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Re:Birth II / Romancing SaGa Battle Arrange -Sen-

-Album Details-


Title: Re:Birth II / Romancing SaGa Battle Arrange -Sen-
Publisher: Square Enix
Catalog Number: SQEX-10428
Release Date: March 8th, 2014
Ripped by: Alcahest


Third arranged album release from "Re: Birth" series by Kenji Ito, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the game "Romancing SaGa".

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posted by Alcahest on 08 March


comment #1

Thankies! Love me some Romancing SaGa! (^-^)/

comment posted by Sukwendo on 08 March

comment #2

This is pretty awesome. Thanks!

comment posted by Kaleb.G on 08 March

comment #3

Great work and effort as usual

comment posted by Z L on 08 March

comment #4

OH GOD! Thank you so much guys (;

comment posted by FoxKirima on 09 March

comment #5

Thanks. The second album was fantastic. Hopefully this one is as well.

comment posted by Tom on 09 March

comment #6

Thank you brahs. Loved the first one.

comment posted by Wododo on 09 March

comment #7

all saga soundtracks needs remix and remastered, .... not really, its awesome, all of them , old or new :D

comment posted by D_E on 09 March

comment #8

Thank you for this release.

comment posted by sensor75 on 09 March

comment #9

Nice and thanks.

comment posted by WolfDC on 10 March

comment #10

nice update! thanks a lot!

comment posted by lsl7994 on 10 March

comment #11

Thank you so much.

comment posted by davidd on 10 March

comment #12

Thank you very much for this :) Awesome themes all around!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 11 March

comment #13

Good stuff, thanks.

comment posted by Stragus on 14 March

comment #14

Might want to update this one. The album title doesn't have "Romancing" anywhere in it. See updated vgmdb page, and scans of the album which show the obi and all other text on the album.


comment posted by Tonelico on 14 March

comment #15

Just wondering if anyone plans on releasing the Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn Soundtrack. Thanks :D

comment posted by kalim on 30 March

comment #16

Just approved that comment from March, somehow was marked as Spam but we won't be updating the titles for this. Yes, Romancing isn't in the title but if you want to update it feel free to update your tags locally. It's not worth reissuing it just to fix the title. Per the earlier post about stuff going forward, we're really only going to do that if we make major mistakes on an album, like typing an artists name incorrectly.

comment posted by dancey on 10 May

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