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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Compliation Album

-Album Details-


Title: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Compliation Album
Publisher: Square Enix
Catalog Number: SQEX-10376~80
Release Date: July 31st, 2013
Ripped by: dancey


Theatrhythm compilation album is here! It has music from the first 13 Final Fantasy games with each disc being tied to a theme. Discs 1 through 4 are sadly just recycled from previous Final Fantasy soundtracks, but disc 5 is all new arrangements specifically for the game. Think of it like a "Best of" compilation with 20% unreleased content :D.

Disc 1: Event Music
Disc 2: Field Music
Disc 3: Battle Music
Disc 4: Chaos Shrine Music (Bonus Tracks)
Disc 5: Theatrhythm arrangements for the game from previous Final Fantasy games

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posted by dancey on 06 September


comment #1

Didn't even know there is a soundtrack for this fun game. Thanks for the effort.

comment posted by WolfDC on 06 September

comment #2

I killed the original torrent and put a new one on it, there was a mistake in the .m3u and since there was only 17 of you downloading it and 0 complete, I killed it and remade a new one. Just download the new torrent and continue where you left off~

comment posted by dancey on 06 September

comment #3

And I was the only one saying thanks. Cccc, that's just bad form :P

comment posted by WolfDC on 06 September

comment #4

Great!! you're the best

comment posted by Nose27k on 06 September

comment #5

Awesome! I've been waiting forever for this. I'm not even a fan of Final Fantasy but I'm really enjoying TheatRhythm and the music.

comment posted by Arla on 06 September

comment #6

Thanks for the release!

Minor issue: 5-17 lists composer as Masashi Hamauzu when it should be Nobuo Uematsu. As cool as it would have been, Hamauzu didn't compose the original Final Fantasy.

comment posted by Kaleb Grace on 07 September

comment #7

Wow, this is fantastic, thanks!

comment posted by bluegato on 07 September

comment #8

Awesome! Thanks! (^_^)

comment posted by Tabokun on 07 September

comment #9

Thanks a lot for this.

comment posted by R on 07 September

comment #10

@Kaleb: Yes, I know but that's how it's credited in the inserts so *shrug*. Not arguing with what's written, would have put Taylor Swift it's that's what it said. Good thing with the new release format you can change it if you want and not ruin the entire release!

comment posted by dancey on 07 September

comment #11

Thank You!

comment posted by ichigo_daisuki on 07 September

comment #12

Time to check this out. Thank you.

comment posted by life on 08 September

comment #13

nice release! thanks!

comment posted by lsl7994 on 09 September

comment #14

Great release guys, any plans on releasing Final Fantasy XIV Before Meteor Soundtrack?

comment posted by kalim on 13 September

comment #15

Good job guys:) I wonder if there is any other sites that brings out VGM like this:) I have not found any. Hope you can help me.

comment posted by XenoHazard on 08 October

comment #16

doodz plz release earthbound papas dancing dad for great justice!!1

comment posted by trollol on 14 October

comment #17

It really looks like this site is dead:( too bad. followed it for years.

comment posted by XenoHazard on 23 October

comment #18

No, we're not dead. WoW patch 5.4 came out so I haven't been releasing anything because I've been busy. :p I have tons of things to release, just no time to do so! Just keep checking, I should have something this weekend.

comment posted by dancey on 23 October

comment #19

Thanks a million, keep it up. Game music is extremely nice to study and write papers to!

comment posted by Dice on 23 October

comment #20

Hrm, "waltz for the Moon" is a technical name flub, but these track titles must be based on direct translations if not the initial names they took on in English communities (och, if I could do anything to replace "Eternity ~Memories of Lightwaves~" with the reinstated "KUON: Memories of Waves and Light"). While I'm not a fan of the use of "Eria, Maiden of Water" in the English game release over, say, "Aria" (unless "Eria" popped up as a name later in the modern FFIII than I got), but this'd be a release that I'd be renaming every other track to match the localization.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some "Blinded By Light" addiction to feed (at least something wholly good came outta FFXIII on that count!).

comment posted by TJF588 on 05 January

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