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let's get it

We've been putting in some long hours to bring you yet another release.

Right out of the box we got a nice one-two combo for FPS fans. Borderlands 2 Original Soundtrack and Borderlands Original Soundtrack have music from Jesper Kyd, Sascha Dikiciyan, Cris Velasco, Raison Varner, and Tim Larkin. We also have the recent Dead or Alive 5 Soundtrack with music from Yojiro Yoshimatsu, Ayako Toyoda, Masako Otsuka, Hiroaki Takahashi and some vocal songs featuring Sebastian "Chosen1" Burton, Lotus Juice, and Ichi-Go. Falcom fans can look forward to Falcom Boss Zanmai with arrangements from across their entire catalog games by Yukihiro Jindo, Toshiharu Okajima, and Noriyuki Kamikura.

Following those we have the latest entries in the Chips series: Final Fantasy VII Chips, Final Fantasy VIII Chips, Final Fantasy IX Chips, and Final Fantasy X Chips. Arrangers include (S_S), MJ & DJ OMKT, BOKKADENcI, KPLECRAFT, ajiponn, Xinon, mochilon, Far East Recording, ASAGEN, W2X, and Bun. After all those we have a triology of new Sega albums. Jet Set Radio Original Soundtrack (2012) featuring Hideki Naganuma, Richard Jacques, and Toronto. Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Original Soundtrack with new music from Hideaki Kobayashi and vocals performances by Annette Marie Cotrill and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi. Plus Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I & II Original Soundtrack by Jun Senoue. Finally, we have the Rainbow Moon Melodies Original Soundtrack composed by Rafael Dyll.

Borderlands 2 Original Soundtrack
Borderlands Original Soundtrack
Dead or Alive 5 Soundtrack
Falcom Boss Zanmai
Final Fantasy IX Chips
Final Fantasy VII Chips
Final Fantasy VIII Chips
Final Fantasy X Chips
Jet Set Radio Original Soundtrack (2012)
Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Original Soundtrack
Rainbow Moon Melodies Original Soundtrack
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I & II Original Soundtrack

posted by Msia on 29 September


comment #1

Thanks God

comment posted by Shoryuken on 29 September

comment #2

Thanks for the Jet Set Radio and for the Falcom Boss Zamai albums.

comment posted by Random Guy on 29 September

comment #3

There is a god!

comment posted by OpTicaL on 30 September

comment #4

you guys are deities of the highest order omg

comment posted by wohdin on 30 September

comment #5

Wow, what's happening with Square-Enix and their chiptune arrange albums? They found a niche there and DAMN if they're milking it!

Nevertheless, this post comes with many many juicy and interesting for everyone content. Thank you again!

comment posted by undi on 30 September

comment #6

Great massive awesome release! Thank you.

comment posted by bluegato on 30 September

comment #7

#gamemp3s hu akbar!!!!!!!

comment posted by Adam on 30 September

comment #8

Thanks for Sonic and Falcom Msia.

comment posted by Masterzophar on 30 September

comment #9

I didn't even know there are other SQ chips! But I really want XI chips.....

comment posted by shiro21 on 30 September

comment #10

Honestly, i'm loving this chiptunes! Hope to see a lot more of these! thanks for sharing.

comment posted by bakashih on 30 September

comment #11

shiro21: Somebody dropped by the channel and said they bought that album and were going to rip it for us. Unfortunately, it looks like that fell through.

comment posted by Msia on 30 September

comment #12

wo0o0owww ....
thx for this great entry anddd with love from iran ;)

comment posted by babak on 30 September

comment #13

Dat Falcom Boss Zanmai. <3

comment posted by vin on 30 September

comment #14

Woohoo! Epic batch of wonderful soundtracks in this release guys! I can't wait to listen to them all. Thank you very much :)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 01 October

comment #15

Thank you very much guys, you are awesome!

comment posted by Zacek on 01 October

comment #16

Msla: Dang! Still, I appreciate the other albums! Will seed for a long time!

comment posted by shiro21 on 01 October

comment #17

Thanyou very much. I have no words to express what i feel for you :)

comment posted by JailDesigner on 01 October

comment #18

thank you Msia

comment posted by twomix on 01 October

comment #19

Thanks a lot guys, great to have new listening material. :)

comment posted by Conspera on 01 October

comment #20

THANKS!! I was waiting for Falcom Boss Zanmai <3

comment posted by Overlord_Laharl on 01 October

comment #21

holy shit final fantasy chips

comment posted by wvlfpvp on 01 October

comment #22

New question: I know you've been populating the disc number part of the tag for a while now, which is fine (and makes working with the tags nice and easy usually). My question is this: is there any chance with box sets and stuff that has a different naming style for the discs (like how each disc in the Chrono Cross set has a name) that you can actually show this in the album tag? Makes it slightly easier for those of us with mp3 players that don't read the disc tag when sorting, and makes me feel like I'm not missing information in the tag that could have been in there.

comment posted by wvlfpvp on 02 October

comment #23

wvlfpvp: That's a good question. I think for consistency sake we would probably not do this. What player are you using that isn't displaying this disc # tag?

comment posted by Msia on 02 October

comment #24

It's a Creative Zen Vision: M. I know it's an older player, but it still works fine, has a graphical EQ and I don't have to feed the asshole monster that is Apple.

comment posted by wvlfpvp on 03 October

comment #25

What a release. Tears of joy are dwindling down my face. :D

comment posted by Blizzje on 04 October

comment #26

Oh great releases! Thanks a lot for this gems!!

comment posted by JOHNAGRA on 04 October

comment #27

W00t~!! More chippy goodness!

Also, soft spot for Rainbow Moon.


comment posted by JLSigman on 05 October

comment #28

Msia: the TSST ID3 frame is for disc subtitles and would be the appropriate place to put disc names when present.

comment posted by ddaydj on 11 October

comment #29

Not trying to be a dick, but I'm realizing that for the album tags to be "consistent", you might-should actually be putting disc numbers in there as well, considering that you've only not been doing so since c.2010, and there are several more years of releases than just 3.

comment posted by wvlfpvp on 23 October

comment #30

Wow~ These FFChips albums are pretty awesome! I grabbed them all haha :-]

comment posted by Stephanie on 04 November

comment #31

thx for the Rafael Dyll ones, the best video game musician in this year

comment posted by bloouup on 17 November

comment #32

I know this may not be the correct place to ask this but I really wanted to join #gamemp3s and contribute with Akira Yamaoka’s latest Single, which can be considered as a very special release. But I’m unable to “connect” with irc.xelium.net using mIRC. Do you know any advance guide that could help me to successfully connect to the channel? I’m getting “Unable to resolve server”.
Thank you!

comment posted by Huicho on 21 November

comment #33

You guys are freaking awesome! I LOVE YOU!

comment posted by Yelle on 24 September

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