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Mysterious pot

Six albums for you tonight.

First, it's the Busou Shinki Battle Masters Original Soundtrack with music from Noriyuki Kamikura, Yoshimi Kudo, Manabu Namiki, and Naoyuki Sato. Next up it's the Extreme Escape 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors Soundtrack featuring the music of Shinji Hosoe.

Followed up by Nanosweep 8, 9, and 10. No covers for these guys unfortunately, but expect to hear some great music from Hiroshi Okubo, Ryo Watanabe, Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Takahiro Eguchi, and more!

Finally, it's the Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack with music by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson.

On a separate topic, it's also our 10th anniversary! So congratulations to us and thank you to everyone on the team (past and present) and all our fans.

Busou Shinki Battle Masters Original Soundtrack
Extreme Escape 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors Soundtrack
Nanosweep 8
Nanosweep 9
Nanosweep 10
Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack

posted by Msia on 30 August


comment #1

Thank you VERY much! All of this music is bogging me down. I still have 60GB to re-tag, thanks!

comment posted by Zaggy on 30 August

comment #2


comment posted by John Morrison on 31 August

comment #3

happy birthday to you
you live in a zoo
you look like a monkey
and you smell like one too

comment posted by makaiz on 31 August

comment #4

Awesome stuff again. RDR is very good :)
Thank You Msia and Happy Birthday Gamemp3s

comment posted by KD-0085 on 31 August

comment #5

10 years is a good achievement, congratulations indeed! ...And many more!

comment posted by Sera on 31 August

comment #6

Big Thanks for Red Dead!!

comment posted by bluegato on 31 August

comment #7

'grats for your 10th anniversary! Love ya guys.

comment posted by Anonymous on 31 August

comment #8

a huge happy 10th Birthday..may you guy be around forever, incredible work guys..thank you ;)


comment posted by Greyfox on 31 August

comment #9

I am very proud to have supported this site for the last 10 years. I hope it will continue to age well. Many thanks to Godai, Msia and all the people who have come and gone that work behind the scenes. Now for some Extreme Escape. Thanks!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 31 August

comment #10

Happy 10th Anniversary!!! :)

comment posted by D!zzy on 31 August

comment #11

"More than restored to its DALnet glory" is some understatement! ;)

comment posted by Adam on 31 August

comment #12

Happy 10th Birthday !!
thanks for all those years of hard work and Long Live Gamemp3"s :)

comment posted by david on 31 August

comment #13

Gamemp3s, a happy 10th birthday. To 10 more years!! *raises glass*

comment posted by Blizzje on 31 August

comment #14

As before, I have no positive expectations for any of Shinji Hosoe's work. I do look forward to the other stuff.

And as always, thanks for sharing for 10 years. The VGM fan community owes gamemp3s a huge debt of gratitude not only for offering music but for improving the information related to VGM albums, composers, and track lists. Since I know that you would never accept money, here's a smiley face. :)

10 years for that. Hope it was worth it!

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 31 August

comment #15

never accept money... hm it can be negotiable =)

comment posted by coe on 31 August

comment #16


Also, thanks for the Extreme Escape 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors Soundtrack. I never heard about this game until I read about it's release in the US on joystiq and now I come here to find the soundtrack. The game sounds interesting and I really like Hosoe's stuff so this really hits the spot. Thanks!

comment posted by Emil on 31 August

comment #17

Happy birthday you kickass connoisseurs of fine gaming tunes!!

Thank you for making days bearable and melodies abled from far off lands.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 31 August

comment #18

Happy birthday to the entire #gamemp3s team and thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of video game music! :)

comment posted by null on 01 September

comment #19

Thank you sooo much and happy birthday to you.
I wish you long life.
T6hank you #gamemp3s team.

comment posted by Gmastershief on 01 September

comment #20

Happy Anniversary!!!
You rock so much :D

comment posted by Vagrant Wolf on 01 September

comment #21

Happy birthday:)

comment posted by Freezard on 01 September

comment #22

Red Dead's OST is very Ennio Morricone in style. Cool stuff!

comment posted by Khadka on 02 September

comment #23

*my very first post here I think*

Happy birthday and congratulations for your singleness.
Thank you for all your great releases. :D

comment posted by Censuros on 04 September

comment #24

Thank you very much, and happy belated birthday! <3

comment posted by Bear on 05 September

comment #25

congrats for the 10-year anniversary! Hopefully that number doubles and thanks for all the great music. Keep it coming! :)

comment posted by animetayl on 08 September

comment #26

Always nice to see more Nanosweep

comment posted by arttq on 10 September

comment #27

I'm looking for Dead Rising OST, but can't find it anywhere! Can you help, please?

comment posted by Phat on 14 September

comment #28

Nanosweeps are awesome. Where can I get volumes 4-8?

comment posted by Ult on 18 September

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