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Fanfare Overture

I'm back and with four three new albums.

First, it's the Sid Meier's Civilization V Original Soundtrack with music from Michael Curran and Geoff Knorr performed by the Filmharmonic Orchestra Prague.

Next, it's a trip down memory lane with the Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.2 and Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.3. Listen to some classic battle themes from some of your favorite games and composers: Nobuo Uematsu, Kenji Ito, Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoko Shimomura, and more!

Finally, it's Symphonic Fantasies - music from SQUARE ENIX. A concert from last year with some amazing arrangements performed by the WDR Rundfunkorchester Köln and WDR Rundfunkchor Köln from Kingdom Hearts, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger/Cross, and Final Fantasy.

9/25/2010 Update
: Fixed the m3u and track 6 on Battle Tracks Vol. 2. You can find the update here.

Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.2
Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.3
Symphonic Fantasies - music from SQUARE ENIX

posted by Msia on 22 September


comment #1

Symphonic Fantasies <3.

comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 22 September

comment #2

Excellent! Thanks a lot

comment posted by JailDesigner on 22 September

comment #3

Square Enix music, thanks for that.

comment posted by BkV on 22 September

comment #4

On Battle Tracks Vol. 2, Final Fantasy is misspelled "Final Fanatsy"


comment posted by Mach2 on 22 September

comment #5

Thank you, this is fantastic!

comment posted by bluegato on 22 September

comment #6

Thanks guys.

comment posted by Thanksguys on 22 September

comment #7

Awesome Stuff :D Thank you

comment posted by KD-0085 on 22 September

comment #8

yeah,thank you,终于等到新原声大碟了。

comment posted by goldyes on 22 September

comment #9

Sweeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks!

comment posted by Eric Mill on 22 September

comment #10

Wow guys, you really surprised me this time :D
You made me walk back on memory lane..

comment posted by Kozaim on 22 September

comment #11

Thank you Msia. I've been waiting to hear Symphonic Fantasies.

comment posted by Master Zophar on 22 September

comment #12

Great stuff =) The Chrono Medley from SF takes you to another plane of existence full of awsome.

comment posted by Snow on 22 September

comment #13

Symphonic Fantasies is full of EPICNESS!!! Thanks a lot! :D

comment posted by fslazurite on 22 September

comment #14

Thanks too much. xD

comment posted by Adam on 22 September

comment #15

Yes Yes YEES, thank you so much.
(and waiting the exceptional soundtrack of Halo Reach :-) )

comment posted by Gmastershief on 22 September

comment #16

Ugh, more Square circlejerking.

comment posted by Bogon on 22 September

comment #17

Thank you for this! Haven't heard of Symphonic Fantasies but the filenames alone give me goosebumps. Can't wait to listen to it. Everything with Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger written on it gets a plus in my book.

@Gmastershief: I haven't played Reach beacuse I find the games atrociously boring but I have to admit that the soundtracks are pretty good, especially ODST. However, I still think that the Halo main theme is incredibly overrated.

comment posted by Emil on 22 September

comment #18

Thanks for the upload. Though the playlists need some editing as the names of the actual files don't align with their names in the playlist.

comment posted by bluedragonx on 22 September

comment #19

Did anyone know where the lyrics on the final fantasy theme can be found ? I mean for he first part.
(if possible, with sheets ?)

Anyway, thanks for this excellent job only you can do.

comment posted by Erdnal on 22 September

comment #20

Sorry for the double post but...
for the everything part could be better than just the first part.

comment posted by Erdnal on 22 September

comment #21

The symphonic is amazing. Hearing Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger/Cross songs re arranged live was amazing, and another excellent FF live performance as well.

Thanks a lot!

comment posted by Aihal on 22 September

comment #22

Thank you for the Symphonic Fantasies. Didn't think I'd be able to find it on the net.

comment posted by Daniel on 23 September

comment #23

Yet another fantastic release! I have been looking forward to this Symphonic Fantasies album for quite some time. It will be nice to finally be able to listen to it. And Civilization IV had some amazing tunes, so I hope Civilization V won't disappoint either :)

As for the Battle Tracks, they will be interesting, and I hope they've chosen great ones. And knowing SQUARE ENIX, I believe they have.

Thank you as always!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 23 September

comment #24

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Symphonic Fantasies is amazing;

comment posted by Thiago on 23 September

comment #25

I'm dissapointed with the Civ V album. Civ IV had some amazing tunes and this one had just normal run-of-the-mill tune. T.T

comment posted by Finny on 23 September

comment #26

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!

comment posted by Lania on 23 September

comment #27

I fucked up to the Civ V soundtrack tracklist and the m3u for Battle Tracks so expect fixes for those in the next release.

comment posted by Msia on 23 September

comment #28

Symphonic Fantasies is pretty bitchin'.

comment posted by LCC on 23 September

comment #29

Civ V is just a mishmash of classical music and other familiar themes. It would be a lot more interesting if the composers wrote new themes instead.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 24 September

comment #30

Just wanted to say thanks for the share. Cant get enough of stuff onsite. Thumbs up all the way.

comment posted by Smurf on 24 September

comment #31

OMG Symphonic Fantasies is so bloody amazing!

comment posted by Kaari on 24 September

comment #32

I uploaded the Medley track on my web space if anyone want it (a shame that it was not on the album). It contains Destati, Lavos' Theme etc...

comment posted by Kibbas on 25 September

comment #33

The thought of listening to any remix of Chrono Cross music makes me want to puke. I hate that game and everything about it more than ABC, FOX, and NBC hate good programming.

I will say this for Square Enix, though: they picked a pretty awesome cover for volume 3. The only thing that would top it is an album of Nintendo themes with the classic NES controller. That or Mario fisting Luigi's peach.

Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 25 September

comment #34

Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Malandrolord on 25 September

comment #35

Why have you issued the fix for "Einhänder"?
Square themselves are using umlauts for it.

comment posted by Hans on 27 September

comment #36

very nice update! thanks!

comment posted by lsl7994 on 27 September

comment #37

@Hans: Not on the CD they ain't

comment posted by Adam on 27 September

comment #38

Hans: Accents cause our files to fail sometimes. We remove them whenever they cause issues with other files (m3u or sfv).

comment posted by Msia on 27 September

comment #39

HOly crap. The Symphony soundtrack is amazing! This is the best download I've made off of this site!!! THANK YOU!

comment posted by Adam Bryant on 28 September

comment #40

Ah, ok, thanks.

comment posted by Hans on 29 September

comment #41

Can't stop listening to Symphonic Fantasies, specially the Chrono Trigger/Cross track, absolutely wonderful!

comment posted by Nolasco on 30 September

comment #42

thank you sooooo much ^^the symphony fantasy is just one of the best orchestration i EVER ear. I just fall in love in it ^^

comment posted by Psyhodelik on 03 October

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