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Persona Music Live again

Lately we released the extra CD that came with the second Persona Live DVD (4 tracks only).

It's a shame that Atlus never released the rest on actual audio CDs so let's hope you people will enjoy them as is, ripped from the DVDs.

Persona Music Live Velvetroom in Akasaka Blitz

Persona Music Live 2009 Velvetroom in Wel City Tokyo

posted by Kibbas on 06 August


comment #1

No DL links?

comment posted by Zaggy on 06 August

comment #2

DL link added. It's a WP bug they haven't fixed yet.

comment posted by Msia on 06 August

comment #3

Ah. Thanks. :]

comment posted by Zaggy on 07 August

comment #4

Thank you :D

comment posted by KD-0085 on 07 August

comment #5

Msia has #gamemp3 ever considered opening a forum?

comment posted by Zaggy on 07 August

comment #6

Thank you, that's a lot of Persona tunes.

comment posted by bluegato on 07 August

comment #7

I'll enjoy them greatly :) The tracks within are awesome, and they are a wonderful homage to the Persona series. Thank you!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 07 August

comment #8

RIP downloaded archive works with uTorrent 3.0

comment posted by alex on 07 August

comment #9

Zaggy, gamemp3s has already had a forum but it didn't last long. I can't remember what happened to it.

comment posted by Reinhardt on 07 August

comment #10

Oh and thanks for the release as usual, will seed.

comment posted by Reinhardt on 07 August

comment #11

That's cool!!!

More Persona treats...!!! Thank you Msia.

If I ever wanted write a poem next, it would be about you...!!!

comment posted by Amylian on 07 August

comment #12

There is not extension in a torrent file to download (just "RIP"). Is it temporary malfunction?

[quote]It's a shame that Atlus never released the rest on actual audio CDs[/quote]

It is the real opinion.

comment posted by reporter on 07 August

comment #13

@reporter yeah it seems like the tracker only gets the fimename up to the 1st space on it ... there should be a date after "RIP" as well as the extension. Other torrents also have this problem

comment posted by Kibbas on 07 August

comment #14

Like Reinhardt said, we use to have a forum, but it didn't last too long. I think we had an issue with spammers, or it just wasn't getting much use aside from the IRC regulars so we took it down. I don't think we need to bring it back. It would just be filled with people begging for album releases or demanding we use a higher quality format. If you want to talk with other people, the IRC channel is pretty much always lively, and there's other communities focused on game music that you can participate.

comment posted by ddaydj on 08 August

comment #15

How about a podcast revival?! Msia's hating of Tallarico cracks me up! And he has a sexy voice....

comment posted by Adam on 08 August

comment #16

Haha Adam. Thanks for the compliments. Godai and I have talked about it a few times in the past. Maybe we can start it up again sometime in the future.

On another note, that "RIP" issue has been fixed. It was only affecting Firefox users for some reason.

comment posted by Msia on 08 August

comment #17

Nice one =D
Thank you

comment posted by burstrate on 09 August

comment #18

Now I'm curious about that podcast, Adam. Any links?

comment posted by Strifer on 09 August

comment #19

Just search for "podcast" on this site =D

comment posted by Adam on 09 August

comment #20

Hi, I just wondering if someone can upload Soulcalibur IV Original Soundtrack (posted on 2008-09-04), I just check that I miss that soundtrack, and curently doesnt have seed. Please someone kindly reupload it on megaupload or rapidshare or sendspace or any host site. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

comment posted by Steven on 10 August

comment #21

These were pretty awesome! Thanks!

comment posted by Bjork on 22 December

comment #22

its not working

comment posted by wasaw on 24 August

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