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The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD Sound Selection

-Album Details-


Title: The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD Sound Selection
Publisher: Nintendo
Catalog Number: n/a
Release Date: October 2013
Ripped by: dancey


Club Nintendo Japan reward for those who bought The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

posted by dancey on 19 November


comment #1

Thank you for this release.

comment posted by Cyphin on 19 November

comment #2

Apart from the track selection, is it any different to the original Wind Waker soundtrack that was released when the game came out on the cube? I bought the soundtrack back then and I'm curious - will get this one as well but can't listen to it until I get home :)

comment posted by Emil on 19 November

comment #3

thanks for sharing!

comment posted by lsl7994 on 19 November

comment #4

Apparently some (but not all) of the tracks are "upgraded".

comment posted by dancey on 19 November

comment #5

Thank you so much for this

comment posted by Unit13 on 19 November

comment #6

Thank you.

comment posted by WolfDC on 19 November

comment #7

Oh this is sweet, I never got the original soundtrack. thanks!

comment posted by Tetsu on 19 November

comment #8

Awesome awesome awesome. This stuff is great. You guys are great. EVERYTHING IS GREAT!

comment posted by leavingsheboygan on 19 November

comment #9

I greatly appreciate all the work you all put into bringing us awesome video game music.

comment posted by ichigo_daisuki on 20 November

comment #10

Danke, Thanks

Thank you for delivering us all these fine pieces of Music. Thank you for all the hard work. Thank you for sharing this to the world.

comment posted by sensor75 on 20 November

comment #11

Wholly Hell Yes!!! Thank you guys!!!!!

comment posted by Jaboon on 22 November

comment #12

Seriously glad to see you guys. Every time. Many thanks for the Wind Waker soundtrack!

comment posted by papa_haydn on 22 November

comment #13

Thanks, Wind Waker is still my favorite Zelda game. And I've played them all.

comment posted by bluegato on 24 November

comment #14

lol i only read club nintendo reward then i quickly jump to the website but found nothing. then i came back i notice the word "japan" oh well.

comment posted by Xellos Metallium on 26 November

comment #15


comment posted by FSLightbringer on 01 December

comment #16

Thanks :)

comment posted by Renan on 01 June

comment #17

Thanks. This is infinite more better than twilight princess sound selection.

comment posted by avatar aang on 04 April

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