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#gamemp3s Archive Torrent 2009

#gamemp3s is happy to announce the #gamemp3s Archive Torrent 2009! This torrent contains 67 albums, weighs in at 12.6 GB, and only includes albums we released in 2009. Note that any albums fixed in future archive torrents are not included.

posted by Msia on 16 December


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comment posted by Catnip on 16 December

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comment posted by Ellmann on 17 December

comment #3

Could someone please elaborate on "Note that any albums fixed in future archive torrents are not included."? Does that mean corrections to albums that were fixed after their original release were not included, like the zip files not being applied? Or does it mean corrections to anything made in the future have not been included yet? That latter one seems obvious, since if you haven't corrected something yet, the corrected material would not be included. That is what it sounds like to me, but that honestly goes without saying, so this is a request to make sure I am not misunderstanding the statement. Houses for sale never mention that renovations or additions built in the future are not included in the sale because it makes no sense. Thanks for the archive torrents, and I will be sure to seed!

comment posted by Hank on 17 December

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comment posted by Masterzophar on 17 December

comment #5

You are the best. <3<3<3<3

comment posted by Lania on 17 December

comment #6

@Hank, the 2010 and 2011 torrents released previously included some albums that we did not original release in those years. For example, we released Atelier Rorona on 07/06/2009, but it was included in the 2011 archive torrent with a change to the album name, reflected in the folder, tag, and files. Because it was already re-released in an archive torrent, its not included in the 2009 archive torrent.

comment posted by ddaydj on 17 December

comment #7

Understood, thank you! That completely makes sense to me now.

comment posted by Hank on 17 December

comment #8

I just did a quick scan at what I have from 2009 compared to what's in the torrent and the only thing I saw different was Ys I&II Chronicles Original Soundtrack which looks like it was related in 2010 as Ys I&II Chronicles Original Sound Track. Is it safe to just delete what I have in my 2009 folder and go with the 2010 release? Oddly enough I didnt have Atelier Rorona in my 2009 folder so I must have already fixed or removed it based on the 2011 release.

comment posted by Naka on 18 December

comment #9

Naka: Yes, it's always better to delete what you have locally and grab whatever is in the torrent.

comment posted by Msia on 19 December

comment #10

thank you so much!!

comment posted by kachou on 11 February

comment #11

I hope everything is ok, miss some news on the site...

comment posted by Zacek on 27 February

comment #12

Hi Zacek. Sorry about the lack of updates. I've been dealing with some professional and personal issues. I hope to start resuming regular updates soon hopefully.

comment posted by Msia on 27 February

comment #13

I've been missing it too. Hope all is well and if you need any help from us users just ask!

comment posted by Vincent on 03 March

comment #14

Thanks for letting us know. Hope all is well on your end, Msia

comment posted by Dice on 04 March

comment #15

Hope all is well! Still f5'ing this site daily for updates!

comment posted by Ngai on 07 March

comment #16

I check every day, multiple times a day for updates lol, I hope all is well in gamemp3 land! Looking forward to your next release.

comment posted by Tetsu on 16 March

comment #17

Are you guys still posting stuff? Hope you come back soon!

comment posted by Thanatos on 20 March

comment #18

Yes, please come back, we've missed you!

comment posted by Tetsu on 22 March

comment #19

Is everything ok? There was no new post since last year. I miss you guys.

comment posted by Norbert on 23 March

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comment posted by Vincent on 24 March

comment #21

Same here. I check the site now and then, and noticed there hasn't been any new post since last december. I figured the comments might shed some light... which they did. :) I hope you're ok ??

comment posted by Pezito on 27 March

comment #22

Please, please PLEASE come back!!!

comment posted by Vidocq on 28 March

comment #23

Papa Smurf supports you in spirit, and believes most of your loyal site visitors would be glad to assist you if asked, for it is the Smurf way, if not human way. Also, I have a unquenchable thirst for blood, so if this would apply to resolving said professional and/or personal issues.

PS: Before you call bull$hit, consider my and mine alone Smurf attire are red, as opposed to white. Think about it. Stay smurfy.

Papa Smurf

comment posted by Papa Smurf on 28 March

comment #24

We will totally support you Gamemp3s peeps!

comment posted by Tetsu on 30 March

comment #25

If you need donations, or anything just ask. I miss this place, and i never lose hope that you'll come back.

comment posted by Tetsu on 30 March

comment #26

I'm pretty sure the reason there hasn't been a release for a while has been a lack of free time from key people. If you want to throw cash at something, I would suggest the people who actually make the music you like so much.

comment posted by ddaydj on 31 March

comment #27

More muziks plz

comment posted by demalavor on 01 April

comment #28

No Archive Torrent 2012?? :p

comment posted by Jaja on 02 April

comment #29

These aren't downloading for me. Did they stop or am I doing something wrong? Advice?

comment posted by Jaytonic on 03 April

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comment posted by Dice on 05 April

comment #31

We all love you, Msia.

comment posted by AwesomePaul on 07 April

comment #32

I can't express how much Gamemp3s changed my life and how I listened to and appreciated video game music. Please don't ever disappear. Me and my 1300 albums would miss you. :-)
Oh, and don't ever switch away from MP3 format - it's just too damn convenient. VBR V0 is more plenty good enough for all forms of music, especially with the latest LAME releases.

comment posted by Adrien on 07 April

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