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#gamemp3s Archive Torrent 2010

#gamemp3s is happy to announce the #gamemp3s Archive Torrent 2010! This torrent contains 146 albums, weighs in at 25.6 GB, and only includes albums we released in 2010 along with any post-release updates (yes, that includes Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collections Box). We're also still looking for a solution to the older archive torrents.

In addition, I've also gone back and made some few more changes to albums we released that never were again updated. You can view the list below for any changes that I've made. I also included the Senjou no Valkyria -Gallian Chronicles- Original Soundtrack which is an album we released back in 2008, but contained the wrong album title. Please help us all out and seed this torrent, thanks.

Chrono Trigger Original Sound Track

  • Fixed tags on tracks 113, 124, 309, 310, 316, 318, 319, 323, and 324.
  • Fixed error with previous M3U (thanks for catching this AzO!)
  • Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack

  • Removed Album Artist tag on every track.
  • Updated M3U and SFV.
  • NieR Gestalt & RepliCant Original Soundtrack

  • Lower cased the "c" in Replicant. This change has been reflected in the Album tags, M3U, NFO, and SFV.
  • StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Soundtrack

  • Updated artist/composer tags with updated breakdown information.
  • Valkyria Chronicles 2 Gallian Royal Military Academy Original Soundtrack

  • Album renamed to Senjou no Valkyria 2 -Gallia Ouritsu Shikan Gakkou- Original Soundtrack. This change has been reflected in the Album tags, M3U, NFO, and SFV.
  • Valkyria Chronicles Original Sound Track

  • Album renamed to Senjou no Valkyria -Gallian Chronicles- Original Soundtrack. This change has been reflected in the Album tags, M3U, NFO, and SFV.
  • Updated tracks 101 and 225.
  • Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga Collective Music Files

  • Updated tracks 115 and 201.
  • Updated artist on tracks 115, 116, 201, 205, and 206.
  • posted by Msia on 16 January


    comment #1

    very nice. I wont be downloading this, but I'll be correcting the tags. :]

    comment posted by Zaggy on 16 January

    comment #2

    Thx for the Collection. I`ll start Seeding soon :) Happy 2011 :)

    comment posted by Sanuku on 16 January

    comment #3

    I got 93.8% when I ran this up against my collection. How'd everyone else do?

    comment posted by ddaydj on 16 January

    comment #4

    Thank you for looking into the old archive torrents. Hope to see it fixed again soon!

    comment posted by strugglepoo on 16 January

    comment #5

    Awesome release and I hope u can do this for older archives too. I have everything from 2010 so i won't be downloading. Keep up the great work Msia

    comment posted by KD-0085 on 17 January

    comment #6

    KD-0085, if there are no seeds on the archive torrents jump on IRC and let someone know. There are a few of us that are always available for seeding.

    comment posted by ddaydj on 17 January

    comment #7

    As soon as I can find some space on my hard drive to keep this for seeding, I will. Thanks for the archive and for all the work!

    comment posted by Man_s on 17 January

    comment #8

    Thanks for this. I can start seeding immediately as I have downloaded all the other torrents and kept all of the files.

    Just one question: Did filenames change as well? Checking files for updates is easy since the torrent application does that but what about files I have on my hard disk that should be deleted now? Are there any?

    I'd rather just delete the unnecessary files instead of the entire albums that have been fixed so I can start seeding immediately.


    comment posted by Emil on 17 January

    comment #9

    By the way, one more thing: You guys did not include one of your 2010 releases, specifically Persona Live from August (http://www.gamemp3s.net/2010/08/06/persona-music-live-again/). Probably because it's a DVD rip. Just pointing that out for anyone who wants the complete Persona Live 2009 Velvetroom music; The 2010 archive only contains 4 of the 32 tracks.

    comment posted by Emil on 17 January

    comment #10

    I had about 73% of this, unless file changes kicked out more of what I already had. Thanks for all the releases over the years! I like the idea of the archives being by release year, as opposed to the huge alphabet system. Perhaps you could split each year into 2-4 parts and rotate which archive is available for redownloading each month?

    comment posted by Coda on 17 January

    comment #11

    Emil: File names changed on only the tracks where I changed the title. If you're still keeping up with us, it's probably easier to just delete the albums in the post entirely and grab those again. I also did not include those Persona albums as they were rips and not an official release.

    Coda: Doing yearly archives definitely makes things easier for everyone. We're still trying to come up with a solution for the older stuff as opposed to how we did it the last time which was extremely time consuming.

    comment posted by Msia on 17 January

    comment #12

    thx always. downloading and seeding soon~

    comment posted by Anony on 17 January

    comment #13

    Fun fun, interesting way to get an archive torrent placed. Hope the other archives can be solved with a better solution Misa. :-)

    Although going back and doing year archives for the older stuff might be a pain too... I think the year I was an FTP for #gamemp3s it was a heavy release year... >.<;

    Anyways good luck whit whatever you come up with!

    comment posted by BrianXavier on 18 January

    comment #14

    Thanks Msia. I will delete and redownload the changed albums so that I can fully seed the archive torrent. I made it over 90% when I first checked my files anyway so the little bit of time necessary to redownload the changes is no problem at all.

    Thank you!

    comment posted by Emil on 18 January

    comment #15

    Great job!! I really proud of this site and all composers.
    These game musics make me pleasure and excitement.(^_^)

    comment posted by Remrem on 18 January

    comment #16

    how about create to Archive's Fix(correction) Checker or Execuator? MD5 Checker or whatever.

    When you working hard after correction files,
    (I always feel Thank about you :s)

    People should much easier to your correction subject.

    comment posted by hong620 on 19 January

    comment #17

    Thanks for sharing all these soundtracks. :)

    comment posted by lsl7994 on 19 January

    comment #18

    @hong: Every archive has a SVN file for that and the torrent clients check the files as well; If you already have the albums in the archive the torrent client will download the changes only.

    Unless you meant something else :)

    comment posted by Emil on 19 January

    comment #19

    glad to see this as i ran out of space in the fall and had to stop grabbing new releases! however, i've always wondered why you guys don't add the cover art to the torrents even though they are in the post??? i'm too lazy to right-click, save as :P

    comment posted by cubivore on 19 January

    comment #20

    The covers are saved directly in the mp3 files' tags. They are in the torrent and will show up on every half-capable mp3 player.

    comment posted by Emil on 20 January

    comment #21

    I think I have all of 2008-2009, but I know I'm missing some of the 2007 releases, since some of the links no longer work. Prior to that, my collection gets spotty. I'm constantly running out of space, too, and can never seem to back up stuff fast enough. The alphabet archives were cool, but the biggest problem with any of the archives is the size. I frequently need my PC for other dedicated tasks, but I like to seed back at least what I download, and the larger the archive the longer it takes me to seed. Smaller sized archives would work better for me, whether divided by release year or alphabet, though I prefer release year (subdivided into quarters or something). Whatever the case, I'll gratefully take whatever I can get!

    comment posted by Coda on 20 January

    comment #22

    Well thank you all for your comments.

    I am glad to see that our releases are still appreciated, and have been for so many years.
    So again, thank you all for all your support (and seeding too)
    Also to all our japanese friends I know you are many to download and seed our releases, あけましておめでとうございます

    comment posted by Kibbas on 21 January

    comment #23

    I deleted the albums you listed in the post and woke up this morning to find myself seeding. I'll continue to seed to help everyone get these releases.

    On the note of the Senjou no Valkyria -Gallian Chronicles- Original Soundtracks you might want to update the complete release list page to the proper names so we can still use it to check against our collections.

    Also I recently finished downloading all the letter archives and every other release there was as I lost my previous complete collection to a hard drive failure. I'm pretty confident I have most, if not all of your releases at this point. If you need help with other archive torrents let me know and I'll be glad to assist.

    comment posted by Naka on 21 January

    comment #24

    Pretty Cool. Did hit 1100 GB Downloads Yesterday. Keep Downloading Guys...


    Again Thx for the Release Msia :)

    comment posted by Sanuku on 21 January

    comment #25

    Whoa, you're an inspiration to all of us, Sanuku ;)

    comment posted by Adam on 22 January

    comment #26

    Sanuku, I super salute you.

    Now I'm curious where the limit is on Comcast, hmmmsk.

    comment posted by Chris E. on 25 January

    comment #27

    Congratulation Folks. You did break the last Record:


    2000 GB

    Anyone wana bet if that one might hit the 1000 GB this Year?

    comment posted by Sanuku on 01 February

    comment #28

    Hey guys,

    Seems like most (all?) Baiscape releases are pirated from here. Just a reminder if you like our albums, please consider purchasing them so we can make even better releases in the future :-)

    We work really hard on our OSTs!

    Demetri (Basiscape)

    comment posted by Demetri on 07 February

    comment #29

    Can we have the Ghost Trick soundtrack posted next?

    comment posted by sfried on 11 February

    comment #30

    Wow I been looking for the soundtrack of Guwange of stage 3 for a very very long time. Thanks for uploading, long live gamemp3s ^^...yarrrrrrrrrrrr.

    comment posted by stickynuts on 15 February

    comment #31

    oh~ very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good!!! great !!!!! perfect !!!!!!

    comment posted by wow on 22 March

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