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Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack Remaster Version

-Album Details-


Title: Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack Remaster Version
Publisher: Square Enix
Catalog Number: SQEX-10373~4
Release Date: July 3rd, 2013
Ripped by: dancey


2CD remaster version of the Final Fantasy IV soundtrack, complete with looping! This is the corrected version with the fixed version of Dancing Calcobrena (disc 2, track 12).

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posted by dancey on 21 August


comment #1


comment posted by Dice on 21 August

comment #2

Thank you for another FF soundtrack dancey. Guess a little trip down FF memory lane won't hurt before I start playing FF14.

comment posted by Cyphin on 21 August

comment #3

Thank You!

comment posted by ichigo_daisuki on 22 August

comment #4

My favourite FF <3

comment posted by Alber on 22 August

comment #5


comment posted by Richard on 22 August

comment #6

Not my favourite FF soundtrack, but this has few memorable tracks I like. Something to listen before starting FFXIV. :)

comment posted by Bub on 22 August

comment #7

Thank you!

comment posted by Masterzophar on 23 August

comment #8

Thanks a ton for this, the version of the OST that I had sounded like butts.

comment posted by Jean on 26 August

comment #9

Thx yall!

comment posted by Jaboon on 31 August

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