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Phantasy Star Music Collection 2000-2007

-Album Details-


Title: Phantasy Star Music Collection 2000-20007
Publisher: Wave Master Entertainment
Catalog Number: WWCE-31321~30/B
Release Date: December 25th, 2013
Ripped by: NightsB


A box set that collects the Phantasy Star releases between 2000 and 2007. Games included: Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Online ver.2, Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II, Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution, Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst, Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Episode IV, Phantasy Star Universe, and Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus. Enjoy!

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posted by dancey on 01 January


comment #1

Thank You and a Happy New Year.

comment posted by WolfDC on 01 January

comment #2

This is really great, thankyou so much!

comment posted by Tetsu on 01 January

comment #3

My hero.

comment posted by Icedus on 02 January

comment #4

Any chance to revive the old torrents? I noticed some broken files in my collection, but all of the old torrent files are missing from the server...

comment posted by Fam on 02 January

comment #5

happy new year and thank you!

comment posted by lsl7994 on 02 January

comment #6

We will not be reviving old torrents. If it's not on the tracker or there are no seeds you're out of luck. You can ask around the channel to see if anyone can seed or send something specific (a missing song or a missing album) but if you're expecting to be able to download any of the archive torrents, year torrents or the entirety of our release catalog, you will be disappointed.

See previous post (http://www.gamemp3s.net/2013/04/07/soul-sacrifice-original-soundtrack/) for reasons why we're not really supporting that kind of mentality any longer.

comment posted by dancey on 02 January

comment #7

I was wondering if you were looking for new people to encode albums? I used to collect VGM like 10 years ago and stopped pretty much entirely. I now finally got back into it and I'm hoping to buy a couple albums per month. I use EAC and LAME 3.99.5.

I've been using this website for a while now and I'll be happy to finally give back! Let me know.

comment posted by Lileya on 03 January

comment #8

We've never really had a formal process for becoming a contributor, it's mostly been just hang around a while and share the same values as the rest of us and eventually it just happens. The two biggest problems we always have with vetting contributors is we need to make sure you're following our ripping, encoding and tagging standards as well as making sure you're not ripping bootlegs combined with the fact that a lot of people try to contribute just to get access to things quicker, which is the wrong reason.

If you're interested in contributing, jump in IRC and hang around and get to know some people. Although admittedly IRC seems to be an archaic service and somewhat of a dying medium, it's the best we have at the moment. We don't have as much activity or people in the channel as we used to mostly because web is easier and not everyone idles.

comment posted by dancey on 04 January

comment #9

I will say, though, that one thing we always need and something we've always looked for are people who are active and fluent in both Japanese and English and are interested in game music. We've found some combination of the two but nothing that really sticks for any significant amount of time so some of the harder translations tend to not get done because they aren't satisfactorily up to our standards.

comment posted by dancey on 04 January

comment #10

Well I haven't used IRC in like 15 years and quite frankly, I'm not interested in using it again.

I have no problem following your ripping and encoding standards. As stated already, i use EAC and LAME 3.99.5, which sounded like what you are using yourself. But if you are doing something differently, and you're willing to explain it to me, I'm willing to do it as well. As for tagging standards, if you're specific about what you want, I can follow it as well. I generally use vgmdb.net for that.

I took one class of japanese in college, so I don't believe I would be very useful in that matter.

Anyway, I offered my help, but if you're not interested, then quite frankly, it's your loss, not mine! :P Less work for me! XD

comment posted by Lileya on 04 January

comment #11

awesome! Episode III!!!? :D

btw CD Japan link no work :<

comment posted by voxie on 13 February

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