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#gamemp3s Archive Torrent 2008

#gamemp3s is happy to announce the #gamemp3s Archive Torrent 2008! This torrent contains 90 albums, weighs in at 13.3 GB, and only includes albums we released in 2008. Note that any albums fixed in future archive torrents are not included. We'll be adding the 2009 archive torrent in the near future so check back soon.

posted by Msia on 15 November


comment #1

Awesome, thanks a bunch Msia!

comment posted by JJ on 16 November

comment #2

Love you Msia, many thanks.

If you have some time, is Godai still around?

comment posted by Masterzophar on 16 November

comment #3

Masterzophar: Yes, he is running the Twitter contest.

comment posted by Msia on 16 November

comment #4

My personal highlights for 2008: Forest of Glass, Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta!, The Outer Rim.

comment posted by KJ on 16 November

comment #5

Thanks, as always for the torrents, music, and hard work that goes into providing both! It is very appreciated, even if many of us frequently forget to convey it.

An additional comment to things stated in the Archive 2007 comments: I understand and agree that the old #-Z Archives were huge and unweildy - making their return unlikely. Is there any chance they could be brought back split into smaller groupings, or maybe repackaged by release year like you are currently doing? I, too, would like to acquire some of the older stuff.

comment posted by Coda on 16 November

comment #6

Hmm... actually looking back at the sizes of the few #-Z Archives I have, they tend to already be much smaller than the current Year Archives. So I don't know. Maybe you could just start at the top and release 5-10 every so often as like a Flashback Archive or something. Anyway, thanks again!

comment posted by Coda on 16 November

comment #7

Awesome, thanks!

People's top albums for 2008? Mine would be The Season of L 2, Mamoru Has Been Cursed!, Rockman 9, Sekaiju no MeiQ2, Sigma Harmonics & Street Fighter EX Arrange.

comment posted by strugglepoo on 16 November

comment #8

@Coda, I don't get what people's problems are with the pre-2007 archive torrents. What am I missing?
-They contain all the releases prior to 2007.
-If you want individual albums from them, most torrent clients will do selective downloads so you only grab the files you want.
-If you come across a torrent that doesn't have any active seeds, drop by the IRC channel and mention it, someone will be happy to jump on and seed.

comment posted by ddaydj on 16 November

comment #9

awesome, thank you for this release.mwah!!!

comment posted by abe on 17 November

comment #10

"Note that any albums fixed in future archive torrents are not included."

Does that mean that all album fixes are not included, or just those released after 2008? Meaning:

-If you released "DREAMCAST DREAMS Vol 1." in May '08, then released fixes in June '08, they're included, but

-If you released "PLAYSTATION PLAYERS II" in December '08, then released fixes in Jan '09, they're not included?

If the former, are fixes ever released? It seems strange to go through the trouble of creating fixes and then disregarding them.

comment posted by Elephun on 18 November

comment #11

Elephun: You're making this too complicated. I'm talking about any albums we released via our release schedule that year along with any fixes are included in this torrent.

I did fix a handful of albums in future archive torrents (2010+). If they're fixed in those, then I didn't include them here.

comment posted by Msia on 18 November

comment #12

Just trying to understand, guy. Thanks for the clarification.

comment posted by Elephun on 19 November

comment #13

I will be seeding this shortly, just waiting for uTorrent to finish the check of my current collection :)

comment posted by Naka on 20 November

comment #14

Thank you Msia and everyone for your hard work as always, you're all awesome. Will definitely seed.

comment posted by puni on 22 November

comment #15

Hi Msia,

I believe that despite the "any albums fixed in future archive torrents are not included" several albums that were released 2008 are missing. For example the "Valkyria Chronicles Original Sound Track" which was part of the Valkyriasmiles post in July 2008 ( http://www.gamemp3s.net/2008/07/16/valkyriasmiles/ ). Probably other releases as well.

comment posted by [CC] on 13 January

comment #16

@[CC]. Valkyria Chronicles Original Sound Track was included in the 2010 archive torrent as Senjou no Valkyria -Gallian Chronicles- Original Soundtrack.


comment posted by ddaydj on 17 January

comment #17

Hello everyone...i know this is an old torrent...but i would really aprecciate is somene seed it...im seeding every tracker here...anybody?...:/

comment posted by SkylarX on 05 July

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