appreciation.

comment posted by Phoenix on 27 April

comment #2

Thank you very much, once again! :]

comment posted by Zaggy on 27 April

comment #3

Thank you Msia! I just woke up only to find some awesome OSt's hehe.. Bye

comment posted by KD-0085 on 28 April

comment #4

There's been a terrible rip of Black Label floating around forever. Thanks for the upgrade (and jeez, if there was ever a reason to have #gameflacs...)

comment posted by cowl on 28 April

comment #5

Moar Namiki! Thanks a lot, as ever.

comment posted by Adam on 28 April

comment #6

I actually really like the titular track of this release.

comment posted by Kaleb.G on 28 April

comment #7

So... Wait, what is the fix about?

comment posted by Strifer on 28 April

comment #8

yay thanks for the biohazard soundtrack

comment posted by Dannie on 28 April

comment #9

cowl = meg

comment posted by coe on 28 April

comment #10

Strifer: The c in RepliCant wasn't capitalized in the last release.

comment posted by Msia on 28 April

comment #11

coe = retarded?

comment posted by cowl on 28 April

comment #12

I'm sorry, that was harsh.

What I meant to say is I don't follow your typically-retarded #gamemp3s comment page do-rama, so I don't know what or who you're referring to when you say "cowl = meg"

Still, guys, it's 2010: move up to lossless. We'll buy them if we really like them. Promise.

comment posted by cowl on 28 April

comment #13

You see?! This is why I love you Guys!!
Thanks Muchly!!

comment posted by Keikun6969 on 28 April

comment #14

Thank you very much! NieR OST is truly awesome!

comment posted by Lania on 28 April

comment #15

I'm sorry, I have to comment on this: Why the trouble of a re-post just because a letter in the name of an album wasn't capitalized?
That isn't good ground for re-posting it, that's grounds for letting everyone know that they should correct it themselves if they want.
Then again, I'm strangely not surprised by this... Seeing as how the release of Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collections Box posted here had a pretty major fix attached to it.
People say you shouldn't bitch if you don't do anything to contribute to stuff like this, so I'm fair game for being flamed for this, but for a site like this, how big it has grown and the fan base it has?

This is pretty ridiculous.
Get quality controllers or come up with something else to help.

comment posted by Coraldus on 28 April

comment #16

You wanna do some QC'ing, Coraldus? You sould like a pretty straight-up Johnson.

comment posted by Godai on 28 April

comment #17

I can't tell if that was good or bad...
I'm not saying you guys suck at this or anything.
I do give credit, and am grateful for a lot of the stuff I've gotten from you guys, but...
We're talking about a "c" that wasn't capitalized. I'm sorry if my thinking sounds primitive or something, but that doesn't constitute an entire re-post.

That's something you should add to the original post, or fix the torrent for.
I just find it strange that you'd do something like that for a square related product, but not for something like the Dracula collection.
... I guess I can't complain too much. At least you guys care enough, then again, I just can't help but point out smaller things that most people would just shrug at.
As for QC'ing... Would I get a salary?

comment posted by Coraldus on 28 April

comment #18

And I just now noticed the original post is gone.
*snicker* I feel like a retard now.
Oh well, everyone has their moments.
I still say it wasn't a required re-post, but I guess it's easier for the newcomers.

comment posted by Coraldus on 28 April

comment #19

I just realized that I didn't actually add the Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles to my library after downloading. That's annoying. I blame gamemp3s for releasing so much stuff lately that I can't keep track. Wonder how many people wanna kick me in the balls for that.

As for the QC issue, I really don't care if spelling errors are in the release. I always check the files against VGMdb anyway. It's something worth fixing for the archive torrents, though I really don't know how that works (that is, how it takes for a new release to be added to the alphabetical archive torrents).

I say whatever's less work and less annoying is best. That's how I became the man I am today: poor.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 28 April

comment #20

Damn. Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 28 April

comment #21

Now that I see DoDonPachi goodness here, why not to share some Ketsui love? IMO, Ketsui has *the* best music that I've heard in a shmup to date.

More people need to check out the soundtrack and the arrange album, good stuff. If you guys can upload those albums, please do it.

Also, thanks for the good music of course! ^^'

comment posted by Yggdrasil_404 on 29 April

comment #22

Thank you again for your spectacular work and epic releases!

comment posted by Midget on 29 April

comment #23

The Ketsui album is in the archives; there's a search function for a reason.
Though honestly, I don't really care for Namiki's work on Ketsui.
However, his work on daifukkatsu BL is not bad at all.

comment posted by EU03 on 02 May

comment #24

Oops, I take that back, I must have had my wires crossed on where I got my Ketsui album.

Though my opinion still stands.

comment posted by EU03 on 02 May

comment #25

Should have said Battle Garegga, heathen. ;) Added bonus of actually not being on this site!

All my dreams were dashed when I saw Darkside Chronicles wasn't Takada. Thanks once again though for all the great work.

comment posted by KJ on 03 May

comment #26

Battle Garegga isn't in this site? I didn't know that, then again, I've never downloaded the Torrent B in the archives. ._.'

...and yeah, a lot of people don't care (or don't like) the music in Ketsui. That's good, everyone has his taste in music. But I hope that at least the game gets a release outside of Japan (I'm looking at you Aksys).

comment posted by Yggdrasil_404 on 05 May

comment #27

Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles Original Soundtrack

Overall this is a 2.5 hours long soundtrack of "epic" orchestral/electronic tunes. I would even leave the quote signs out but listening to more than 2 hours of this orchestration was hard. And there's not much variety or musical value to it on this particular album.

But there are of course highlights here -- Gulp Worm (#1.38) is a really good track and there are more on the second CD: lengthy Sorrow with excellent choir vocals (#2.11), and the grand opera perfomance track The Theme of Alexia Type I (#2.14).

But even with these, it's not something I would be excited to listen for a second time. Though I'm sure this album works great in the actual game.

Verdict -- 6.5/10.
Thanks #gamemp3s.

comment posted by yandexx on 07 May

comment #28

Wow....guys here are doing you a service and you bitch about it....kinda rude in my opinion. Im grateful that they go out of their way to even put up stuff...and then going even more out of their way to fix something that they didnt have to and coulda said the people can do it. If the rest of the world were as committed as gamemp3s then there would be no worry of shotty work or mistrusting people. Thanks guys and keep up the amazing work

comment posted by Maverick7910 on 08 May

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