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Street Fighter Compilation "RE:"MIX Chiptune

-Album Details-


Title: Street Fighter Compilation "RE:"MIX Chiptune
Publisher: Suleputer
Catalog Number: CPCA-10346
Release Date: October 1st, 2014
Ripped by: v1le

Chiptune album containing remixes for the eight + four, original world warriors.

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posted by v1le on 28 October


comment #1

v1le you are the shit, keep 'em coming! This site feels quite alive recently, it's awesome!

comment posted by Tetsu on 28 October

comment #2

Re: Tetsu: Agreed! I have always loved this site and will continue to do so. :D

comment posted by Bear on 28 October

comment #3

Love the Cover. Main reason for downloading this :)

comment posted by WolfDC on 29 October

comment #4

for an album called "CHIPTUNE" it is a disappointment.
Very less chiptune then it looks. I would like it much more if it was 100% chiptune like rockman was. The mixage with dubstep and wobble kills the chiptune enjoyment a lot. :/

comment posted by Orie on 29 October

comment #5

Orie, agreed. Was kinda expecting full chip treatment on this one, but as the album name suggests it is a mix between stuff & chip.

If one wants to hear SF tunes 8-bit style, almost a better choice to check that A_Rivals Megaman vs. Street Fighter album since it rocks.

comment posted by v1le on 30 October

comment #6

Such a cover! Thank you!!

comment posted by bluegato on 30 October

comment #7

sweet thanks.

comment posted by shivelyBanetek on 06 November

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