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Piano Opera Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX

-Album Details-


Title: Piano Opera Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX
Publisher: Square-Enix
Catalog Number: SQEX-10432
Release Date: April 23rd, 2014
Ripped by: dancey


The latest in the "Piano Opera" series from Square-Enix (everyone's favorite, huehuehue) featuring songs from Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX.

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posted by dancey on 10 May


comment #1

Our previous two releases were released as "Final Fantasy X/Y/Z Piano Opera" but I went with the true title for this one. If you don't like it or you want them grouped with your Final Fantasy albums, feel free to change it.

comment posted by dancey on 10 May

comment #2

Get this Square Enix shit off here!

comment posted by Godai on 10 May

comment #3

There's absolutely no point in whining about Square Enix stuff simply because of the company. There's really no sense in that at all because it has nothing to do with what the music is, and I'm personally just grateful to the staff for uploading so much music. Complaining about something that's free and doesn't affect you is just kind of ridiculous, don't download it if you don't like it and just wait for other releases.

Anyways, thanks for the upload! I'm a big fan of this series of albums.

comment posted by Tywm on 10 May

comment #4

As for comment number 2 you should probably look who made it... Otherwise thanks!

comment posted by Tom on 10 May

comment #5

Not sure where all this SE hate is coming from, but the recent surge of activity thrills me, regardless of the company! Please don't listen to the negative peeps, h8ers gunna h8, m8.

comment posted by Bear on 11 May

comment #6

I agree with Tom, lol.

Thank You!

comment posted by ichigo_daisuki on 11 May

comment #7

I get that this is a free service and that no one is under any obligation to deliver anything, much less what a specific patron wants. I also get that it's very easy (and fun) to simply dismiss negative comments as worthless without considering their content. But as someone who's come here for years, I feel it's reasonable to voice my opinion, even if it isn't 100% positive. Just because something is negative doesn't mean it's inherently invalid.

Yes, I'm grateful for the increased activity and any offerings at all, but, c'mon, the front page is 70% SQEX. What grabbed me about gamemp3s was that it offered a ~variety~ of music and frequently introduced me to artists and/or game titles I'd never heard of and ultimately came to enjoy. Now it's essentially the SQEX release calendar with the occasional other album thrown in. You can't tell me I'm eating crab soup and not tomato soup because every once in a while I come across a sliver of crab in my tomato broth.

But of course, I've said all this before, and rather than anyone actually considering my point, I'm just going to get more "haters gonna hate, just don't come then" dismissal.

comment posted by Moobire on 11 May

comment #8

Your opinions are valid but as has been stated multiple times (for multiple reasons), it is not going to change, so voicing it multiple times isn't productive. Pointing out a problem or a trend without also presenting a resolution isn't productive at all. No one is dismissing your point, just that people are continually repeating it without offering any solutions, despite us saying that it's not going to change.

Msia, NightsB, Razakin were the people that bought non-SQEX stuff all the time (Sega garbage, Falcom, etc) and they aren't as active anymore so you're not likely to see much.

comment posted by dancey on 11 May

comment #9

Well, if you're adamant that it's not going to change, what solutions could there be?

You might be taking a more considerate approach, but those who dismiss such comments as "ridiculous" and tantamount to "haters gonna hate" seem pretty dismissive to me. In any case, I suppose I'll just remember the days of the old guard fondly.

comment posted by Moobire on 11 May

comment #10

Well from dancey's post, the solution would be for other people to buy non-SQEX stuff and have it be uploaded. It seems that the current staff primarily prefers SQEX releases for the reasons that they've listed before, so for non-SQEX releases there just needs to be people offering to give content.

comment posted by Tywm on 11 May

comment #11

You can find all the non-SQEX music you like over at CDJapan. I say this not to be rude or dismissive, but only to say that we release what we personally purchase ourselves, and we happen to purchase a lot of SQEX stuff. :)

That said, if you have some non-SQEX stuff of your own you'd like to see us release, stop by IRC and let's talk.

comment posted by Brant on 11 May

comment #12

Of course #gamemp3s is based on voluntary work and sharing which is appreciated. That said, I've visited this site since no later than 2006 so I see what Moobire means. By the way, the "haters gonna hate" still proves to be one of the lamest ways to dismiss others' points.
Just consider Moobire's remark as a sort of honest feedback (personally, I think honest feedback should always be valued).

As for other people sharing the videogame albums they purchased, I remember someone offering help some months ago, but the reply they received wasn't very encouraging despite their will to adapt to #gamemp3s standards.

To be clear, I'm not sharing my opinion to make you guys change your mind (I bought albums myself and I regularly find excellent quality rips thanks to kind people who share them in forums). Please consider it as a sort of explanation and honest feedback too. If you don't think it's helpful, then never mind.

comment posted by Sera on 12 May

comment #13

Yeah, the only real solution is for people to step up and offer to help with variety. But Sera is also right, we're very reluctant to accept rips from "random" people because we can't validate where they got them from (we could ask) or how they ripped them (we could teach). Some people also (selfishly) think that being a ripper somehow grants additional privileges or access to releases or archives that the public doesn't have, which just isn't true.

Ultimately, we prefer our rippers to have the same kind of passion we do for videogame music. We're not trying to compete with anyone and we're not trying to put out quantity over quality. We're trying to build (and maintain) a community of like-minded people. If there are people out there who think they have the kind of passion and attitude we do, feel free to stop on by IRC and get to know us and maybe in the future we can improve the variety and selection of releases.

comment posted by dancey on 12 May

comment #14

If you want a certain album just buy it. People these days have think they're entitled to everything

comment posted by demalavor on 13 May

comment #15

People are really complaining about this site? Of all sites....THIS site? Wow. Just w-o-w. Disgusting.

comment posted by Japanmanx3 on 13 May

comment #16

Wasn't the SQEX complaint a joke? Godai's part of the site right?

comment posted by FaulPern on 14 May

comment #17

Godai be trollin'

comment posted by Brant on 14 May

comment #18

You're on a roll Dancey, keep em coming. Many thanks.

comment posted by Masterzophar on 15 May

comment #19

Looks good, I wish it had 6 music in it though. Thank you very much, your releases are very much appreciated and enjoyed!

comment posted by bluegato on 18 May

comment #20

For some reason, this and every other rip I've found has an issue with track number 7, about 18 seconds in. I wonder if the same thing happens on the disc, as it's a great piece of music, and the one I was most looking forward to.

comment posted by anomoose on 20 May

comment #21

I hear something very, very faint and probably wouldn't have picked it up otherwise. Are you sure it's not recording noise like slipping on the pedal? I don't have that great of a sound system but it's barely audible compared to some other actual glitches I've heard.

That being said, everyone here rips in Secure mode EAC so there should never be issues. Additionally, I personally rip all of my music to FLAC first and then just convert the FLAC to MP3. My FLAC rip guide includes 100% log/cue/accurate rip/secure ripping parameters.

Track 7

Filename %obfuscatedPath%\107 - Words Drowned by Fireworks [FINAL FANTASY VII].wav

Peak level 100.0 %
Extraction speed 5.7 X
Track quality 100.0 %
Track not present in AccurateRip database
Copy OK

comment posted by dancey on 20 May

comment #22

I'm not sure, when I first heard it I thought it sounded like a record jumping. I'm using headphones, and it just stood out when playing the track.

To be honest, I don't know much of the technical stuff on ripping cd's, so I thought I'd just try a couple of other releases, including a FLAC version (where it still comes up).

comment posted by anomoose on 21 May

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