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Kinetic Harvest

Four albums for you tonight, lots of variety.

First it's the Atelier Totori Original Soundtrack featuring new music from Ken Nakagawa and Kazuki Yanagawa. Next, we have the brand new Dariusburst Remix Wonder World featuring some amazing remixes from the original sound track by Yoko Shimomura, Motoi Sakuraba, Michiko Naruke, Norihiko Hibino, Yasunori Mitsuda, and way more great artists. Then, we have Rockman X Alph-Lyla with Toshiaki Otsubo. This arrangement album features some great takes on music from the original Rockman X game. Finally, it's the awesome Shatter Official Videogame Soundtrack by Module.

Special thanks goes out to XISMZERO for hooking us up with the Rockman X album.

Atelier Totori Original Soundtrack
Dariusburst Remix Wonder World
Rockman X Alph-Lyla with Toshiaki Otsubo
Shatter Official Videogame Soundtrack

7/01/2010 Update: Fixed track 4 on Shatter. You can find the update here.

Godai Edit: This one is for FFS member, Itsuka.  If you're going to post our releases somewhere else because you don't think people "like torrents", then we'd rather you post a download link in our comments or something.

posted by Msia on 01 July


comment #1

Wonder World \o/ Thanks to Ziggy for buying and ripping it, and thanks to Msia for an almost 0 day release.

comment posted by Phoenix on 01 July

comment #2

with the digital release of shatter in 2009, and the cd release in 2010, the can be my album of the year two years in a row!

comment posted by ddaydj on 01 July

comment #3

Wait, so Shatter has no also a physical release?! That's great news indead.

Anyway, thanks for the new Atelier score and the Dariusburst arrange album, I especially curious about totori since Nakagawa is again working with the newcomer Yanagawa (and I didn't really like his works for Ar tonelico 3, but still I have hope *g*)

comment posted by null on 01 July

comment #4

Many THANKS to every one :)

comment posted by Gmastershief on 01 July

comment #5

Oh wow, this MMX soundtrack brings back memories...thanks for the release!

comment posted by urutapu on 01 July

comment #6

Track 4 Krypton Garden from shatter ost is bugging out on me; it is only the first minute or so of the song then it cuts off.

comment posted by LCC on 01 July

comment #7

If you guys liek teh Shatter OVGST, and you haven't bought it digitally before, consider giving the composer some support in the monetary sense: http://sidhe.bandcamp.com/album/shatter-official-videogame-soundtrack

'cause y' want MOAR, right? ;)

comment posted by TJF588 on 01 July

comment #8

A great big thanks for these musical masterpieces. More happy music from the Atelier series is something I never say no to! The Shatter OST is quite amazing. You can also buy the Shatter OST on PSN I believe. Dariusburst will surely be interesting and also the Rockman album. Thanks again!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 01 July

comment #9

LCC: Thanks for catching that, I will get that fixed as soon as I can.

As TJF588 and Gameguardian said, if you enjoy Shatter, please support Module and pick up a copy for yourself. Shatter is also on sale for the next 4 hours on Steam for $2.50.

comment posted by Msia on 01 July

comment #10

Amazing release! WONDER WORLD is just so... exquisite.

comment posted by Strifer on 01 July

comment #11

Thank you! Been waiting for the Totori OST since it came out now, my Play-Asia order for it is still backordered :(

comment posted by Varion on 01 July

comment #12

Didn't expect that old RMX album. Looking forward to hearing the others as well. Thanks for sharing, and happy Canada Day (to whomever that matters to).

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 01 July

comment #13

To me shatter was the best ost from last year and now that I'm seeing it here again makes me wanna download it one more time :P Thank You

comment posted by KD-0085 on 01 July

comment #14

Very well, and my sincere apologies for this. It won't happen again, I can assure you. I've removed the links from the thread, and once again, I apologize.

comment posted by Itsuka on 01 July

comment #15

GE-ON-DAN rules! But not as much as gamemp3s.

comment posted by Adam on 01 July

comment #16

Still downloading but I must say, I love you guys for sharing Wonder World. Thank you very much for all your work!

comment posted by Mip on 01 July

comment #17

Thanks for the release, but... where's the download link? :3

comment posted by Pig_Saint on 01 July

comment #18

Great stuff here, Thank you Msia

comment posted by r555 on 01 July

comment #19

Where is the torrent?

I really want these albums! :x

comment posted by Kuresu on 01 July

comment #20

Hey there, i saw the download buttong got missing from this torrent, can you add it again to the page? I want to have a sneak peak on the Wonder world album. I ordered it earlier but cant wait to get my copy ^^

thank you

comment posted by Alexius on 01 July

comment #21

Thanks for the releases, but where is the torrent? :O

comment posted by Grando on 01 July

comment #22

Download link taken out?

comment posted by Zippi on 01 July

comment #23

nice totori.

comment posted by goo on 01 July

comment #24


That should work for the download link, at least for now.

comment posted by AncientGuru on 01 July

comment #25

Very nice Msia. Thank you!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 01 July

comment #26

Link's been added back, thanks for the heads up.

comment posted by Msia on 01 July

comment #27

You talk about posting over at FFshrine, but you never said anything to Sonix (search for sonixgvn if you don't know what i am talking about).

This guy erase your credits in the tags to add his own credits.
And he'v been doing this for years.

comment posted by Rak on 01 July

comment #28

As expected of gamemp3s, more great music. Thanks a lot for your work guys, as always.

comment posted by Gabibas on 01 July

comment #29

Sorry about the missing download link, we're having a few technical difficulties with the newest version of WordPress.

comment posted by Brant on 01 July

comment #30

What kind of idiot doesn't like torrents?

comment posted by Thanatos on 01 July

comment #31

Rak: That wasn't me who edited the post with that FFS stuff, it was Godai.

comment posted by Msia on 01 July

comment #32

Wonder World was speedy! Hibino's sax on "Selfishness" is, per usual emotional, beautiful.

comment posted by uLTra*7 on 01 July

comment #33

I like how Itsuka apologized and "reassured" us that he wouldn't do it again but I saw the reposted links to the Atelier OST on the ffshrine forums. *rolls eyes*

comment posted by Finny on 01 July

comment #34

Just saying my opinion. Why do you NOW make a big DEAL out of THIS one? I hope that you know that much more have done this way before Itsuka and you NEVER made such a Big deal out of it. So why now?Also not all people can download from torrent files which sometimes 'causes them to wait much longer than the other which is kinda sad.

comment posted by FinneChan on 02 July

comment #35

Actually, I think Sonix ALWAYS credits whoever originally uploaded it. Itsuka, the poor sod, was the 4363409854th to not credit gamemp3s and I'm guessing Godai just reached the end of his tether.

comment posted by Adam on 02 July

comment #36

Thank you very much. Thanks for the fix as well! :]

comment posted by Zaggy on 02 July

comment #37

Yes, it's very sad that people have to wait a while for free stuff using torrent. It is so sad. I'm actually crying right now. I might just commit suicide from the sadness. It is sadder than a kitten without eyes. It is sadder than a dog without legs. It is sadder than a baby on fire. It is sadder than Bambi's mom getting shot by hillbillies, and then watching those hillbillies rape Bambi before putting a bullet in his deer brain. It is quite possibly the saddest thing on Earth and throughout the universe.

I know sarcasm doesn't register well through text... but c'mon.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 02 July

comment #38

The worst thing about the guy reuploading the files is that he retags them with his website and removes the nfo and m3u. Is that really necessary?

comment posted by Hanada on 02 July

comment #39

Sonix credits on the website, but he change all the tags, so it's no more gamemp3s, but sonix's credits while you read the tags.
I think it's worse than anything else to modify & erase original credits.

comment posted by Rak on 02 July

comment #40

I wanna confirm about shatter ost, was track 5 have some problem? It end with a sudden... sound problem to me.

thanks for the release. =)

comment posted by Draven on 03 July

comment #41

Thanks guys.

comment posted by Antignition on 05 July

comment #42

Sonix giving credit to gamemp3s? All of mp3s from his sites are covered with his website address ID3 tags. (from website to composer...)

Check it out.

comment posted by kuro on 05 July

comment #43

So? What is so bad if the stuff shared here gets shared also elsewhere? It's not like you own any right over it... I mean, you're already breaking the law, why bother if others do it, too?

comment posted by A_visitor on 06 July

comment #44

Great release! I especially liked Atelier Totori and the Megaman X arranged album. I was wondering, will we be seeing the Tales of Graces soundtrack as well as the White Knight Chronicles soundtrack?

comment posted by WillDemon on 06 July

comment #45

thanks a lot!
the Shatter ost is amazing!
I just bought the FLAC version here :D

comment posted by air on 06 July

comment #46

A_visitor: It's not about stuff being shared elsewhere, it's about not getting any credits and people uploading #gamemp3s stuff as _their_ own rips.

comment posted by Razakin on 07 July

comment #47

Ah! Understood. Thanks for the explanation, Razakin. Well, excuse me if the sense of what I'm going to say is really not clear, but english is not my first language...

While it's bad that someone takes credit for another person/crew's rip, I feel (and see, as well) a more saddening thing: people cares more about giving props & credits to the music encoder, than to the guy who actually composed it. It's true you're enjoying something because some was kind enough to share it, but don't forget you're enjoying the same thing because someone actually wrote it, in the first place :(

So, well, I don't think that taking credit for an encode is the worse thing... And, let's be honest, while here @ #gamemp3s you're doing a great service to a lot of VGM enthusiasts, you're also allowing a great deal of people to steal those albums. It might be wanted or not, regardless, it's happening... "You" stole some music without any right, someone stole the credit from you... To me it seems pretty fair.

comment posted by A_visitor on 07 July

comment #48

That's a pretty fucking stupid logic.

comment posted by Hanada on 08 July

comment #49

A_visitor: You see, piracy is an entirely different matter altogether. Composers charge for their works, so if you want to give them credit, then buy their albums. To me warez scene is some kind of a parallel dimension with it's own rules and gamemp3s spend their own money on albums here, so they have the right to demand not to post their releases elsewhere or they can ask to give credit. I know, that piracy is a bad thing, but I see nothing wrong when a group is against posting their releases elsewhere or stealing credits. As I've mentioned earlier, this world of ripped stuff is another world with it's own rules that must be followed, so, if you disagree, you can do two things: either do something about it, like, shutting this whole thing down, or buy from official outlets and chill out.

comment posted by Serge on 09 July

comment #50

Would you care to explain why? It's pretty fucking stupid to claim something like that, without an actual explanation.

comment posted by A_visitor on 09 July

comment #51

Serge: I don't think the matter is so different.... I'll repeat that I'm honestly grateful for what the crew does here, but I simply don't get the logic behind the "Don't repost this" request.... Were they entitled to share the albums in the first place? No, simply no... We all know how "bad" law works, when we buy something we get the right to listen/view it, we don't become rightful owners of the thing. Now, I'm not justifying the bad guys who claim the rips as their own, they act simply wrong.... But so does the #gamemp3s team... Now, thieves shouldn't rant if they end up being robbed.

comment posted by A_visitor on 09 July

comment #52

Seriously shut up A_visitor. Go away and leave us be.

comment posted by Finny on 09 July

comment #53

A_visitor sounds to me like you don't want gamemp3s to share their albums with anyone else.

We all know that ripping work you bought and uploading to torrent is completely legal (at least where I live) so your logic is bullshit as well. If stealing a release is legal, I don't know, but if this was done in the games/movies scene the person who did it would be murdered within a few days. It's just a holy rule within the warez scene.

comment posted by Freezard on 09 July

comment #54

Gamemp3s aren't thieves, they buy everything they release here, or give credit to whoever they cooperate with.

comment posted by Serge on 10 July

comment #55

@Finny: If you don't want to discuss, please, don't waste your air. While I acknoweledge that it may not come out that way... I'm sincerely - and only - trying to understand the reason behind the "Don't steal our credit" thing. I don't want this place to shut down, it's a goldmine.

@Freezard: Where I live when buying a CD... as stated previously... we actually pay for the right to listen it.... All the copyright/property mess is still retained by label and artists.. It sucks, it's already much that we can do a backup copy to keep to ourselves..... We are not entitled to share freely something which is not, entirely, our work. For what I know, it's not different in many places (and I said many, not all). My logic is bullshit? Well, guess what, I could rightly say the same about yours, simply we live in different places.... That take care of the "piracy-matter" in different ways [And neither of them is the *globally-accepted way*].

Serge: You may be right. To me - if I think about it as an outsider from the place I live - they're not better than thieves, not much, that is. They always allow people to listen something fully without paying for it. Again, it may have to do with the place where I live, we're not legally allowed to preview something fully before buying it, we must keep on with audio clips .-.

Anyway, I will not bother you anymore with my presence. It's a fact that our opinions are at odds, and each part has... how to say it correctly... its reasons... For the way I see it. I sincerely apologize about the mess.

comment posted by A_visitor on 10 July

comment #56

A_visitor I still don't understand what you're arguing for, if indeed it is illegal to upload torrents where you live then it's just as illegal to download them. So that makes you/Itsuka commit two crimes for first downloading the files and then sharing them = you're just as bad a guy or even worse as the uploaders and yet still you argue.

Btw you have no idea of how torrents work so don't even bother. In most of Europe it's legal as well. And no, we don't have any polar bears or penguins in Europe.

comment posted by Freezard on 10 July

comment #57

I do know how torrent works, trust me. Anyway, for the way I figure it, gamemp3s want their effort to be respected, right? I mean with all the rip credit thing... Am I right? I guess so... Now, are they respecting the composers/labels' work by sharing it with the mass?

Here where I live (Italy) is illegal to share copyrighted material, may it be on Peer2Peer, torrent, filehosting sites. You forgot one thing: I NEVER said I was a good guy, I like the chance to listen an album before deciding if it's worth the money.... And for that I'm truly, sincerely, grateful for the existence of this site. Simply I don't understand why gamemp3s crew acts the way it does, to me it seems a contradiction in terms requesting/demanding to leave the credits as they are as a form of respect, when they're the ones not showing respect for the composers' efforts by sharing the albums. Am I wrong in thinking this? Probably, regardless, I live anyway.

Byebye for good, this time.

comment posted by A_visitor on 10 July

comment #58

Check the .nfo's, they do credit the original composers and always have. You don't upload the copyrighted material with torrents, so I think in Italy it would be fine as well. Do a "Pirate Bay" and find out.

95% of the users here wouldn't buy the albums anyway, and those that like the albums buy them, so I really don't think the original composers lose anything from it. But then again we've come to discuss just another file-sharing debate and I'm not going to continue with it.

comment posted by Freezard on 10 July

comment #59

The only people who don't show respect to composers are those, who download rips and don't buy anything afterwards. You download of your own free will, nobody forces you to. If people can't resist the "temptation" of "listening something fully without paying for it", it's their fault, and not gamemp3s', who "offer" it. It's like in the Bible, when the Serpent tempted Eve, she was to blame and not the Serpent. And if gamemp3s ask for crediting them they have every right to do so, because they BUY albums they share. They can do anything they want with them. Whether it's legal or not is an entirely different matter altogether.

comment posted by Serge on 10 July

comment #60

Hey, Msia, any chance of you getting Knights in the Nightmare( http://vgmdb.net/album/18702 ) or Tales of Graces( http://vgmdb.net/album/17228 )?

Either way, loved that Rockman X album. Wonder if I can still find it anywhere(after all, it was released in '94).

comment posted by Mat on 10 July

comment #61

Mat try Yahoo Japan, that's where I found my copy.

comment posted by MasterZophar on 11 July

comment #62

That Rockman album is one of the best CDs ever made period.

comment posted by dojima on 13 July

comment #63

Damn this comment thread is pretty sad to watch happening.

Thx a lot a visitor.

OT: thx a great deal gamemp3s i always used you you even inspired me to import soundtracks and buy some of the cool stuff myself.

Keep doing what you do best adding quality to the game music scene i appreciate the effort once again thx :)

comment posted by webcider on 24 July

comment #64

thanks - so much for the share

comment posted by smurf on 17 December

comment #65

By the way, Shatter's track 4 (Krypton Garden) is still broken.

comment posted by cheez on 01 September

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