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Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition Soundtrack CD

-Album Details-


Title: Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition Soundtrack CD
Publisher: Rising Star
Catalog Number: UDHDCD01
Release Date: November 9th, 2012
Ripped by: v1le


Bonus cd included with the European version of "Under Defeat HD"


No album cover attached to these as I didn't feel the CD itself is an appropriate front cover.

Purchase Link(s)


posted by dancey on 18 May


comment #1

Thanks so much for the recent releases!

The steady flow of new content this month has made me very happy.

Please keep them coming, we are very very grateful!!!

comment posted by Tetsu on 18 May

comment #2

I really enjoyed this release! My favorite new album in a while. Well, I guess it's not super new (2012 release), but I still appreciate it bucketloads. Yasui and Hosoe did some interesting stuff with the reimagining of the music. Thanks for ripping!

comment posted by Kaleb.G on 07 June

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