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Keep Pushing Until the Sword is Exhausted

It's been a while. Let's do a new release shall we?

Starting off is a real treat for ZUNTATA fans. COZMO ~ZUNTATA 25th Anniversary~ contains four discs of music and interviews featuring Hirokazu Koshio, Norihiro Furukawa, Yasuhisa Watanabe, Shohei Tsuchiya, and others from the team. After that is the Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack & Piano Collections combo album. You get the great soundtrack by Hitoshi Sakimoto and new piano arrangements from Casey Ormond. We also have the soundtrack to hit PSN game Journey by Austin Wintory and performed by the Skopje Radio Symphonic Orchestra.

Following those is the Of Orcs and Men Original Game Soundtrack with music from by Olivier Deriviere and performed by the Boston Cello Quartet. PC and cake fans can get hype for the Portal 2 Soundtrack Songs To Test By Collectors Edition featuring the music from both Portal games composed by the Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory and with vocal songs featuring Ellen McLain and Jonathan Coulton. Kumi Tanioka is also back with new tunes on the Ragnarok Odyssey Original Soundtrack.

Square Enix Music Sampler CD Vol.7 contains music from recent Square albums and upcoming ones as well. While the Tales of Xillia 2 Original Soundtrack showcases the return of Motoi Sakuraba. Wrapping up this release is the Zone of the Enders Remix Selection with remixes from Smooth, Wall5, Wrexx, Daigo Kawai, and others.

COZMO ~ZUNTATA 25th Anniversary~
Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack & Piano Collections
Of Orcs and Men Original Game Soundtrack
Portal 2 Soundtrack Songs To Test By Collectors Edition
Ragnarok Odyssey Original Soundtrack
Square Enix Music Sampler CD Vol.7
Tales of Xillia 2 Original Soundtrack
Zone of the Enders Remix Selection

posted by Msia on 11 November


comment #1

Love you.

comment posted by ragnatic on 11 November

comment #2

Right back at you ragnatic <3

comment posted by Msia on 11 November

comment #3

Awesome collection! Thanks!

comment posted by JLSigman on 11 November

comment #4

no link

comment posted by Alex on 11 November

comment #5

Er, am I missing the download link? Or is my FireFox being stupid again?

comment posted by JLSigman on 11 November

comment #6

Thanks Msia.

comment posted by Masterzophar on 11 November

comment #7

Sorry, link should be available now.

comment posted by Msia on 11 November

comment #8

My sword is never exhausted when pushing for you, Msia!

comment posted by Adam on 11 November

comment #9

Journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

comment posted by Lania on 11 November

comment #10


comment posted by e4 on 11 November

comment #11

It is necessary to add an announcement URL until a torrent file is revised formally.




comment posted by Happiness Is Mandatory on 11 November

comment #12

Zone of the Enders man
Thank you so much Msia :^>

comment posted by JJ on 11 November

comment #13

when triyng to download i get a message that says error connection code 400

comment posted by kobun on 11 November

comment #14

If you were having issues with the torrent before, then delete it and download the one I just uploaded. Should fix the connection issues.

comment posted by Msia on 12 November

comment #15

Awesome release! Thanks!

comment posted by bluegato on 12 November

comment #16

Nice release! Thank you so much!

comment posted by lsl7994 on 12 November

comment #17

Thanks a ton for your continued release of such awesome collections :) Found so much great music because of your uploads <3

comment posted by Chris on 12 November

comment #18

thanks for another batch!yes!!

comment posted by abe on 12 November

comment #19

I'm a huge Zuntata fan, but unfortunately that just means I bet I've heard most all of this before. And I don't know any Japanese, so I won't get anything out of the interviews either. Thanks a bunch though, still checking it out.

comment posted by KJ on 12 November

comment #20

Wow, awesome music collection sighted. As always, gamemp3s updates brings me much joy! Thank you so much :)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 13 November

comment #21

Journey and Zone of the Enders Remix are my picks :)

A beautiful new release.

comment posted by Blizzje on 14 November

comment #22

Thanks for the release.

I hope to find YS-Celceta sooner or later.

comment posted by Joey on 15 November

comment #23

Zuntata, Ragnarok and Journey in a single collection. Thanks a lot!

comment posted by RandomGuy on 17 November

comment #24

Thank you, as always.

I'm enjoying Portal 2 a lot; I haven't played the game, but I'm digging this soundtrack. The only other one I've gotten a listen to so far is Tales, and I always like Motoi Sakuraba's work.

comment posted by Jase on 18 November

comment #25

Is the Journey soundtrack ripped from the Lossy master version ?

Amazon sold Lossy master copies before early november so i wonder if you got the new Lossless version in time.

comment posted by Rak on 18 November

comment #26

Rak: I wasn't aware of that issue. Where did you hear this from?

comment posted by Msia on 18 November

comment #27

Many thanks! I probably would have passed over this Orcs and Men soundtrack if you hadn't mentioned it was performed by a quartet. I'm also going to check out new Ragnarok and Tales :)

comment posted by Sirusjr on 24 November

comment #28

Is it just me, or is the -Tracklist- part of the "Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack & Piano Collections" .nfo messed up?

comment posted by Gedankenschild on 04 January

comment #29

Yes I suck at copying and pasting. Thanks for catching that. Will fix it later this month in the 2012 archive torrent.

comment posted by Msia on 04 January

comment #30

Hello everybody

This tracker is running out of seeders...can anybody please seed the tracker?..im also seeding every other albums released.

I would really apreciate that...

comment posted by SkylarX on 01 July

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