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Bogey Battle

We're back and we brought bald space marines with us!

Tonight, we have the Halo Reach Original Soundtrack with music from Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori plus the new Vanquish Original Soundtrack featuring Erina Niwa, Masafumi Takada, and Masakazu Sugimori.

Halo Reach Original Soundtrack
Vanquish Original Soundtrack

posted by Msia on 28 October


comment #1

Woo. Heard the Halo Reach OST earlier. It's pretty good. Don't know nuthin' 'bout Vanquish, so I'm lookin' forward to findin' out.

Apostrophes're cool.

Thanks f'r sh'rin'.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 28 October

comment #2

Thank You :D Gonna listen to them at my work.. Great release again :)

comment posted by KD-0085 on 29 October

comment #3

thanx so much...^_^

comment posted by karasujin on 29 October

comment #4

Awesomesauce. Thanks a ton!

comment posted by Mach2 on 29 October

comment #5

Halo did it again. Ultra long tracks. I hate the way they handle soundtracks. Why they can't make 20-25 pieces albums? Instead of it they always make those fake suites which are actually few tracks glued together... And even worse is the fact, that I'm a big fan of Halo music:/. But score itself is decent.

And as for Vanquish, I was actually waiting for this score, but didn't know what to expect. So I'm not dissapointed, even if I think that it sucks big time;). Thanks for both shares though.

comment posted by Herbaciak on 29 October

comment #6

Happy to see two soundtracks for 2 games I like. Very nice release, Thank you.

comment posted by bluegato on 29 October

comment #7

Depression over. For now. Thank you.

comment posted by Adam on 29 October

comment #8

Not a big fan of the Halo games but the soundtracks have been quite good - even though I still think that the Halo theme is incredibly overrated.

Haven't played Vanquish yet but Masafumi Takada has yet to disappoint.

Thank you!

comment posted by Emil on 29 October

comment #9

The Vanquish soundtrack is quite epic. Thanks a ton!

comment posted by CrimsonKnight13 on 29 October

comment #10

Again a huge Thx to Msia. Will Seed it as Long as Possible.

comment posted by Sanuku on 30 October

comment #11

Dig it, thanks.

comment posted by Jimminy Jillickers on 30 October

comment #12

Just saying thanks for the share. THUMBs UP!! with Air Hugs.

comment posted by smurf on 30 October

comment #13

I had the deepest Depression on 27th of october!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for this. I was actually waiting for Vanquished soundtrack. I hope the Tracks for the trailers are here. And i still wanna seea movie of Vanquished and not game. XD
The CG quality is so soperb. Oh God!

comment posted by morrigan999 on 30 October

comment #14

Thanks for the Vanquish OST. Just skimmed through the tracks. Very electronic sound, not really my taste, but seems to fit the game style :)

comment posted by null on 30 October

comment #15

Vanquish soundtrack is very enjoyable, thanks for this.

Agreed with Herb above, wish they'd stop merging tracks together for the Halo soundtrack.

comment posted by Swiftor on 02 November

comment #16

Thanks for putting this up, I've been looking for this for ages! But there are barely any seeders for it, does anybody have the Vanquish OST still in the seeder lists?

comment posted by Siris555 on 05 June

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