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The Darkness Hidden on the Far Side of the Moon

Two albums tonight we forgot to release last month.

First it's the Estpolis Original Soundtrack with music from Yasunori Shiono and arranged by Tomoko Morita, Yukio Nakajima, Hidenori Iwasaki, and Ryo Yamazaki. Then we have for you the Luminous Arc 3 EYES Original Soundtrack featuring Syunsuke Tsuchiya, Maki Kirioka, and Yoko Shimomura. Hope you enjoy them both.

Estpolis Original Soundtrack
Luminous Arc 3 EYES Original Soundtrack

posted by Msia on 29 April


comment #1

Thanks. Will listen (and seed).

comment posted by Jimmy on 29 April

comment #2

I like this frequent stream of updates! Thanks very much, once again!

comment posted by Zaggy on 29 April

comment #3

Just a quick question, do you keep lossless archives of these soundtracks? Or do you rip everything in V0 and then resell/trade the CDs?
email me! :]

comment posted by Zaggy on 29 April

comment #4

Thanks a lot! i agree with (Zaggy) .
BTW: any chance to have Ryu ga Gotoku 4 Densetsu wo Tsugumono drug soon ;-) .
Thank you very much once again!

comment posted by Gmastershief on 29 April

comment #5

Oh lord Lufia. Thanks for sharing!

comment posted by Adam on 29 April

comment #6

Zaggy, Msia himself doesn't buy all the soundtracks we release, but I can speak on my behalf that I buy soundtracks mostly for myself. And then rip if Msia wants it.

Sure, some people do sell some albums after a time, especially if it's been a disappointment. And about lossless archives, I don't think most of the guys do rip their stuff in FLAC or other formats, especially to people they don't know (no offense, but I myself are against ripping stuff in FLAC to random guys).

comment posted by Razakin on 29 April

comment #7

Thank you for Estpolis Msia!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 29 April

comment #8

Msia you are going at it again with some top notch VGM :) I also want the Ryu ga Gotoku 4 ost but I only want the Gamemp3s one! Thanks again!

comment posted by KD-0085 on 29 April

comment #9

Oh goodness!!! So much goodness!
I love you guys! :D

comment posted by Lania on 29 April

comment #10

Thanks for the Estpolis, guys. But, uh, I have the original Lufia II soundtrack myself, and on the Estpolis soundtrack there's "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn" but no "Winter".

comment posted by Makaiz on 29 April

comment #11

Don't do loosless! Ever! If someone needs lossless, than he/she should buy original CD. Finito! And thanks for release:).

comment posted by herbaciak on 29 April

comment #12

I was just kidding the last time I said gamemp3s was releasing too much stuff, but now I'm serious. Take a break guys.

I was curious about that Estpolis album, since I had no idea why another one would come out. Then I found out that it's been remade for the DS. Then I thought, neat. Then I found out that it was remade by Square Enix. Then I thought, balls.

Can't fault the music, though. Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 29 April

comment #13

@Razakin Alright thanks for letting me know. :]

comment posted by Zaggy on 29 April

comment #14

@Lawrence_Bastard Don't worry Square-Enix only published it because they own Taito and the original developers Neverland Co. did develop the DS one, except I don't know how much the team has change since back then...

Thanks for all these albums!

comment posted by FeatherFang on 29 April

comment #15

Even though I hate what Neverland is doing to the remake, hopefully the music will be great.

Thanks for sharing!

comment posted by skparasite on 30 April

comment #16

A Lufia 2 soundtrack....oh happy day!

comment posted by Thanatos on 01 May

comment #17

@FeatherFang It was made by the creator of Lufia, Masahide Miyata.

comment posted by Jay on 02 May

comment #18

I have always been a big fan of the Estopolis soundtracks (and games) and this one does not disappoint either. The arrangements are brilliant as well.


comment posted by Emil on 02 May

comment #19

I didn't even know about this remake. Yet more cash cow milking, I feel bad for Taito.

Neverland is a sad, sad shell of its former self. Back in the day, they went Lufia, Lufia 2, Energy Breaker, Chaos Seed on the SFC: a murderer's row roughly a bajillion times better than Square's lineup (IMHO of course). Then they went bankrupt before Lufia 3. When they came back, I was so pumped for CIMA: The Enemy and got maybe the biggest dreamcrush of all time when it finally came out and sucked hard. Now they do licensed stuff like Shining Force and Harvest Moon and it's too sad to watch.

comment posted by KJ on 03 May

comment #20

Jay: The creator is only one guy, after all. Too much credit in game design gets assigned to individuals.

I used to be adamantly against hatin' on SE since all they do most of the time is publish and it's devs that do all the work, but after seeing how much ridiculously better Resonance of Fate is compared to Star Ocean 4, and how amazing Sega's 3rd party games have been, I'm starting to reconsider. If nothing else, they have direct control over localization and which games to publish, two things SE really struggles with, even if the influence and funding aspects are overstated.

Some franchises SE controls that you might not realize: Lufia, Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, other Taito stuff, Lunar, Grandia, Ogre Battle, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Deus Ex, Thief, Legacy of Kain, Fear Effect, Just Cause. Actually I might be wrong on the Game Arts stuff.

comment posted by KJ on 03 May

comment #21

Sorry to triple post but Nakajima is the most amazing composer that nobody at all cares about or has even heard of. Maybe because he hasn't done much, but Energy Breaker is incredible. It might actually be the only game he was the primary composer on, don't know for sure.

comment posted by KJ on 03 May

comment #22

Now that I've actually listened to the albums, I can't believe I didn't make a bigger deal about the fact that Manabu Namiki's works are among them. He's not the runner up for king of shmup music for nothing. Does everyone remember who ranks first?

Here's my question about the Estpolis album: why do the DS tracks sound like SNES? SNES is not DS. DS is > SNES. Therefore, the soundtrack should sound better for a DS remake than the SNES original. It's FF4 all over again. And why are the tracks so short? That's bullshit. Remixes were nice though.

Thanks again.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 03 May

comment #23

Namiki's the king of shmups for sure. Go Sato of Raiden, needs more work!

comment posted by Adam on 04 May

comment #24

i'm glad not to be a random guy =)

comment posted by coe on 05 May

comment #25

Now that Adam says that about Namiki. I remembered that Cave is going to release a couple of new albums.

Personally, I can't wait to check out the Espgaluda II Black Label O.S.T. and the new Deathsmiles arrange album (yes, another one... this time is for sale, not promotional like the 1st one).

Also, some of the tracks in the Estpolis soundtrack "sound" like SNES music because is a remake of a SNES game for a portable system. It make perfect sense that the composers do this. Is not the first time that I've seen that "retro-effect" in the soundtrack for JRPG remakes.

Nostalgia sells, Square Enix knows this very well by now. ;<

comment posted by Yggdrasil_404 on 06 May

comment #26

@KJ: There are other veterans still at Neverland, but this was clearly a low-budget revival from SE. Neverland really hasn't gotten a real shot in a long time to do a huge game, the closest was Shining Force NEO and it was co-developed by Pyramid (Patapon developers) so Masahide Miyata wasn't involved.

P.S. SE doesn't own Lunar or Grandia.

comment posted by Jay on 08 May

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