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beatmania IIDX -SUPER BEST BOX- vol.1 & vol.2

-Album Details-


Title: beatmania IIDX -SUPER BEST BOX- vol.1 & vol.2
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Catalog Number: GFCA252-268
Release Date: March 16th, 2011
Ripped by: v1le

Dance through the summer with 17 discs of beatmania, containing music for almost 18h. Huge thanks to Razakin, resurrecting this from backlog hell, offering translations for some tracks and artist names.

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posted by v1le on 06 June


comment #1

thanks v1le and thanks razakin.

comment posted by R0b0tNinja on 07 June

comment #2

More, we need more! Thanks guys :)

comment posted by 567 on 07 June

comment #3

This one sounds so good!

comment posted by Alber on 07 June

comment #4

I am going to dig this one out.
Thanks a lot :)

comment posted by Orie on 07 June

comment #5

Oh wow, amazing, thank you!

comment posted by wright on 08 June

comment #6

I remember there was someone who bitched about there not being any bemani here on here.


comment posted by Futabot on 11 June

comment #7

yeah, it was me, who bitched about nothing bemani or IIDX related.

now this is what i call a release.

thanks a bunch you guys!
will seed as much as possible.

also have a look at the https://thepaper.wordpress.com/bemani-ost/
i have uploaded pretty much every bemani related stuff which is available on the net.

greetings from germany.

comment posted by Sakujou on 13 July

comment #8

the torrentlink is not working....?

comment posted by Sakujou on 13 July

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