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My Sword Shall Open the Way

Back again with 9 albums for you.

First up we have soundtracks for both inFamous games. inFamous Official Soundtrack along with inFamous 2 The Blue Soundtrack with music from Amon Tobin, Jim Dooley, JD Mayer, Mel Wesson, Martin Tillman, Galactic, and Brain.

Next on deck is the Milestone Sound Collection covering the entire shooting game series and featuring Kou Hayashi and Daisuke Nagata. After that we have the PlayStation Soundtracks Vol. 1. This album has music from several Playstation 3 titles with music by Greg Edmonson, Apocalyptica, Normand Corbeil, Garry Schyman, Mike Reagan, Gerard Marino, and more! Thanks to Gregarious for hooking us up with this.

Moving on we have Senjou no Valkyria Piano Pieces with Casey Ormond performing the music of Hitoshi Sakimoto on piano. Followed up by a double combo of music for fans of the Tales series. Tales of Graces Original Soundtrack composed by Motoi Sakuraba and Hibiki Aoyama and the latest Tales of Xillia Original Soundtrack with even more Motoi for you.

We also have The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Original Soundtrack with music from the one and only Koji Kondo. Finally, we have the Zwei2 Original Soundtrack showcasing the Falcom Sound Team jdk.

inFamous 2 The Blue Soundtrack
inFamous Official Soundtrack
Milestone Sound Collection
PlayStation Soundtracks Vol. 1
Senjou no Valkyria Piano Pieces
Tales of Graces Original Soundtrack
Tales of Xillia Original Soundtrack
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Original Soundtrack
Zwei2 Original Soundtrack

posted by Msia on 10 September


comment #1


comment posted by Richard on 10 September

comment #2

THANK YOU! Can't wait to hear the piano pieces.

comment posted by Adam (Zageron) on 10 September

comment #3

There's a Zwei 2?!

Thanks greatly for this upload!

comment posted by Kavi on 10 September

comment #4


comment posted by FuzzyPuff on 11 September

comment #5

thank you so much. Msia!!

comment posted by twomix on 11 September

comment #6


comment posted by Ngai on 11 September

comment #7

Marvelous guys! I've really been looking forward to some of these. This release is, as always, fantastic!

Thank you very much!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 11 September

comment #8

Awesome new release guys! Looking forward to blasting the Playstation soundtracks :)

comment posted by Blizzje on 11 September

comment #9


comment posted by 7md on 11 September

comment #10

Awesome release guys! Thank You so much, I am really looking forward to listening to these :3

comment posted by Midget on 11 September

comment #11

welcome back guys, missed you a lot!

comment posted by CZX on 11 September

comment #12

This is a really nice bacth of soundtracks you have released, thank you. Although I'm kinda sad now since seeing the VC piano pieces soundtrack only reminds me that VC3 won't be released here.

comment posted by Cyphin on 12 September

comment #13

Woo! A release! Awesome! Some great choices too, this is great, specially the Infamous Blue. Thanks always!!

comment posted by bluegato on 13 September

comment #14

thank you

comment posted by david on 13 September

comment #15

So, what's with the sporadic releases lately? This used to be my game music depot, but lately, I've been having to find regular updates at other sites (some of which already have some of these soundtracks).

comment posted by Anonymous on 13 September

comment #16

Already own ZWEI2 but the others are alien to me, my thanks.

comment posted by Adam on 14 September

comment #17

Part of the reason must lie in the general dearth of music that is being released lately.

comment posted by Strifer on 15 September

comment #18

Huh, I seem to be having a problem with the torrent part. Downloads fine. When I get to the actual ripping from it, BLAM, it just stops.

comment posted by Parnash on 15 September

comment #19

Where's my Minna no Rhythm Tengoku OST?

comment posted by sfried on 16 September

comment #20

The Zwei2 Soundtrack is absolutely brilliant! Thank you!

comment posted by Emil on 17 September

comment #21

I would like to express my gratitude for all the complimetary music you provide your loyal fans. I have a quick question. I have been trying to obtain 2 soundtracks to 2 very awful games. 1. Knights Contract 2. Untold Legends - Dark Kingdom. I have tried amazon, ebay, and bittorent to no avail. I will appreciate any advice. Thank you, friends.

comment posted by Amanda on 24 September

comment #22

I'm going to fiddle nervously waiting on a Disgaea 4 OST. Agh, must....hold out....

comment posted by Thanatos on 28 September

comment #23

umm the oot 3d ost is not by koji kondo, it's by Mahito Yokota, the super mario galaxy composer. maybe you should fix that

comment posted by Mikurotoro on 28 September

comment #24

When do we get to see another refresh of archive torrents? The old ones don't have much seeders anymore if any and its difficult to have an overview what has been released since.

comment posted by Samona on 28 September

comment #25

Ok I just found out that all those torrents are actually dead, WTF??! guess that means the new ones are gonna be out by the end of this year, thank god.

comment posted by Samona on 28 September

comment #26

you can't fxxk me

comment posted by KJ on 03 October

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