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Fighting to the End

10/12/2012 Update Part Dos: We made several changes to our original translation on Bravely Default. You can grab the fixed files here.

A wild release has appeared!

Starting off is the 25th Anniversary Rockman Rock Arrange Ver and 25th Anniversary Rockman Techno Arrange Ver albums. Check out arrangements from the Livestrow Basiscape Band, Yoshimi Kudo, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Kenji Ito, Yoshitaka Hirota, Shinji Hosoe, Mitsuhiro Ohta, and more! We also have the highly anticipated Bravely Default Flying Fairy Original Soundtrack featuring the incredible music of Revo. Finally, it's Max Payne 3 The Official Soundtrack with some great tunes from HEALTH.

25th Anniversary Rockman Rock Arrange Ver
25th Anniversary Rockman Techno Arrange Ver
Bravely Default Flying Fairy Original Soundtrack
Max Payne 3 The Official Soundtrack

posted by Msia on 11 October


comment #1

FYI, 218 on BD FF is probably going to get it's title changed.

comment posted by Msia on 11 October

comment #2


Also you sold me on Hosoe Shinji.

comment posted by wohdin on 12 October

comment #3


comment posted by bluegato on 12 October

comment #4

amazing, in bd ost
chihei for 1.08 is "land" and for 2.18 is "horizon"

comment posted by coe on 12 October

comment #5

Thank you Sir Msia. Hope #gamemp3s keeps fighting to the end!

I have a question about arranger credits. If you have a vocal track sung by X, composed by Y but arranged by Z, the lack of arranger tag could mean Z is left out, even though Z may well be tag-worthy in his/her own right. How would you feel about putting "Z, X" in the artist tag?

comment posted by Adam on 12 October

comment #6

218 - "The Serpent that Devours the Horizon" ?

comment posted by bayne on 12 October

comment #7

oops nevermind you already changed it. Thanks for the release :) Sorry for the double post

comment posted by bayne on 12 October

comment #8

Adam: Good question. I think it depends on your definition of what a vocal track is. There's some tracks where a vocalist hums a few bars of chorus or sings for like a minute or so (re: tracks 5, 12 on Rockman Rock). I don't feel those constitute a credit in the artist tags unless it's like a short song or that's literally all it is. Some people disagree and say if a vocalist is involved on any track at all then they should be the artist.

Generally, if it's a true vocal track, I would say the vocalist would be the artist, composer would be the composer, and then we use the Orig. Artist tag for the arranger/remixer as we've been doing for years now.

However I recognize there's a lot of people who feel differently. If I put the arranger in the artist tag and not the vocalist then they're unhappy (and vice versa). It's something to consider, but I don't see an issue with how we've been doing it.

comment posted by Msia on 12 October

comment #9

Great. Thanks for clearing the matter.

comment posted by Adam on 12 October

comment #10

Love you Msia.

Many thanks for Rockman. Waiting for my copies to come in the mail.

comment posted by Masterzophar on 12 October

comment #11

We went back and looked at our original translation for BF and found a few tracks needed tweaking. I'm going to recreate the torrent tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. Yet another reason why we stay away from 0 day releases.

comment posted by Msia on 12 October

comment #12

Good stuff! Pretty seductive cover for Bravely Default (hate that name), me likes! Much love for anything Mega Man. Kinda crazy how we're still getting Mega Man album releases 25 years later! Timeless music! Thanks guys!

comment posted by Shin_Ein on 12 October

comment #13

New update's been posted. I decided against another torrent.

comment posted by Msia on 12 October

comment #14

Rockman Techno edition - bringing the oontz.

comment posted by Blizzje on 13 October

comment #15

Do you guys have any info on Sol Trigger OST?

comment posted by Dimitri on 13 October

comment #16

Bravely default is quite good surprisingly. A nice mix of electric guitar (actually good solos here) and some semi-orchestral stuff with good use of solo instruments.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 15 October

comment #17

Hi, felows! Great release.
I want the Technosoft Game Music Collection... any chances?
live long and prosper!

comment posted by Paulo Roberto on 15 October

comment #18

Wonderful music, Bravely Default is hands down one of the most awesome OSTs in recent years. And the Rockman Techno and Rock editions are great!
Thanks as always guys :)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 16 October

comment #19

Thank you for the majestic Bravely Default FF OST! You're the BEST!!! Keep up the good work!

comment posted by EverRest on 16 October

comment #20

Where are the long promised archive torrents?? Especially since we can't download older torrents anymore.

comment posted by Seympr on 26 October

comment #21

Seympr: We're working on providing archive torrents for 2007-2009, but don't have any plans for anything prior to 2007.

comment posted by Msia on 31 October

comment #22

I am so excited for the Bravely Default album! After listening, I am a lttle underwhemed but there are some gorgeous pieces on it still! Thanks!

comment posted by Stephanie on 04 November

comment #23

That Bravely Default soundtrack is amazing! I agree with Gameguardian, it's the best rpg ost in recent years. Oh and I really like the Mega Man arrange soundtracks aswell. The Metal Man rock arrange is not doing the original justice at all. I don't even recognize the original melodies anywhere in the track. Is it really metal man?

comment posted by Elrinth on 09 November

comment #24

Thanks for continuing to seed the Bravely Default OST!

comment posted by Melly on 10 February

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