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-Album Details-


Title: J99
Publisher: Troubadour Record
Catalog Number: TTRC-0020
Release Date: August 1st, 1996
Ripped by: v1le

Takayuki Aihara's first solo album.

Edit: Sorry, about the torrent swap guys. Fixed the tracknames which were incorrect, though in progress forgot the m3u. You can grab the fixed m3u here

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posted by v1le on 12 October


comment #1

To save people the google searching... looks like the time he released this he did a bunch of Namco stuff before moving on to Tekken and then Capcom. Should be an interesting listen. Thanks.

comment posted by Tom on 13 October

comment #2

this is amazing.... wow

comment posted by 7md on 15 October

comment #3

I always wanted to hear this. Thank you so much.

comment posted by davidd on 16 October

comment #4

Release date 1996? Am I reading that right?

comment posted by OpTicaL on 16 October

comment #5

Wow, thank you for posting this album. I'd love to see more releases like this. Hard to come by original works from this era.

comment posted by Grieflos on 17 October

comment #6

I listened to the first song and immediately heard a sax riff out of a Border Down song...either he sampled it or used the same library, but kind of lame.

comment posted by Lodey on 03 December

comment #7

I will purchase this album off whomever ripped it if they still have it.

comment posted by aubrey on 30 July

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