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We are ROCK-MEN!2

-Album Details-


Title: We are ROCK-MEN!2
Publisher: Suleputer
Catalog Number: CPCA-10283
Release Date: December 19th, 2012
Ripped by: Andvari

Purchase Link(s):



Second rock arrange album from the group "ROCK-MEN" (Yasumasa Kitagawa, Masahiro Aoki). It contains a new track from Megaman 2 composer Takeshi Tateishi ("Ogeretsu Kun")!


Update from some of the previous concerns and comments in the Soul Sacrifice post. We realize a lot of you like the .nfo information and some of you wanted to know who ripped the album, so we'll include some of the basic stuff from the .nfo in the post going forward but we will not be creating a .nfo to include in the torrent and it won't be nearly as detailed as old .nfos were.

Keep the questions, comments, concerns coming! They are welcomed and appreciated!

posted by dancey on 14 April


comment #1

Awesome release, especially the heavier tracks on the middle. So gooood.

comment posted by Razakin on 14 April

comment #2

Thanks for the awesome release. Glad to see you guys back. :-)

comment posted by Cyphin on 14 April

comment #3

nice you got my name sweet

comment posted by Andvari on 14 April

comment #4

Thanks Dancey. Already own this, but many thanks as always.

Would love to maybe see the Metal Gear Rising Vocal Tracks album in the future. ^_^

comment posted by Masterzophar on 15 April

comment #5

Thanks for bailing on nfo's. Beyond useless.

comment posted by Lauren35 on 16 April

comment #6

The Wily Stage 2 track is fantastic. Overall much better than the first album I think, somehow that never really clicked.

comment posted by Emil on 17 April

comment #7

Thank you for this great treat!

comment posted by Adam on 17 April

comment #8


comment posted by twomix on 19 April

comment #9

Loved the first album, at last there is a second one!! :D

comment posted by superDioplus on 22 April

comment #10

hey guys, can you please remember to update your twitter account when you release new stuff? I hadn't realized you'd released anything new lately cuz nobody updated it!

Keep up the good work!

comment posted by kurikun on 30 April

comment #11

I'm liking this one torrent per release process. Keep it up, you guys!

comment posted by vemp on 06 May

comment #12

Good job! But I wonder why is capcom stuck remixing old megamans and not releasing some new albums?

comment posted by depaul on 07 May

comment #13

I'm gonna miss the m3u, nfo and sfv files. They generally always guaranteed the album I was looking at was a Gamemp3's release.
I say just put some of the basic ripper/encoding/other stuff info into the comments section of the MP3 ID3 tag.
But if you won't at least do that, put SOMEWHERE in the tag that the files are a "GameMP3's release"!

comment posted by Adrien on 08 May

comment #14

So with all the abondoning of the old structure, how do we know these are even a #Gamemp3's release and say its not taken from some random source somewhere?

What I liked about #Gamemp3s is that I got a certain level of quality and professionalism out of you guys, but now you guys have chosen to just go with "get it the fuck out in the fastest way possible" approach and screw everything that made you guys well...you!

Can I expect the same quality out of you guys at the very least?

comment posted by goku262002 on 09 May

comment #15

How do you know that any previous releases weren't taken from some random source, either? Because of an .nfo?

comment posted by siwuphowighcow on 12 May

comment #16

Guys, check the ENCODEDBY tag.

comment posted by Adam on 12 May

comment #17

thank you!!!

comment posted by al on 29 June

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