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HANJUKU HERO 4 -THE 7 HEROES- ~Sound Collection~

-Album Details-


Title: HANJUKU HERO 4 -THE 7 HEROES- ~Sound Collection~
Publisher: Square Enix
Catalog Number: TGCS-2682~3
Release Date: May 26th, 2005
Ripped by: v1le

Putting out some older stuff, hope you guys don't mind.
Comes with the limited edition of the game. Nobuo Uematsu composes with an all-star cast Kenichiro Fukui, Hirosato Noda, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Naoshi Mizuta, Kenichi Mikoshiba, Ai Yamashita and Kenji Ito. Couple of rad FF arranges here and there plus, of course the infamous Other World parody.

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posted by v1le on 07 September


comment #1

Cool thanks! And no, I don't mind the older stuff.

comment posted by Tom on 07 September

comment #2

Definitely do not mind older stuff! :-) And this looks hilarious.

comment posted by JLSigman on 08 September

comment #3

Never heard about this. Thanks

comment posted by davidd on 08 September

comment #4

Love the cover :)

comment posted by WolfDC on 08 September

comment #5

Mmmm... egg sandwiches. Memorable cover!

comment posted by XISMZERO on 08 September

comment #6

I'm with the others in that I don't mind old stuff. There's always something I've missed, and this is one of them. Thanks!

comment posted by Kaleb.G on 13 September

comment #7

Great music, thanks.

comment posted by bluegato on 13 September

comment #8

Nice release, thanks. Love me anything Nobuo. Though, can one explain what is meant by "the infamous Other World parody"? Is it in reference to the Otherworld song from FFX or something else?

comment posted by Redrow on 25 September

comment #9

Also, if not too much trouble, which tracks are the FF remixes?

comment posted by Redrow on 25 September

comment #10

Redrow, just give a listen to track "We Are The The World" and you'll get it.

115 Symphonic Matoya - Matoya's Cave (FF I)
119 Western Pandemonium - Castle Pandemonium (FF II)
123 Xylophone Mist Dungeon - Into the Darkness (FF IV)
205 Vibraphone Crystal Cave - Crystal Cave (FF III)
209 Minimal Crystal Tower - Crystal Tower (FF III)

comment posted by v1le on 11 October

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