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Six albums for you today.

First up we got the Bastion Original Soundtrack written by the talented Darren Korb. Next up is the Final Fantasy Type-0 Music Collection -First Campaign-. A small taste of what's to come from Takeharu Ishimoto. After that we have the most recent NieR Tribute Album -echo-. This album contains remixes from the original by SEXY-SYNTHESIZER, RÄFVEN, sasakure.UK, Nobu44, and more!

Moving on, fighter fans get hype because we have the Street Fighter III 2nd Impact Giant Attack Original Sound Track and Street Fighter III New Generation albums. Music in the original is composed by Hideki Okugawa and Yuki Iwai while the second has arrangements from Hideki Okugawa. Special thanks to v1le for hooking us up with these.

Finally, we have the awesome We are ROCK-MEN! This album features arrangements from across the entire series of games featuring the work of Yasumasa Kitagawa and Masahiro Aoki.

Bastion Original Soundtrack
Final Fantasy Type-0 Music Collection -First Campaign-
NieR Tribute Album -echo-
Street Fighter III 2nd Impact Giant Attack Original Sound Track
Street Fighter III New Generation
We are ROCK-MEN!

10/10/2011 Update: NieR had a bad M3U. I've updated it, the SFV, along with the offending track, and you can find the fixed files here.

posted by Msia on 08 October


comment #1

Woooow Bastion
Thanks!! Msia!!

comment posted by burstrate on 08 October

comment #2

Yey! :D
Thank you so much for this! <3<3

comment posted by Lania on 08 October

comment #3

Great update. Thanks guys.

comment posted by david on 08 October

comment #4

Anything Nier related is gold.

comment posted by Thanatos on 08 October

comment #5

The Bastion soundtrack was amazing and worth paying for. Seeing it in a collection here warms my heart though.

comment posted by gridbread on 08 October

comment #6

Heh. I actually just discovered Bastion a few days ago, and have since been telling everyone I talk to how amazing its soundtrack is. And it's an indie game! I strongly encourage everyone to go out and give them money. Like, right now.

I'm joinking We Are Rockman, though.

comment posted by neminem on 08 October

comment #7

Awesome update! If you guys could get your hands on the Street Fighter III: New Generation Original Arrange album, I'd die.

comment posted by JiZamez on 08 October

comment #8

Woot, thank you!

comment posted by Cas on 08 October

comment #9

Thanks! I have been wanting to check out Final Fantasy Type 0!

comment posted by Sirusjr on 08 October

comment #10

Thanks for the release!

comment posted by Conspera on 08 October

comment #11

Damn, y'all! Thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Lawrence_Bastard on 08 October

comment #12

thank you so much. Msia~!!

comment posted by twomix on 09 October

comment #13

Thanks! You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

comment posted by AzO on 09 October

comment #14


comment posted by Adam on 09 October

comment #15

thanks gamemp3s

comment posted by wobo on 09 October

comment #16


I don't have a program to download the torrent, can you send me a alternate link for the Final Fantasy Type-0?

Much Appreciate!

comment posted by ZA on 09 October

comment #17

Awesome, been waiting for Nier Tribute so long. Loved that game (and ost's) thank you so much.

comment posted by Ngai on 09 October

comment #18

Great release guys! Looking forward to the Nier tribute album. Greetings from rainy Holland! :)

comment posted by Blizzje on 09 October

comment #19


comment posted by Yevon on 09 October

comment #20

Thanks very much for the release, beware of that Nier album, it's pretty horrible and I'm a huge fan of the original.

comment posted by Ae on 10 October

comment #21

Thanks for Rockman Msia.

comment posted by Masterzophar on 10 October

comment #22

I love how the last track on We Are Rock-Men is from DASH/Legends... Yeah... sigh...

comment posted by Some Guy on 10 October

comment #23

Where an album is available for extremely easy mp3 download, like Bastion, why not do the artist the courtesy of linking prominently to it for those who like the album enough to pay for it?

comment posted by Eric Mill on 10 October

comment #24

Thanks! I actually bought We Are Rock-men! a few days before it came out when I went to TGS. Love the album!

comment posted by Blues on 10 October

comment #25

Wow! I haven't heard non-arranged Street Fighter III NG music since I last played the game back in '98 (couldn't find ost).

comment posted by morphballer on 12 October

comment #26

Wow Nier and Bastion Soundtracks are awesome !!
keep up the good work

comment posted by Monker on 12 October

comment #27

thanks you !

comment posted by Med on 14 October

comment #28

Bastion OST is SO DAMN GOOD.

Can we have Grand Knights History next? Apparently the Canadian iTunes store isn't worthy of it, so I can't just buy it...

comment posted by Gene on 14 October

comment #29

Bastion, Type-0 and SF III <33 Thanks a lot.

comment posted by hag on 14 October

comment #31

I heard the new archive torrents are gonna be out soon. Will it be by the end of this year?

comment posted by Remael on 21 October

comment #32

epic new stuff! Grabbing everything, so thank you so, so much!

comment posted by merlin on 25 October

comment #33

Muchas gracias

comment posted by Spectrum on 20 November

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