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Lord of Vermilion III Original Soundtrack

-Album Details-


Title: Lord of Vermilion III Original Soundtrack
Publisher: Square Enix
Catalog Number: SQEX-10447
Release Date: September 24th, 2014
Ripped by: dancey


Soundtrack to the arcade card game, Lord of Vermilion III. One composition from Nobuo Uematsu, the rest composed and arranged by Tachytelic. The first 13 tracks are heavy electronic music mostly in drum and bass style but a few other kinds. Tracks 14 through the end are mostly scenenario songs and are much lighter with the use of a synth orchestra.

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posted by dancey on 12 October


comment #1

Cant wait the download link >____<

comment posted by Revent on 12 October

comment #2

Checking this out for that one track from NU

comment posted by OpTicaL on 16 October

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