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Big release today for Cave fans as we have nine albums from the publisher for you today. Lets see how many people I can name drop shall we?

First, it's the Deathsmiles Arrange Album featuring arrangements by Kenji Ito, Kenichiro Fukui, Soyo Oka, Akira Yamaoka, Yuzo Koshiro, and way more. Then, we have the new deathsmiles IIX original sound track with music from Manabu Namiki, Noriyuki Kamikura, and Yoshimi Kudo. Finally, if you want even more deathsmiles arranges, we have the Deathsmiles Premium Arrange Album ~ Manabu Namiki Selection with Yasuhisa Watanabe, Azusa Chiba, Masaharu Iwata, Kimihiro Abe, and more.

Moving on, we have the dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU [arrange album] featuring Motoaki Furukawa, TECHNOuchi, Motoi Sakuraba, and more. This is followed up by the ESPGALUDA II Black Label ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK with arrangements from Ryu Umemoto.

Next in line, is the Guwange - ESP Ra.De. Original Sound Track by Masahiro Kusunoki, followed up by the GUWANGE Arrange Album + Original Sound Track with arranges from Michiru Yamane, Michiko Naruke, Yoshitaka Hirota, and more.

Last, but not least, we have the KE-TSU-I kizunajigokutachi [ARRANGE ALBUM] with arranges from Koji Hayama, Akari Kaida, Ippo Yamada, and more. Finally, it's the Mushihimesama Double Arrange Album with arrangements by Shinji Hosoe, Keiichi Okabe, Noriyuki Iwadare, Yoko Shimomura, and way more.

Special thanks goes out to Ziggy for hooking us up with these great albums.

Deathsmiles Arrange Album
deathsmiles IIX original sound track
Deathsmiles Premium Arrange Album ~ Manabu Namiki Selection
dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU [arrange album]
Guwange - ESP Ra.De. Original Sound Track
GUWANGE Arrange Album + Original Sound Track
KE-TSU-I kizunajigokutachi [ARRANGE ALBUM]
Mushihimesama Double Arrange Album

posted by Msia on 04 June


comment #1

Easily some of the best VGM albums right here. Thanks Msia. Thanks Ziggy. (why no Yuzo name drop for Deathsmile Arrange Album?!)

comment posted by Adam on 04 June

comment #2

Kudos to Ziggy for owning and sharing those albums with us all !

comment posted by Kibbas on 04 June

comment #3

O.O !! Waaaaw Great stuff here, Thank you Msia, Thank you gamemp3s!!

comment posted by Gmastershief on 04 June

comment #4

...this is quite possibly one of the greatest gamemp3s.net releases ever!!! Time to bust out MAME and play a lot of these classics again in celebration!

comment posted by ssfsx17 on 04 June

comment #5

Incredible upload! Thanks a lot! Am especially excited to hear Ketsui arranged.

comment posted by alfacore88 on 04 June

comment #6

My balls have exploded. My face is covered in my own disgrace. The room's a mess, and I'm not cleaning it up. Next time you release something this awesome, give me a warning so I can wrap my junk in plastic wrap as a precaution.

Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 04 June

comment #7

This is the most epic post yet.
Thanks guys, you ever disappoint :D

comment posted by Vagrant Wolf on 04 June

comment #8

This is so great, I was not expecting this at all. Thanks so much

comment posted by Blue on 04 June

comment #9

Adam: I added Yuzo to the post, thanks.

comment posted by Msia on 04 June

comment #10

The perfect birthday present for me. Thank you.

comment posted by Guren on 04 June

comment #11

Great! Thanks!

comment posted by cf on 04 June

comment #12

*dies from happiness*

comment posted by Pouh on 04 June

comment #13

no thanks i'll pass

comment posted by Makaiz on 04 June

comment #14

Your rude demands for FLAC will be ignored, people.

comment posted by Godai on 04 June

comment #15

Wholly Shit! Thank you!

comment posted by Jojo on 04 June

comment #16


comment posted by Ragnatic on 04 June

comment #17

Dear lord, Msia words do not describe this release. Many thanks to you Godai and company. ^_^

comment posted by MasterZophar on 05 June

comment #18

WHOOW This is... A.. Lot.. I am downloading this right away :D Thank you

comment posted by KD-0085 on 05 June

comment #19

I longed to hear the sound contained on these albums. Thanks!

comment posted by Strifer on 05 June

comment #20

Excellent, I have all the albums that I wanted already. But I'm definitely downloading Guwange (Arrange + Soundtrack? Awesome!).

Thanks and I hope to see a "Cave-in (part 2)" in the future.

comment posted by Yggdrasil_404 on 05 June

comment #21

This is epic. Thank you very much for posting and special thanks to the contributer as well.

comment posted by Emil on 05 June

comment #22

As a huge fan of shmups, these albums are like a dream come true. Some of these albums are pretty hard to find (Guwange especially). I adore Cave, and the work you've put into this is evident. Many, many thanks to Ziggy, and in turn, Msia, for bringing us this stellar pack! #gamemp3s has never let me down.

comment posted by Ashriel on 05 June

comment #23

FLAC? What a waste, VBR 0 is the best you need.

comment posted by Vagrant Wolf on 05 June

comment #24

The original Deathsmiles soundtrack was one of the best, if not the best VGM surprise I've ever come across. It's a thrill to see there's more Deathsmiles here! Thanks!!

comment posted by Dallie on 05 June

comment #25

Major thanks to Ziggy for this amazing compilation and to you gamemp3 gang, for providing us with these fine albums. It is epic indeed and I will have my fill of Cave music for a while now :) Thanks as always!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 05 June

comment #26

Epic release. I love the original Deathsmiles OST, so these are a must to check. I think I'm giving the other albums a try as well.
Many thanks as always!

comment posted by Guildenstern on 05 June

comment #27

Whooaaaaa, absolutely awesome post right there.
Thanks alot for this, incredible upload!
Kudos Ziggy and gamemp3s.net!

comment posted by Zippi on 05 June

comment #28

Good release! Can't wait to hear what Masaharu Iwata and Yoko Shimomura done.

comment posted by Matt on 05 June

comment #29

Thank you for all the hard work #gamemp3 crew!

some new stuff that will make for an awesome listen.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 05 June

comment #30

I...I haven't heard of a single one of these games....is that bad?

comment posted by Thanatos on 05 June

comment #31

I've never heard of these either. Still downloading though...(o_O)...Hopefully the many positive comments prove it worth.

comment posted by Aluc on 06 June

comment #32

Thank you, I love you. :)

comment posted by Lania on 06 June

comment #33

holy ffffff

comment posted by Kanji on 06 June

comment #34

Death Smiles II OST? Oh hell yes I love you guys.

comment posted by Sir VG on 07 June

comment #35

I'm not a great fan of Cave shooters, but there are exceptions like Guwange and Deathsmiles..
So, many thanks for this great effort and upload!

Now the last sht soundtrack I need is the SPACE INVADER EXTREME 2 AUDIO ELEMENT... I wonder if some good fellow could help :)

comment posted by Yashichi on 10 June

comment #36

Thanks a lot for these, Ziggy!

comment posted by Good on 11 June

comment #37

Oh my God, thank you so much!!! Just like everybody else here, HUGE fan of Shooters (and own most of these!). Can't thank you guys enough GO ZIGS!!!

comment posted by Pete on 18 June

comment #38

Great torrent! Could someone please, please please seed this? I'm at 88% and would love to complete this. Will definitely help seed for as long as possible! Thanks guys

comment posted by Alex on 28 September

comment #39

Will there be any seeds on this? I would LOVE to have this.

comment posted by X9 on 09 November

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