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Soul Sacrifice Original Soundtrack

We're going to be piloting a new release schedule and some standards in hopes of getting music out quicker.  Rather than releasing 20 albums every couple months, we're going to try to release albums as we receive them and run them through "quality control".

Some major changes you may notice:

  •  no .sfv: This was used to maintain the integrity of the releases but with a faster release schedule and data integrity checks built into the Torrent protocol, it's not needed anymore.  Many of you likely didn't even know what they were for.
  • no .nfo:  This was just legacy from the days of old.  mIRC file trading, primitive id3 tags and the lack of a web presence meant we needed some way to identify and promote our releases.  With the advent of torrents, advanced id3 tags and a decent web presence, we don't need this anymore.  Anyone seeking additional performer credits not normally credited in id3 tags can use vgmdb or ask in the comments section.
  • One Release / One Torrent: We are going to try not to batch torrents into a torrent of 20 albums at a time.  It's a lot more work to try and work on 20 albums for release than it is to individually work on one album at a time as they're received.  Additionally, there is some confusion about how to find old(er) torrents on the site via search or on the tracker, so this should make it somewhat more intuitive.  This is one of the larger reasons releases took so long.  The longer we wait, the more piles up and the longer it takes to release a giant batch of things we've been slacking on.
  • Remove custom <Copyright> id3 tag: Not useful
  • Remove custom <Encoding Settings> id3 tag: Redundant with current lame.exe mp3 headers
  • Additional Contributors: One of the bigger reasons releases take so long is it's all funneled through one person (Originally, the_miker, then myself, then Godai, then Msia).  It's a significant amount of work for one person to do. Receive the files, translate, tag the files according to standards, torrent, update website, etc.  We're going to try having individual suppliers release their own releases as time permits so there is not a large backlog created by everything being funneled to one person.
  • Less Standardization:  You might see varying id3 tag formats between releases because of additional contributors, this is okay.  The poll we did a while back shows us that you really don't care about tag standardization and most of you change them after you download them anyway.  And they inevitably end up changing every couple years due to new technology (portable mp3 players, id3 tag standards improvement) and new APIs (last.fm).  We'll try and make sure that all releases contain track title, album title, album artist, performer (if applicable), composer, track number, disc number, total discs and comments.  Some releases may invariably have additional tags (<ARRANGEMENT>, <LYRICIST>), some may not.  Since you're retagging these and are generally indifferent about them anyway, this shouldn't be an issue.

Potential Future Changes Being Discussed

  • No more "Fix" releases: Barring some sort of major catastrophic typo in a release that requires a complete re-release of an album ("Final Fatnasy", "Nobo Uematsu"), we're probably not going to release fixes anymore.  We will note them in a post and you can update your files (if you care), and if you don't then don't.  If we typo "taht" or forget to lowercase a conjuction or we didn't strictly follow the track formatting on an album, then I think we can all live with it.
  • No more "Archive" releases: These literally kill our tracker and are a pain to package, validate and maintain.  If you want an older album and can't find it in an already existing archive torrent, previous batch torrent or on the tracker, then ask in IRC and someone may be able to help you.  Ultimately, our goal is not to give you an archive of thousands of albums of game music, it's to create a community that sparks discussion and interest in video game music.  With an improved release schedule, hopefully we'll see more activity and more than just a passing once-every-three-months interest.

Without further ado, we bring you the soundtrack to "Soul Sacrifice" for PS Vita.  It's composed by the legendary Yasunori Mitsuda and a lesser known but equally impressive Wataru Hokoyama (seriously, check out Afrika).  It's performed by The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra who some of you might recognize from inFAMOUS 2 and StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm.


Let us know your thoughts, concerns and comments about the album and the new release schedule, we're interested in what everyone thinks!

-- The Management

posted by dancey on 07 April


comment #1

Was there supposed to be an attached torrent file to this blog post? I have my torrent software set to watch the blog for torrent files, so I hope this useful feature continues with the new (and exciting) release format!

comment posted by Huggles on 08 April

comment #2

Yeah, there's supposed to be a torrent attached, but wordpress is a pos and Msia turned into a pumpkin a few hours ago. I'll try and fix it, and if not he might be able to fix it in the morning. In the meantime, you can pull it off the tracker or from this url: http://tracker.gamemp3s.net/webui/download?id=e3c99aae8589abd6a4e8df217a4ae5cf069e6e65

comment posted by dancey on 08 April

comment #3

Welcome back~!!!! *smooch smooch smooooch*
No problems with the new system either. It's nice you were so precise with names and such, but I don't think it's anything too, too big a deal.

comment posted by Dice on 08 April

comment #4

I approve wholeheartedly with your changes. Drop the useless crap and get things out sooner with less hitches.

comment posted by Thanatos on 08 April

comment #5

I cannot fence in my ebullient joyfulness to see you return, Team gamemp3s! Much has likely been going on for you guys in these last few months. As is expected. Has for me too.

But, to alight upon your site on a late night with my cuppa tea, my weekend ahead me and a week of flapdoodle to look forward to hell after that, as I used to do, and then to glimpse recent stirrings, brings a familiar bubble of wonder and contentment which allays concern and feeds subdued longing. Hmmm, a most wistful welcome to you all.

Thanks for the music!

comment posted by papa_haydn on 08 April

comment #6

thank you so much for the effort!

comment posted by otasif on 08 April

comment #7

Changes sound good to me except the lack of archive/batch torrents. Traditionally gamemp3s put out over 100 albums a year. I know the tracker isn't fond of some of the massive archive torrents we throw at it, but I can assure you that my torrent client does not like when I'm trying to seed hundreds of individual torrents simultaneously. I think the way that the 2007~2009 archive torrents worked out was quite well and think that should continue going forward.

Also, are any changes being made to the ripping standard? Are all future releases still going to be LAME V0?

comment posted by ddaydj on 08 April

comment #8

I also have no problems with the new release schedule (^o^)b!

comment posted by ichigo_daisuki on 08 April

comment #9

Nice to see a new release!
I have no problems with the changes... quite the opposite. :)

comment posted by soylent_system on 08 April

comment #10

Thanks for the update!

I agree with every change. I've never used the .nfo or .sfv files as they are redundant these days. I am also quite happy that releases are split up and that there aren't any fixes anymore because it made seeding more difficult. With the additional yearly archives there were sometimes three versions floating around, the original release, the one with the fixes and I think sometimes the archives had some fixes included and some didn't. I definitely couldn't seed the entire archives that were released recently and to support the site I really wish I could have.

I prefer single releases as well because when I snagged a couple of albums at once I never really listened to all of them anyway, it was just too much - especially if you get hooked on one of them. The new schedule should allow me to give every album the attention it deserves.

comment posted by Emil on 08 April

comment #11

The changes make sense.

comment posted by bluegato on 08 April

comment #12

I like the idea of a steady drip of music instead of a giant dump. I find that when I downloaded the larger torrents in the past, it took me a while to get to all of them just to listen. And it's got to be easier for you guys to do them one at a time.

comment posted by Levantine on 08 April

comment #13

Changes that make sense. Who would have thunk.

comment posted by Mika on 08 April

comment #14

As much as I thought I would have a problem with the new system, I don't at all; they make a great deal of sense.

I remain grateful as ever for your efforts.

comment posted by Adam on 08 April

comment #15

Although I guess the one standard I'm attached to is the 320x320 cover art - is that subject to flexibility too?

comment posted by Adam on 08 April

comment #16

Welcome back!

comment posted by lsl7994 on 08 April

comment #17

I agree with the changes.

If it means faster releases and more activity all around, that's a good thing. "plus a break for you guys/gals for rl stuff"

As long as the cover art stays, I'm good.

This still is my favorite site when it comes to game music. I've seen plenty of sites come and go and this is one I don't going anytime soon.

comment posted by Masterzophar on 08 April

comment #18

Some replies to the various questions / concerns:

Archive Torrents (@ddaydj): Point noted about seeding hundreds of individual albums vs. a few larger batch albums, but I think ultimately the pros of getting content out faster outweigh the cons of not being able to seed tons of older albums. We want to move more towards a content provider mentality and away from the old archivist mentality. I'm sure a lot of you will still probably download every release and that's perfectly fine, but with almost 2000 albums released in almost 15 years with varying encoder settings, tag settings, fixes, no fixes, archives and distribution methods, no two people have the same collection anyway (even with old sfv verification). If it means people aren't able to download older torrents, I'm perfectly fine with it if it promotes more frequent visits and creates more interest in general. If someone wants something that is older they can always ask. Finding older albums on the Internet generally isn't an issue for most download-savvy people, anyway.

Are all future releases still going to be LAME V0 (@otasif): Yes, we're sticking with LAME V0 and the mp3 format. You may notice differences in Encoder versions or EAC version, I don't think it makes sense to force a specific version at this point. If someone wants to use LAME 3.99 and someone else wants to use LAME 3.98, the end result should be the exact same audio, just with slightly different file sizes and unnoticeable quality differences. The same thing with EAC, we used to require a specific EAC version for ripping, but at this point it doesn't matter which version you use as they all provide functionally the same thing. Some people like the features of the newest beta version, some people are still using the old version from a couple years ago. There will be no noticeable difference in quality between EAC versions. That being said, if we find any issues with specific versions of either, namely where it creates a negative quality issue, we'll just not use that specific version instead of forcing everyone to use a "working" version.

It hasn't been directly asked but maybe it was implied in your question, and I'm sure others are thinking it, but... we will not be moving to FLAC in the future. Our position against FLAC here at gamemp3s has largely been a moral one. We believe that if you're interested in lossless content, the onus is on you to purchase the album and create it for yourself, not for us to provide it to the community and share it. Our main goal is and always has been to spark interest in video game music, and the end goal of which we hope is that some of you listen to an album we release and say "This albums is so good I need to buy it" and then go buy it. Additionally, the nature of FLAC and the FLAC community is archival and quality, and that would be going back to the exact same problems we're trying to improve, i.e., more content, less quality control requirements.

320x320 cover art (@Adam): Can you tell me what you mean by subject to flexibility? Do you want it higher or lower? The reason we use 320x320 is because this is a pretty standard cover art size for most mobile devices like iPods and Zunes and stuff. It doesn't make sense for us to put in large cover art to the tags (like 1200x1200, etc) because it's just going to increase the size of the cover art and mobile devices are going to scale it anyway. We might be less stringent about maintaining a perfect 320x320 cover, like DVD covers or weird shaped albums, but we'll still stay pretty close, I think.

comment posted by dancey on 08 April

comment #19

You guys are still doing m3us, though? Aren't those also kind of redundant?

I only mention this because they are a pain for iTunes users. I can't simply drag the folder into iTunes; if I do, iTunes first copies all of the files specified in the m3u, then proceeds to copy each individual file again, resulting in a duplicate of every track in the library.

This is clearly just iTunes being stupid, but it does make me wonder why the m3u is there at all. I'm guessing it makes it easier for some other app? Are you guys all still using Winamp 2.0?

comment posted by Aero on 08 April

comment #20

Yes, we're still doing m3u's. I use iTunes and I haven't had that issue and I've synced hundreds of albums with playlists. It does create an iTunes Playlist for each m3u it finds, which I just delete after copy, but I don't get duplicate files. Providing m3us is really just a convenience for anyone using pretty much any desktop player to be able to play all the music in the album at once without having to select everything in the folder and play it from the right-click context menu.

comment posted by dancey on 08 April

comment #21

It may be that I'm remembering an old bug which doesn't exist any more. I'll try it again next time.

comment posted by Aero on 08 April

comment #22

As long as lack of tag standardization still means everyone uses the genre "Game" then we should be fine. I've always appreciated that since the beginning the releases were all the same genre. Other sites have huge problems with lack of standard genre tags that drive me nuts.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 08 April

comment #23

I like turtles.

comment posted by BAMAToNE on 08 April

comment #24

It's pretty easy to keep the Genre tag the same when we only release one genre.

comment posted by dancey on 08 April

comment #25

You guys rock!

comment posted by Alfonso on 08 April

comment #26

I can't edit tags on itunes for tracks 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 22, 25, 26, 30, 31 and 32.

comment posted by Hurr on 08 April

comment #27

I would only agree removing .sfv files if CRC32 hashes are posted elsewhere, because everyone can generate .sfv files thesedays. If no hashes are posted, I'm against removing the .sfv file. I still use it these days.

The problem is not file integrity when you download the file. The problem is integrity of your files for long-term storage. You do have to check what's already on disk, once in a while.

I had to re-download about 5GB of files because stupid media players mess with the id3 tags, making my files no longer suitable for sharing, as hashes get changes. Someday I'll have to share what I have downloaded, about 40GB collected over the last 7 years and I would like people to have the exact same copy as I had since day 1.

.m3u files can be removed. ID3 tags have the track number.

.nfo I disagree on removing that. You can inform encoding settings and file hashes on .nfos.

Just my two cents. Thanks!

comment posted by Andre on 08 April

comment #28

Good move with tag changes...I was getting tired of you guys always putting the 'Arranger' of an OST in the Artist box, instead of the composer or performer. This really screws with us iTunes/iPod/iPhone users. Thanks.

comment posted by NRE on 08 April

comment #29


Pretty good changes and I don't mind the new schedule. In fact it feels better this way, less silence in between releases. Now...


comment posted by FSLightbringer on 08 April

comment #30

I'm so excited you guys are back!
New release mentality sounds great to me, and tag changes sound good too. Looking forward to more frequent releases.
Thanks for Soul Sacrifice!

comment posted by Tetsu on 08 April

comment #31

I did a double-take when I looked at the new release. "Is that what I think it is?!" "Can't be....IT IS, THANKS THE HEAVENS!"

Something like that :P

comment posted by Tetsu on 08 April

comment #32

This sounds good, guys. Thanks! I have some other thoughts of things as well.

One thing I used the NFO file for is finding the name of the ripper and the date of the rip. I like to add these in the comments after the catalog number such as "#gamemp3s Ripped by dancey on 04/07/2013" to keep track of where I got the album. Will this info (at least the ripper name) still be provided in future releases?

I've had the same problem as Aero with the M3U file duplicating tracks in iTunes. Also, Windows (at least versions in the last several years) has a button in Explorer that will play all audio files in a folder within Winamp or your default music player. Basically, I've never had a need for the M3U. Not a big deal, but just wanted to give feedback on that.

Finally, I propose being more lenient on the Album Artist (or as I consider it, being more "realistic"). For example, if Nobuo Uematsu writes every track on an album except for one, which is composed by him but performed by a vocalist. I would expect the Album Artist to say "Nobuo Uematsu", not "Various Artists". This makes it better for organization and it's just more intuitive.

Thanks again!

comment posted by Kaleb Grace on 08 April

comment #33

Thank you for the new release and for future ones, also for the decision to still use mp3s. I for one am not happy about the current trend to demand everything in FLAC, and to get a hissy fit if FLAC isn't provided. I understand that I haven't paid anything for the album, so the mp3 version should be more than enough for me.

comment posted by Caedan on 08 April

comment #34

We are still going to put the arranger in the artist field except for Symphonies and major performing bodies/entities. If Bob remixes something by Hitoshi Sakimoto, Sakimoto is no longer the artist. It's the same as if Armin Van Buuren remixes a Britney Spears track, the track is no longer a Britney Spears track. It doesn't make sense to put "Tokyo New City Orchestra" in the Artist field, because, while accurate, we realize this interferes with scrobbling and devices. Ultimately, we can't please everyone, so if you don't like the way we've tagged the artists, retag it to fit whatever you want to use.

comment posted by dancey on 08 April

comment #35

Welcome back! Good release.

comment posted by Ngai on 08 April

comment #36

@dancey: Great, I'm very much for 320x320. By "subject to flexibility", I meant will the size differ between different taggers. You've since addressed this anyway.

comment posted by Adam on 08 April

comment #37

Some more comments:

Tracks not able to be edited in iTunes (@Hurr): I don't see an issue in my version of iTunes but I only tried to view them, not save them (still seeding) and I use an older version of iTunes.

@Andre: Yes, that is functionally what sfv is for but we aren't worried about the integrity of your data once you're done downloading from us. A 100% torrent tells us you succesfully downloaded everything as CRC and hash are built in to the torrent protocol. What you do with it after you download is your own business, whether you retag it or not doesn't matter. If you want to validate the integrity of your own data long-term, you can create sfvs after it's downloaded. I sympathize with people losing data and hard drives but we (well, I) don't really want to support your long term storage solutions. You can buy a NAS or RAID your hard drives if you're that concerned about it. It's completely unrealistic for us to support an archive of 1600+ albums over 15+ years just so people can come back and get them after a catastrophic event. m3u files are for playlists, they're not for ordering. Encoding settings are located in the mp3header with newer versions of LAME, which we've been using for years now, and you can view in foobar and I'm sure tons of other players.

@Kaleb: Who ripped the album isn't really important in the previous way we released things. It might be more relevant with this new way but quality control isn't going out the window so much that there will be differences between rippers. We'll talk about changing the way we do the Album Artist tag but the way we do it now is the easiest and most consistent. At what point do we change from Various Artists to single artist, what is the percentage threshold of tracks on the album, etc.

comment posted by dancey on 08 April

comment #38

I missed textual infos (nfo). I like to put this on album folder to give me fast (and offline) resources.

But it's ok, I'll always looking on VGMDB anyway. Is not a good idea to provide a direct link to them? Thanks

comment posted by Alexo on 08 April

comment #39

@Alexo: Use MP3Tag in conjunction with the VGMdb tool (just Google it). It can save the entire "Notes" field in the metadata, along with some other stuff.

comment posted by Adam on 08 April

comment #40

I'm happy! I think that site was dead! Nowadays it's really hard to found a website like this, with good videogames music rips! =D Thanks!

comment posted by Cyan Garamonde on 08 April

comment #41

Welcome back guys! :)

comment posted by Vincent on 08 April

comment #42

Welcome back! All this talk about the site but nothing about the music? Well, I haven't listened to it yet either, but I'm still more hype for the game than the OST, even though I heard it plays like Monster Hunter and is way too easy to boot. Thanks, maybe I'll be surprised!

(The rest of this post is hypocritical talk about the site and not music.) I agree with all the changes. Even when updates were regular, the site's only real "weakness" was its selection (but don't get me wrong, I know people buy and rip what they like and I'm not complaining!), so hopefully these changes will help increase the number of releases.

Does anyone know of any good websites that cover VGM releases? I know about game releases, but definitely the biggest thing I've gotten from this site is simply learning about stuff like Forest of Glass, The Outer Rim, and Extra Official Compilation that I never would have heard. I think if I knew of a site like that, then I wouldn't worry about the selection, since if I know something exists I can find it somewhere or buy it myself.

I don't care about tags because I can't be bothered to QC them myself so I just roll with however they come. I already have all the old releases I want, and it's easier to find them from other sites who "take" your work anyway. sfv and nfo can easily be created by the downloader if needed.

m3u is worthless to me, but if some people are getting use out of them, no reason to kill them. Isn't it easier just to right click/play or drag the folder than to go inside and click the m3u, though? Also, I don't know about other media players, but when I click on 01 whatever.mp3, it automatically adds 02, 03, etc. It might be a common feature.

comment posted by KJ on 08 April

comment #43

Sorry to double post, but just wanted to point out the obvious that m3u can be easily created by the downloader as well. And that sfv and nfo are used by some people too (maybe more, probably less). Just so pro-sfv and nfo people don't call me out on it, I guess. ;)

comment posted by KJ on 08 April

comment #44

Hey Andvari here one of the main contributors of the releases. I Just would like to know if we are able to get some sort of credit because we and I out alot of time into ripping these releases. Perhaps an ID3 tag is all I personally want.

comment posted by Andvari on 08 April

comment #45

again sorry to double post you can put in the comment section of the mp3 "gamemp3s/Person.

comment posted by Andvari on 08 April

comment #46

Ripper isn't important at all and doesn't belong in the tags. It might be something we can note in the release post but it doesn't change anything about the release or take away from it if we don't. There's no bonus points for being the person that releases something and we've never cared about it before.

comment posted by dancey on 08 April

comment #47

Yeah your right though the rippers do know what they've done and what they haven't done. It's no biggie.

comment posted by Andvari on 09 April

comment #48

Nice changes.

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 09 April

comment #49

I'm in for all the changes in your releases. I was already used to lurk inside your torrents checking/unchecking the releases I did want or didn't want. I have to admit it was kinda fun. But disregard that, it is better this way!

On the other hand, I won't care much for the game until the actually relevant reviews start coming out (instead of bullshity IGN, Kotaku and friends). But the music, on the other hand, they bought me up with the youtube videos they uploaded of the recordings!

comment posted by undi on 09 April

comment #50

I'm with Andre on the sfv file. I like being able to make use of it for verification of my archived data, and it has come in handy.

Everything else sounds great to me.

I don't care about the m3u file either; it's caused me problems with duplicate imports in iTunes as well. I believe newer iTunes is smarter; but my media computer, for example, can't run the new iTunes versions so I have to be careful not to add the entire folder with m3u.

And thank you, as always, for the new release!

comment posted by Jason on 09 April

comment #51


comment posted by twomix on 09 April

comment #52

All the changes are great and I'd love to have a quicker release schedule. Thanks guys!

comment posted by Phatcorns on 09 April

comment #53

@people who complain about the loss of SFV: Just store the .torrent file together with the downloaded files. The metadata contains the SHA-1 hashes for the chunks, so here's your verification data.

comment posted by liquid on 09 April

comment #54

Welcome baaaack :-) , I'm very happy to find my prefer VGM web site is ALIVE again.
About changes, Everything is fine from you as long as .mp3 files inside with the #gamemp3s quality as we know from you, and of course and always THANK YOU.

comment posted by Gmastershief on 09 April

comment #55

Whew I was so nervous I would never see another update on the home-screen again. Glad I check the site everyday. You guys have no idea how much I (collectively we as I'm sure I speak for others here) appreciate you. Without your hard work and diligent effort, parts of my childhood would not exist through the music found in many of profound game OSTs of the 90's. So many classics. Every time I go through my library its like a euphoric experience each time. My first download from you all was the No More Heroes + Lost Odyssey torrent back in January of 2008. Stumbled upon the site from a Google search just looking for the NMH ost. Ironically, later on I'd use the same torrent to dl the Lost Odyssey ost as well. It took me until 2010 to return. Found the beautiful Rockman X Alph-Lyla arranged jazz ost. You've been bookmarked ever since since. Fast forward to here and now and I've downloaded the majority of your catalog thrice over after a hard drive crash, and a stolen laptop. All that to say just a BIG BIG Thank-you! Seeing this update today made me feel the same way I did when Adult Swim trolled us on April Fools with Toonami lol.
So in the words of Whiplash from Iron Man 2:
"Good to be back..."

comment posted by Japanmanx3 on 09 April

comment #56

Welcome back, missed you guys! Thanks for the new release!

comment posted by Dallie on 09 April

comment #57

I'm cool with all the changes. I agree with emil about the single releases. It will be much easier to check out soundtracks this way!

Also just wanted to chip in and say I also find m3u's very useful.

comment posted by strugglepoo on 09 April

comment #58

I am fine with the changes but all I ask is if we can get an Archive for 2012 and one for Games Series

comment posted by SnifflingDark on 09 April

comment #59


comment posted by Tavo on 09 April

comment #60

Any news of that huge 4CD Fire Emblem: Awakening soundtrack?

comment posted by sfried on 09 April

comment #61

- Not doing a 2012 Archive or Game Series. It was less than a year ago, they are all still on the tracker. Go download them.

- Fire Emblem soon

- I don't know what's wrong with Guild Wars 2, but unless it's spelled "Giuld Wars 2" it's not getting fixed.

comment posted by dancey on 10 April

comment #62

Great read, nice work by dancey! Excited and glad there are people out there who appreciate what we've done over the years, looking forward to more VGM!

comment posted by Godai on 10 April

comment #63

Like there was ever any doubt

I've been coming here for almost a decade

comment posted by Knobjockey on 10 April

comment #64

Though I enjoyed the large torrents (as it was ideal for my music collection to grow faster) the waits were bothersome. I hope this style of updates works out....I was scared something had happened since its been so long since the last update. I check this site AT LEAST once a week for the past 2-3 years...Love you guys for your work :D

comment posted by JinTrigger on 10 April

comment #65

Wooo... I'm Just glad that the site's back. good changes though, oh and another batch torrent wouldn't hurt.

comment posted by Zinax on 10 April

comment #66

Great changes. It's funny sometimes to think about how much legacy stuff we've carried on over 13(?) years.

comment posted by mmartinx on 10 April

comment #67

@liquid: I was thinking of doing exactly what you suggested.

comment posted by Jason on 10 April

comment #68

Damn. I was looking forward to that 2010 archive. Ah well.

But hey, releases as you get new tunes versus big batches (of albums I probably never heard of) every couple of weeks? I'll roll with it.

comment posted by SageWindu on 10 April

comment #69

Thank you for the release and the new updates being done to the site. I will miss the torrent being labelled the date it was posted. Helped me remember if I got the file off of this site. Keep up the good work. Thank you again for the great soundtracks over the years, I'm a big fan

comment posted by blkalleykat on 10 April

comment #70

Good decisions! I'm also not using .m3u anymore, yet it's easy to delete, so no sweat. Keep on rockin' in the VGM world!

comment posted by Rimo on 10 April

comment #71

Best news I received this month! You're here again guys!!! Gracias, arigatou!!!

comment posted by Zacek on 11 April

comment #72

WILL WE SEE A 2012 archive torrent? I really hope so :)
Keep up the great work gamemp3s! :D

comment posted by baba on 11 April

comment #73

Don't think we'll see another archive batch torrent again, baba. Like the management said, they are a pain to contend with. >_<;;

I am pretty happy with the choices, I tend to keep only the .nfo files since well the .sfv was just wasted space... I hate m3u files cause they make a big mess for iTunes (at lease for me). I would wind up with doubles in the library... and winamp well.. I think it ignores them for the most part now. :D

comment posted by brianxavier on 11 April

comment #74

I used the sfv every time. I also archive all the nfo files and have used them when track info was lost or accidentally changed. A shame these extremely tiny files are being cut.

comment posted by Zing on 11 April

comment #75

I just noticed that album art will be 320x320. That is very small for retina displays. I personally went back and re-exported all my cd covers at 600x600 because lower than this looks poor on iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. The file size difference is not significant these days.

comment posted by Zing on 11 April

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Welcome back yo!

comment posted by CZX on 11 April

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Ahhh no more archive torrents :(
That's cool I will go back and get individual updates if they're still seeded lol.

Main thing is you guys are back! :D

comment posted by baba on 11 April

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Hi there, please do not get stressed.

I just want HQ releases. Please keep up your good work. I'd rather wait for the release instead of downloading crap.

comment posted by MoK on 12 April

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I think it is a little sad that you won't be posting archives anymore. Even though I've been a fan of yours for many years, I was not here from the start and it makes me a bit sad that I can't take part of all past releases.
That being said, I love and adore you for your awesome job and I have no problem with you releasing a new album as soon as you get it. I think I actually prefer it. :)

comment posted by Lania on 13 April

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comment posted by AhChris on 14 April

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This is much welcome! Glad to have things moving again :)

comment posted by Eric Mill on 16 April

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please re-add sfv, this is very useful

it's true torrent hash ensure it doesn't get corrupt during download, but the files can still get corrupt at some point after download, due to hard drive failure for example, and then sfv is extremely useful

comment posted by cocochan on 20 April

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This is great you guys! Good to see you back! Awesome work as always!

comment posted by vemp on 06 May

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SFV's - very small file that is very useful in verifying a release's integrity long after being downloaded or copied via other means.
NFO's - just plain essential for knowing all the rip/album info. also just a small file.
M3U - just a plain useless playlist. always doubled music up in iTunes, and only once in a blue moon have I ever double-clicked one to load a whole album up.

Y'all better stuff a LOT of info into the damn comments section of the ID3 tags to make up for no NFO files!
And also, don't ditch the archive yearly releases. God knows that those archives will be the only way to get some albums once these new individual album torrent releases are dead.

comment posted by Adrien on 08 May

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sorry if this mighty have been answer already but wanted to know are you guys still gonna release at the end of the year a torrent with all the albums release on the current year as you guys done so in the last couple of years, as sometimes I do not have the time to keep track of albums at times and I've been using that way as of late, thanks for the great work and I am very please with the new system no problems here

comment posted by Sammie on 11 May

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all changes seem to have some good reasons, and I'm all for this new 1

comment posted by L_Loki on 24 May

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Hi guys - just realized this was here, and thought I'd offer feedback. I've been coming here for a looooong time, though I rarely post anything, and I wish I'd been archiving everything I'd gotten over the years. The insane size of archive torrents always made it hard for me to seed - I had to do it piecemeal over several weeks - so I don't really miss them. Their content, however, is, ie old releases that are harder to get. Perhaps you could just release older soundtracks by themselves from time to time, in the spirirt and new format of the site?
SFV - I use them, but I can make them if they aren't there.
NFO - I like them, but they are a little redundant.
M3U - These are useless to me and can be created by the user just like sfv files, but I can easily delete them, so no big deal.
album art - I prefer 600X600

Don't take any of that as criticism or complaining - I appreciate this site and have for many years. Ultimately, I'll take whatever you offer in whatever way you choose to present it, so long as it is quality mp3 with at least basic tagging. Thank you guys, both current and former!

comment posted by Coda on 01 June

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Sorry for the double post. Above I meant that the content of the archives will be missed more than the cumbersome size. Selections from the old days issued as single releases might help spread the love of some older music.

And I forgot to state that I think I will prefer the new release system, assuming the torrents stay alive for awhile.

And I like to see ripper credits in the tags, and always leave them.

Thanks again!

comment posted by Coda on 01 June

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