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Back with more new stuff for you.

First, you've waited more than 10 years for it, and now it's finally here! It's the Ape Escape Originape Soundtracks composed by Soichi Terada. Next, we have a double dose of Catherine for Atlus fans. Catherine Original Soundtrack with new music from Shoji Meguro and the Catherine Sound Disc & Art Book with Meguro's take on classical music.

Moving on, we have the Myth The Xenogears Orchestral Album with some awesome orchestra arrangements of Yasunori Mitsuda's work. New music from Hitoshi Sakimoto on the Senjou no Valkyria 3 -Unrecorded Chronicles- Original Soundtrack. Finally, it's The Last Story Original Soundtrack featuring new compositions from the legendary Nobuo Uematsu.

Thanks to Juanzen for hooking us up with the Catherine Sound Disc & Art Book.

Update: After some discussion with Godai, we've decided to:

1) Update Myth to its proper album name as displayed on the cover.
2) Update the artists on The Last Story to the arrangers and moved Uematsu to the composer tag.

Hopefully this makes everyone happy? Check below for the new torrent as the old one was deleted. Sorry to ruin your weekend.

Ape Escape Originape Soundtracks
Catherine Original Soundtrack
Catherine Sound Disc & Art Book
Myth The Xenogears Orchestral Album
Senjou no Valkyria 3 -Unrecorded Chronicles- Original Soundtrack
The Last Story Original Soundtrack

posted by Msia on 26 February


comment #1

Thanks guys. Ape Escape has some good music.

comment posted by davidd on 26 February

comment #2

guys, really, it's ok, take a break... all these posts are way too much epic to be true...

comment posted by Vagrant Wolf on 26 February

comment #3

Good thing I had some time off this week to actually help out. :x
Awesome release!!

comment posted by Godai on 26 February

comment #4

soooo awesome!!! Thank you guys so much!

comment posted by merlin on 26 February

comment #5

you are aware that -MYTH- etc isn't the title of the cover?

(will retag that shit)

comment posted by coe on 26 February

comment #6

Check the liner notes credits on pg.13.

comment posted by Msia on 26 February

comment #7

i find amazing that you've changed Nier Replicant album tags coz the cover had RepliCant, and now you don't use the title on the cover
wtf @ that, are you kidding me?

comment posted by coe on 26 February

comment #8

Album titles. Serious business.

comment posted by Jeffrey Bosboom on 26 February

comment #9

We never tag any album to what the title is on the cover. I think we've made this pretty obvious by now.

In addition, I actually was using the correct album title when we first released Nier last year. There was only one cover floating around the net with "RepliCant" at the time, and then Square decided to change it to "Replicant" on the album prior to it being released. People then came on here and started complaining about this so I changed it back to "RepliCant" in the next release which was not the correct thing to do in hindsight.

comment posted by Msia on 26 February

comment #10

Ah damn, didn't mean to use my real name, especially to say something as lame as that. Please delete that and this comment?

comment posted by (bleh) on 26 February

comment #11

Thanks for posting the Sakimoto album.

comment posted by Avanze on 26 February

comment #12

These are lovely new sets of releases. This looks like it's going to be a popular one. Thanks Msia and Godai and everyone else here at gamemp3s for exciting us with good soundtracks. I'm beginning to feel another pantaloons session creeping in...

You releases evoke the eminently non-odious abundances of happy fun-times, sunshine, and rainbows; with your peasantine gnomics you shall most triumphantly evince instances of smiles-on-all-faces!

Concede not to the admonitions of the benumbed rubbernecks who distract you into the pulls and pangs of RL, for I am ready to champion and embolden you! The bounty of your offerings once again incites my High Dancing: with crackerjack gavotte to chicane bourrée I shall inveigle the dissolution of any naysayer.

comment posted by papa_haydn on 26 February

comment #13

Holy shit guys, calm the hell down. I should write an essay on the ins and outs of crediting artists in tags for digital distribution over this shit. Everyone is free to retag whatever the hell they want, but we do think about how we want to tag and represent these albums with a variety of different factors.

You are awesome, papa-haydn.

comment posted by Godai on 26 February

comment #14

for all you katherine supporters, here's alternate cover art for the sound disc & art book. http://goo.gl/aKmwH

comment posted by ddaydj on 26 February

comment #15

Wow, coe, lay off man! These awesome guys don't even have to post these albums at all, yet they do it for our benefit. Show a little appreciation.

As for the music, I always cry tears of joy whenever I see a Sakimoto album. Thanks for the update! :D

comment posted by animetayl on 26 February

comment #16

I KNEW I could count on you guys! Much love, I can die happy now for the The Last Story OST.

comment posted by baruga on 26 February

comment #17

Shitfuck, I haven't even finished listening to the last batch.

So, what to say about this next lineup... I'm getting a depressing feeling that I'm not going to like the Catherine albums, am I? Based on Meguro's recent track record of pop song battle themes with Engrish singing, can I really be optimistic? I know nothing about Catherine, but... it's called Catherine! It sure as hell don't look like Digital Devil Saga or SMT Nocturne. Yet how can I not give it a shot?

For Valkyria, if it's by Sakimoto, it's more of the same (at least to non-fans like me). I doubt I'll find Ape Escape very entertaining. And I honestly have no confidence that the orchestral arrangement of Xenogears will actually select the best songs from the OST. I'm sure they picked anything but Stage of Death or Steel Giant. Why remix those when you could do an arrangement of the world map theme? I'll find out if I'm wrong in a second, but I sure doubt it.

Now for this issue of album names... C'mon.

As always, thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 26 February

comment #18

So to start the Catherine music is the most generic shit to ever be created by Meguro and even makes Persona 3 and 4 seem great. But hot damn you got some great stuff here!

Myth is absolutely amazing if you are a fan of the melodies and possibly even enjoyable for the uninitiated. I am also very thankful for your posting of Valkyria Chronicles 3 and The Last Story because I wanted to see if they are worth it before buying the CDs. The Last Story premium arrange doesn't give me much hope for this but I still have to check it out anyway.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 26 February

comment #19

The exact title for the Xenogears album should be -Myth- , with 1 hyphen (-) to each side. They are visible on the cover.

comment posted by Rak on 27 February

comment #20

Awesome stuff. You guys always exceed everyone's expectations, even when we take things for granted. I always appreciate the work you guys do. Thanks :D

comment posted by Tsumo on 27 February

comment #21

Rak, We aren't going through THAT again, haha. Everyone will just have to deal with this choice, and if they don't like it, they can change it.

comment posted by Godai on 27 February

comment #22

Thanks for all the nice comments guys and gals.

comment posted by Godai on 27 February

comment #23

Thank You :) I love Meguro and Catherine is a great game!

comment posted by KD-0085 on 27 February

comment #24

coe you suck!

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 27 February

comment #25

Thanks as ever for some amazing releases, guys! You're simply awesome!

comment posted by Dallie on 27 February

comment #26

man, you guys are on a roll, I stlil haven't finished everything from the last batch, and now you've sprung more Valkyria and Xeongears goodness on me!

comment posted by kurisub on 27 February

comment #27

Thanks so much for all this great music!

comment posted by bluegato on 27 February

comment #28

Is the Ape Escape OST for the first game...?

comment posted by Lodey on 27 February

comment #29

@rak: there is no hyphen on the cover
i think the things you think to see is a part of the background image (look at the top and bottom of the background image, you'll see sort of slashes)

(booklet front, digipack front and disc have Myth without hyphens, and another thing i forgot slipcase front?)

comment posted by coe on 27 February

comment #30

i mean, that forms a hexagon (hope the thing will show properly)
\ /
-- myth --
/ \

comment posted by coe on 27 February

comment #31

That Myth album or whatever it is called is as overrated as Xenogears IMHO.

Press Play on Tape FTW.

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 27 February

comment #32

Just kidding, it rocks. Perhaps there's no hyphen in the title but we almost see the hymen from Kyasarin : p

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 27 February

comment #33

You absolute bunch of sexy beasts (compliment)

comment posted by Adam on 27 February

comment #34

Many thanks for the Catherine albums. Long live gamemp3s!

comment posted by Guildenstern on 27 February

comment #35

You are all such a bunch of sushidicks. Godai, if imprisoning and keeping you as a housepet wasn't a criminal offence, your ass would be in my house behind bars, you delicious piece of manmeat you.


comment posted by Blizzje on 27 February

comment #36

Thanks for this release Msia and Godai.

comment posted by Masterzophar on 27 February

comment #37

Since when gamemp3 and users became so anal with the album title or such? I don't say it's not a big matter (at least, for some people), but if you have a complaint, readd tags yourself.

comment posted by Oppai on 27 February

comment #38

Thanks! waiting for the last story and Catherine.

comment posted by taepoppuri on 27 February

comment #39

Ok Last Story is seriously painful. I don't know what is worse, the arrangements or the samples but the only good track is the one by Kanon. Uematsu needs to bring back Hiroyuki Nakayama and Satoshi Henmi, the arrangers from Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 27 February

comment #40

Thanks a lot for the releases great work !!!

comment posted by Flamigo on 27 February

comment #41

Two amazing releases so close together! Thank you guys so much.


comment posted by Eric Mill on 27 February

comment #42

@Oppai: i never asked msia to retag it and remake the torrent (i just said i'll retag it)

@JimmySomerville: you're overrated ;p

comment posted by coe on 27 February

comment #43

Wow. The Myth Xenogears album just may have unseated FF8's Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec as my go-to orchestrated album (and I've listened the crap out of that one). Holy shit this is good.

comment posted by JazzFlight on 27 February

comment #44

thanks for the great update!

comment posted by lsl7994 on 28 February

comment #45

id say coe should replace -e with -ck

nice release i try out uematsu :)

comment posted by Nero on 28 February

comment #46

Yes! Shoji Meguro and Uematsu Nobuo in one day. Day is made! Thank you guys!

comment posted by piggybank on 28 February

comment #47

yess, love you guys!

comment posted by yay on 28 February

comment #48

Hi guys; thanks for another strong batch this year. Only two months in and we've already got a nice spread!

My question is: On the Last Story OST, if Nobuo Uematsu is the composer, who is this Yoshitaka Suzuki listed as "Artist" in the file info?

comment posted by ittoujuu on 01 March

comment #49

Uematsu composed, but Suzuki arranged all the tracks except 2-14 and 3-13, which were arranged by sutomu Narita.

Uematsu hasn't done album where he would have composed and arranged his tunes in ages, I think Lost Odyssey was the last one.

comment posted by Razakin on 01 March

comment #50

Even Lost Odyssey was arranged, by Hiroyuki Nakayama and Satoshi Henmi.

comment posted by Adam on 02 March

comment #51

Omg the Ape Escape soundtrack is totally mixed remastered that was totally the suprise of the century for me ^^

Thx a lot Gamemp3s this soundtrack really made my day i need to grab it as soon as possible :D

comment posted by webcider on 02 March

comment #52

Most of Uematsu's albums are arranged. He was never an orchestrator or anything like that (being self taught and no musical training thereafter). The arrangers are a help for the "real" instrumentation that Uematsu uses now. He's said he has no interest in any of that. He's in close collaboration with them so it's not like he just hands it over. Any way, Last Story is awesome in my opinion. Very different from his other works as it seems more dependent upon what's happening in the game. Thanks you all!

comment posted by Jeremy on 03 March

comment #53

As far as I know, Mitsuda, Sakimoto & Sakuraba are all self-taught and they can orchestrate, although the orchestration differs in quality, and sometimes they rely on outsourcing orchestration (Natsumi Kameoka in the Myth album is one of their collaborators) too.

The problem with Uematsu is he does not even arrange his music now. This is probably why #gamemp3s decides not to label him as the artist...? Anyway as long as the music sounds good I am not complaining.

comment posted by Mieu on 04 March

comment #54

After looking it up, I'm surprised to find out even those FFXIV promo albums weren't arranged by Uematsu. Something to keep in mind for Msia when/if you release the full OST (since although Fukui is listed as an arranger, Narita isn't).

comment posted by Adam on 05 March

comment #55

Fantastic release guys! This is pure listening pleasure :) I can't thank you enough! Have a great day.

comment posted by Gameguardian on 07 March

comment #56

Uematsu came from a generation where there wasn't much arranging needed. So, he collaborates with those who are trained to arrange and orchestrate. All, I'm saying is that he's said he has no interest in going back and learning the technical side of things, he wants to focus on composing. But he does collaborate closely with them... as in constant communication... and he directs them as to the instrumentation and overall sound.

I do think that he should be listed as the album artist, mainly because it is his work and because of the closeness of the collaboration. With arrangement mentions later on. (I changed that after I downloaded it...lol)

Anyway... great releases nonetheless and I always appreciate you all!

comment posted by Jeremy on 10 March

comment #57

So when are you guys gonna get down on a 320 version of this gem here.-

(Let's Go Away The Video Game Daytona USA Annversery Box)

comment posted by OrochinagiZER0EX on 03 April

comment #58

Thank You!

comment posted by ichigo_daisuki on 07 November

comment #59

Would it be possible to get a seed on who has Ape Escape? There is a seed in the swarm but I do not get connected to them for more than a couple minutes and no data transfers when there is a connection. I've got all but ape escape. I'll be seeding this torrent for a long time if I can finish it up. Thanks again!

comment posted by jt4703 on 14 July

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