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Glorious Fights We Call ''Life''

Four albums for you tonight.

First, we go back to last century for the Kileak, The Blood Sound Tracks & Remix featuring the music of Kimitaka Matsumae. Next, we have the incredible Last Ranker Original Soundtrack with some great music from Yoko Shimomura. Then, we have the Michigan Original Sound Track with music from Masafumi Takada. Finally, it's the new Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga Collective Music Files with some awesome tunes from the jdk Band and a second disc of music taken from past Falcom games by the one and only Falcom Sound Team jdk.

Kileak, The Blood Sound Tracks & Remix
Last Ranker Original Soundtrack
Michigan Original Sound Track
Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga Collective Music Files

posted by Msia on 02 August


comment #1


comment posted by MOREloss on 02 August

comment #2

hell yes, another masafumi takada work is always appreciated!

comment posted by apl on 03 August

comment #3

Thanks again!

comment posted by Zaggy on 03 August

comment #4

Last Ranker OST is one of the best vgm releases this year.

comment posted by Phoenix on 03 August

comment #5

Another morning another release :D Thank You Msia for posting this one

comment posted by KD-0085 on 03 August

comment #6

I knew if I bugged you long enough Michigan would end up in one of these releases! =D

comment posted by ddaydj on 03 August

comment #7

Again, thank you so much! :D

comment posted by Lania on 03 August

comment #8

Sorry for not saying thank you on a more regular basis! I am equally grateful every time you update the wonderful musical legacy that is gamemp3s :) So thank you as always guys for all your hard work!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 03 August

comment #9


Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 03 August

comment #10

I always appreciate the effort you guys put into these releases.

ハート ビーム!!! <3

comment posted by Bear on 03 August

comment #11

gamemp3s rules

comment posted by Adam on 03 August

comment #12

No idea what Michigan is but I'm a huge fan of Masafumi Takada so thanks :)

comment posted by Emil on 03 August

comment #13

@Emil, Michigan is a survival horror game from Grasshopper Manufacture. Released only in Japan and in Europe (as Michigan: Report from Hell).

Also people, check Kileak out, damn good album.

comment posted by Razakin on 03 August

comment #14

Last Ranker OST is one of the best vgm releases this year.

Yoko Shimomura for the win

comment posted by Javi on 03 August

comment #15

I love you guys~ Thank you so much for Yoko Shimomura!

comment posted by sanctuante on 04 August

comment #16

Last Ranker is awesome but not just because of Shimomura. The reason its so good is Hironori Osone was involved in the arrangements/orchestrations is just as important if not more. Osone was involved in arranging Tales of Legendia, Romeo X Juliet, and Echoes of War. Plus you guys should try to grab the last ranker piano trio album because its amazing.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 04 August

comment #17

Awesome job again guys :) Looking forward to hearing the Last Ranker soundtrack!

comment posted by Blizzje on 04 August

comment #18

fuwoo!!this is nice!!

comment posted by Imashitowareto on 04 August

comment #19

Thanks as always for this superbe release. Last Ranker is already in the mail (I'm really glad that Shimomura is that active lately) and I think I already have a rip of Michigan. Kileak looks interesting though, the cover reminds me of the Doom3 engine render style :)

comment posted by null on 05 August

comment #20

Thank you!!

comment posted by TheRabbit on 05 August

comment #21

AAA update, guys.
My favorite is the Last Ranker soundtrack so far.

comment posted by Nolasco on 05 August

comment #22

LAST RANKER OST is AMAZING, in my opinion. Shimomura really pulled out all the stops. I think it is the first OST where I liked every track. Thank you so much for the upload.

comment posted by Quis on 11 August

comment #23

Great work guys,
And Last Ranker's musics ROX!!!

comment posted by Fukunaga on 23 August

comment #24

Gotta give mad props for Kileak. It's a damn fine album, reminds me a bit of Baroque OST (Saturn).

comment posted by Strifer on 26 August

comment #25

Loving the Last Ranker soundtrack... Not very often at all, like one or two other times where I liked every song. :P

comment posted by Silvenium on 17 September

comment #26

Love LAST RANKER soundtrack so much! XD

Glorious Fight We Call "Life"!!!

comment posted by Tsukishiro Yuki on 04 October

comment #27

Last Ranker's OST is so good, thanks for this.

comment posted by Dept. Heaven Masterrace on 15 April

comment #28

I need the Kileak the blood Soundtrack, but the file is incomplete, can someone re-upload it again? thanks.

comment posted by Kileak fan on 26 August

comment #29

Can someone seed PLEASE.. Can't find Michigan anywhere else online

comment posted by dudebro on 19 January

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