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Hey we're back with three new albums!

First, it's the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections featuring veteran Aki Kuroda playing the music of Masashi Hamauzu. Finally, we have not one, but two Persona Live albums. Check out Persona Music Live 2009 Velvetroom in Wel City Tokyo which has four tracks from the concert and the Persona Music Live Band album that has several arranged songs from the series.

Special thanks to ryan for making the Persona Music Live 2009 cover for us.

Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections
Persona Music Live 2009 Velvetroom in Wel City Tokyo
Persona Music Live Band

posted by Msia on 21 July


comment #1

Thanks, Msia. I'll be taking the Piano Collections for FF XIII. Have the others already.

comment posted by BkV on 21 July

comment #2

Taking everything, thank you so much!

comment posted by chrono cruise on 21 July

comment #3

Thank you so much, I can't wait to listen FFXIII Piano Collections :D

comment posted by Ashe on 22 July

comment #4

Guess that means no FF12 Piano Collections, ever.

Thanks, guys!

comment posted by urutapu on 22 July

comment #5

Yeah love Persona music :D
Thank You!

comment posted by KD-0085 on 22 July

comment #6

Hah, I've been playing FES all week. Thanks for the Persona albums! ^^

comment posted by Blues on 22 July

comment #7

Awesome!! You guys always make my day.

comment posted by AsakuraZ on 22 July

comment #8

Good release! But I'm curious why "Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections" instead of "Piano Collections Final Fantasy XIII"? :o

And speaking of new releases, we all waiting for Super Mario Galaxy 2 Original Sound Track! :)

comment posted by D!zzy on 22 July

comment #9

Loving this release! Been waiting on The Piano Collection for awhile now, was wondering when it was going to appear.
Also; no ones waiting on Mario anything.

comment posted by TheRabbit on 22 July

comment #10

I'm pretty sure those Persona Live albums are nothing short of disappointing, but I'm looking forward to the FFXIII piano stuff.

Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 22 July

comment #11

Thanks, babe. xD

comment posted by Adam on 22 July

comment #12

why FFXIII piano?

certainly to be near FFXIII ost
so that this album be not alone :)

comment posted by coe on 22 July

comment #13

Thanks Msia!

comment posted by Master Zophar on 22 July

comment #14

Awesome! You guys rule as always.
Much love. <3<3<3<3

comment posted by Lania on 22 July

comment #15

Many thanks for the Persona albums.

comment posted by Guildenstern on 22 July

comment #16

Great, you guys rock! Have been looking for all of 'em!

comment posted by Anonymous on 22 July

comment #17

Thanks so much for these!

comment posted by Bear on 22 July

comment #18

The Persona albums are actually quite good. That's a surprise.

comment posted by Strifer on 23 July

comment #19

THANK YOU FOR THIS PRECIOUS GIFT! You guys are the best!

comment posted by DeliriousB on 23 July

comment #20

This is serious effing AWESOME! I love Persona, the music is incredible, and the live stuff is amazing. <3

comment posted by alma on 23 July

comment #21

@Lawrence_Bastard: This live album is much better than the previous one. A lot of the arrangements are actually different.

comment posted by urutapu on 23 July

comment #22

Thanks for the amazing release! :)

Love the new interpretations of the Persona music and I the Piano Collection is to DIE FOR. <3 Wish there were more of them.

comment posted by skparasite on 23 July

comment #23

waiting for Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections :) Thanks!

comment posted by taepoppuri on 24 July

comment #24

yay, persona live! thanks :D

comment posted by steph on 24 July

comment #25

Omg for the first every soundtrack that I wanted in a torrent!
Nice one guys XD

comment posted by sringangel on 25 July

comment #26

woah awesome release! Thank you!!!

comment posted by sanctuante on 25 July

comment #27

My Persona Live Wels DVD arrived; it has some very nice music arrangements. A pity it´s not subbed because there are some characters dialogues plus an extra video that looks like it´s veeeeery hilarious - and I don´t know Japanese ^^;

comment posted by Ace Jayce on 26 July

comment #28

Thx for the music

comment posted by SMLSECRET on 04 September

comment #29

Thank you so much! <3

comment posted by Okeanos on 12 May

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